Are There Readers Who Want to Share Their Story?

When purchasing Punch Debt in the Face we didn’t realize how strong the community still was given Ninja’s lengthy absence.  To say it is amazing is an understatement! At the current time my partner and I are not in the “punching debt” phase of our personal finance journey…but many of the readers may still be, and we want to hear from you.

We are interested in people who want to share their story either on an ongoing basis or even a one-time post.

Getting in Contact

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1 thought on “Are There Readers Who Want to Share Their Story?”

  1. I’m glad you realize how strong the PDITF community is. Ninja built that by sharing where he was in his life and watching his readers share their ideas and concerns. There was dialogue over a wide range of topics. PDITF was an exchange of ideas connected to money. How do we spend it? How do we save it? How do we make mistakes with it? How do we make our lives better with it? He was willing to lay his financial life bare to gain trust with his readers.
    Now I see a website hoping to generate revenue through ad traffic. If I comment with my information, will my information be sold to generate more revenue? I certainly don’t want to be spammed to death because I read a blog. I’ve got enough spam as it is.
    You made a decision to buy this blog. Why? Was it the traffic that you saw as revenue generating? Was it a chance to write about finances? Are you trying to work from home instead of in a corporate setting?
    You mentioned you are not in the “punching debt” phase of your life. Is it because your life is drowning at a minimum wage job and you can’t make ends meet much less pay debt? Are you declaring bankruptcy and having it discharged? Are you wildly wealthy and sitting on a beach in Fiji while churning out your next sales pitch blog post? Are you retired, debt free, on a pension and trying to figure out what to do with your spare time?
    As a reader of PDITF I found a blog with ideas I can implement in my life, not ideas that are pie-in-the-sky impractical. I don’t have to find a broker. I don’t have to schedule a chunk of time into my already busy full schedule. I’m not looking for a daily-or-die post, just something worth the time it takes to read it.
    I think you’re not getting any bites from readers who want to share their stories because we don’t want to share our stories if you’re not willing to share yours.
    PDITF readers are still watching to see if this blog can be great again. You hold the answer to that question.

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