Puppy Love

Was catching up on Facebook last night when I saw this status update from a high school guy that has been dating his girlfriend for about two months.

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Kids say the darndest things.

8 thoughts on “Puppy Love”

  1. I don’t make fun of young people’s feelings of love. Maybe it won’t last, and with maturity comes more awareness, but (think Romeo and Juliet) one never loves with the same degree of intensity as when one is young.

  2. MY Husband and I have been married almost 12 yrs with 3 kids and the bloom is definitely off the rose by now! I still have print outs of some emails we sent each other when we first got together and they are a hoot to read, really they are pathetic. But fun to remember that those early infatuations can endure and turn into something else much deeper and lasting.

  3. Ugh . My cousin is the same right now except she is 28 and her bf 31. He made her brownies and posted a pic on Facebook ” I baked these for the love of my life. They are in “love” and after two months dating, one month living together are now trying for a baby. Id be able to stand it except now she has all this relationship advice on how to find the one. Im still trying to figure out how some guy that got dumped by his girlfriend had no place to live and lost his job is the perfect guy.

  4. My sister was the same way when she hooked back up with her ex-boyfriend from 20 years earlier… “he’s so awesome, he’s so wonderful, I can’t believe we let 20 years slip through our fingers”, etc… until 7 months later when he moved out of her house while she was at work! About 6 months after that, she found out that 4 months into their relationship (he’d moved in with her days after they got re-acquainted) he met his new meal-ticket on Plenty of Fish (he stuck it out with my sister for the 3 months it would take him to get a few dollars together, and make up a new batch of lies for the new gf). Lucky, all he left my sister with was a $2000 Visa bill; it couldn’t been much, much worse! I have never said “I told you so” to her, but I knew from the get-go he was bad news, and didn’t trust him for a minute!

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