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I heart blogging

It’s time to step away from the finance game a little bit and take some time to talk about blogging. I have come to realize some pretty awesome things about blogging over the last six months. I’m a relatively young blogger, I guess you could say I’m still in my infant stages, but unlike a 2 year old I don’t poop my pants.

As I reflect on Punch Debt’s first six months of life, I can’t help but make some observations. The first, and most surprising, is that my most popular content generally has very little to do with finance. Instead of talking about annuities and different insurance options, it appears you all tend to be more involved in posts on why old people piss me off, my spending habits, and old school mad libs. Basically, the PERSONAL side of personal finance is what people want. This makes sense to me as all of the blogs I follow are very unique to each blogger and not the typical watered down “Roth IRA vs 401K” lameness.

I’m not gonna lie. When I started this blog, I thought I was going to provide a great service to America and educate the twenty somethings on what it means to be financially responsible. Well it turns out, as much as I like to think I am helping some young adults, I’m the one that’s getting most of the help. I have blogged about career options, whether or not I should sell my motorcycle, and how much student loan debt I should pay off. It’s amazing to me the response you faithful commenters give me when I ask for a little insight. It kind of turns me on…in a totally non-sexual/creepy way. So thank you everyone for continuing to help me navigate my life 🙂

Quite possibly the coolest thing about blogging is the internet friendships you get to make. I totally remember making fun of my sister for being friends with internet people she had never met. The whole concept of forming friendships with people you never met just seemed awkward. Well if being friends with strangers is awkward then you can officially call me “Awkward Ninja” from now on. I heart getting emails/comments/and tweets from my fellow bloggers. Not only do I enjoy getting things, but I have really enjoyed scoping out other PF blogs and dropping some comment love their way. If Punch Debt In The Face had a facebook page, I would totally friend request all of you.

Okay, I will stop my rambling today. Thanks for taking the time to stop by the site yet again. I don’t think this post really solicits much of a response from readers, but I still want to hear from you. So, you sexy little pirate hookers…What are your weekend plans? Drop me a line and let me know what you got planned ’cause I would totally love to stalk you hear about it.

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  1. Aw we love you too Awkward Ninja. 🙂 My weekend plans consist of entertaining an out-of-town guest and running 11 miles. What do YOU have planned?

  2. Ummm, class after work (seriously, who schedules a graduate school class on a Friday night?), possibly drinks with other Econ people after, cleaning, game night at my place, and getting ready for another week. Oh, and dim sum….mmm, dim sum….

  3. @ MPP – 11 miles is intense. Get out there and kill it! I just plan to relax as this is my last weekend in San Diego before I head to Kwajalein for six weeks. Hopefully go to the beach at some point.

    @ Becca- Whoever decided grad school on a friday night should be punched in the eyeball. Not a fan of dim sum here, but I'm glad you like it 🙂

    @ Jessie – Thanks for stopping by yet again. You are quickly becoming one of my most loyal commenters. Keep doing your thing, cause I enjoy your blog a ton.

  4. dont poop your pants? I'm givin away a starbucks giftcard this weekend woot, cant wait! 😉 I'm also gona organize my thoughts, retool the blog or at least start on that and maybe write some posts..I been slackin

    Hey how come you didnt make the badass blogger list, your on mine 😉 I mean whats more badass than punching the twitter bird in the eye

  5. Jane 2.0 needs new clothes/sneakers for school, so when Jane takes her, I plan to write. To get ahead by a a week's worth of posts, I hope. Very exciting. Maybe I'd sit on the deck, and sip a beverage.

  6. @ SS4BC – You may be on to something. Then again I was a psych major so I know what obsessions with fecal matter means, and I hope I don't fall in to that category 🙂

  7. Today is my only day off, so I'm trying to enjoy it… somehow. Tomorrow, 8 hours of overtime, and then back to work again Sunday. And then mandatory overtime next Saturday. And possibly the next.

    Other than that, it's payday, so I have a lot of things to do, such as… gosh I dunno balance my checking account? Figure out what I'm doing with this money?

  8. wow who knew that besides punching, debt ninja was also capable of love…

    Thanks for the tips again! You got me addicted to tweaking my site with photoshop now!

  9. Ninja, keep up the good work there. Congrats on the 6 month mark. Please don't turn into one of these PF bloggers that tells us how to save a few pennies on TP.

    I used to give some of my mates here a hard time about them making mates online and stuff like that, but now I get it. One of my mates even married someone from online, for real! I guess for those of us that are somewhat isolated (Australia) from the rest of civilization it's good to hear other peoples comments and thoughts from around the world hey. The thing that always surprises me about reading blogs is that no matter where the blogger is from, and commenters included, we all seem to basically have similar thoughts on issues, and I find that pretty reassuring.

    Peace out bro,
    From Josh

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