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Punch Debt In The Face (Inside edition)

Seeing that I have absolutely no financial insight to provide today, I figured we can examine some random facts about Punch Debt In The Face. If you have no desire to be educated on my site then you better get out now. Let the learning begin…

April 1st 2009: First post ever on PDIF.

160: Total Number of blog posts; Eight of which contained some kind of financial advice (The remaining 152 involved me referring to punching someone in the face or calling someone a douche bag).

15,642: Number of visitors since the conception of my blog.

3,541: Number of visitors in August

3,328: Number of visitors in September, clearly indicating people like me less as time goes on.

202: Most visitors in one day, referred from this interview found on Fabulously Broke.

$0.12: Average daily earning from Adsense.

$0.0000039: My hourly wage from blogging.

The majority of referred traffic finds my site by four means….
1) Google
2) Fabulously Broke
3) Well Heeled Blog
4) Jessies Money

Some funny phrases people typed in to Google and somehow made there way to my blog…

“Exactly how much is six figures?” (I feel embarrassed for this person)

“What happens if I don’t wipe my butt?”, Back to front wiping”, and “How to know if you’ve wiped your butt too much. (Write one innocent article and forever be tagged as a butt wiping professional).

“I don’t know why I’m with my girlfriend” (Ladies, is this your man?)

“Am I going to hell?” (Probably)

Random other headers I have considered using for my blog…


So there it is. Just a little bit about my journey over the last six months. It’s been a great ride and I’m totally excited for what lies ahead. Thanks to all who stop by daily, especially to my loyal commenters. I am committed to making personal finance less boring.

p.s the google link is not a link to google at all…click it for a fun treat 🙂

Hugs and kisses,

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  1. Hehehe… I must admit… I typically get to your blog through Jessie's Money. Her blogroll and mine are the very similar, but hers goes through blogger so it shows the time it was updated and the name of the new post. So I typically use her blogroll as my own. Just think – all those referrals from Jessie are most likely just from me and her. 😉

    I LOVE that you get so many "butt wiping" google referrals. I get a lot for squats and being a "superior wife" – oh yeah, and for my Swagbucks post where I mention how to use Swagbucks through Chrome.

    Keep up the good work Ninja!

  2. That's pretty neat that I'm your fourth top referrer – even if it's because SS4BC and me click through it.

    Love the but wiping and six figures question – too funny!

  3. Mr. Ninja,

    I am old enough to be your (much) older sister so is it wrong that I have a crush on you in a non-cougarish, predatory way? If so, I don' wanna be right!

    You're my daily chuckle. I love your superior artistry skills, perhaps you could actually incorporate an actual 'face' of somebody/something into the word debt in your header so that it can be punched?

    Think of the drawings you could do if your blog was titled "Kick Debt where it Counts!"

    P.S. I know 2 folks who worked on the M.I. as medics WAYYYYYY back in the day.

  4. Congrats Ninja. I look forward to seeing what you've written each day (well yeah, I do get pretty bored here at work sometimes 🙂 I'm just lucky the two bosses I've got here are so old they barely know how to use computers.

    I also read the blogs and, but honestly, they do get pretty tiresome and are kinda boring compared to yours.

    Keep up the good work there bro. And like the commenter above said, your artwork rocks.

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