A new way to punch your debt in the face

As much as I like to pretend I know everything there is to know about personal finance, I don’t. Shocker, right? My man Baker over at Man vs Debt, however, has been dominating the PF blogosphere for about two years now. When it comes to debt this man means business. Literally. Today Baker is launching his newest brainchild: You vs Debt.

You’re probably thinking “What the heck is You vs Debt?”. Well, sir or madame, let me tell you. It’s a 6 week video-based course designed to change people’s relationship and emotions surrounding money and debt. This thing is no joke. It’s like college all over again with “classes” Monday through Friday. Each day you’ll watch a video lesson that will be accompanied by daily challenges and a worksheet that ties in to the overall theme of that day’s lesson. The worksheets, along with Saturday accountability surveys, will help keep you focused and on track.

But wait, there’s more (haha, I’ve always wanted to say that). Not only will you have access to video lessons, personal worksheets, surveys and other course content, but the true value of the You vs Debt program is the community that will be involved. There will be at least 100 people (if not more) taking the class with you. That means you’ll have access to hundreds of like-minded and equally motivated people in the online forums. Struggling with credit card debt? There will be a forum for it! Want to know how to get ahead? Share your story with the group and get encouraged!!!! The online community that comes with the You vs Debt package, in my opinion, is by far its strongest selling point.

Ah, did a few of you cringe when you saw the words “selling point”? Ya didn’t think something this awesome would be free did ya? Baker has basically poured his whole life in to the development of this project…I mean really, he quit his job and has become a full-time PF blogger. He’s been working on this thing for quite some time and deserves to be compensated for all his sweat equity. The course will be $97 even. HOLY CRAP NINETY SEVEN DOLLARS?! Yeah it’s kinda pricey, but it’s also 40 very specific and detailed courses designed to transform the way you think about money. If you want all the juicy details you have to sign up for the course, but I’ve been given permission to share the themes of each week. They are:

Week 1: Free Your Mind

Week 2: Less Excuses, More Action

Week 3: Suck It Up and Budget

Week 4: Stop Buying “Crap”

Week 5: You Should Be Making More Money

Week 6: Making it Stick

Obviously you probably shouldn’t sign up for the You vs Debt program if you A) need to go in to debt to take the class, B) have no debt, C) don’t like being challenged, or D) hate having fun. If you didn’t meet any of those specifications you should probably give the course a looksy.

Lastly, in an effort to be fully transparent, if you click any of the You vs Debt links in this article and sign up for the course through that link, I will be paid a commission. Do you have to use the affiliate link to sign up for the class? Absolutely not, but why the heck wouldn’t you want to hook me up a little!?! Even though I get a commission for each member that signs up through these links, please know that I’m not just posting about the class so I get paid. I’ve been asked many times before to run affiliate links on my blog and every time I’ve declined, primarily because the product offered sucked.

You vs Debt is different though, it’s one of my friends offering an incredible program that will hopefully change a few lives. Girl Ninja and I went through a six-week Financial Planning course during our premarital counseling and it was honestly one of the best things we could have done together. This is definitely not your only way to punch debt in the face, but it sure as heck is a good one. Take a look around You vs Debt and see if it’s right for you, registration ends Thursday.

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11 thoughts on “A new way to punch your debt in the face”

  1. Offline, all prices end in .99
    Online, all prices end in 7

    Anyone else notice that? Honestly seeing a price point that like just makes me think of sleazy internet marketing practices.

    I know that sounds really negative, but it’s my opinion. I don’t read this guys blog, so I also don’t know his credentials for starting a class, but I’ll be sure to check out what he’s written.

    • Hey, man – I’m sorry that ending the price point in a 7 automatically gives you a sleazy impression!

      Don’t start with the course, search around for some of the free material I’ve written over the years and see what you think. 🙂

      Email me and let me know!

  2. Ninja, the ads directly below each post heading are horrendous. I am all for making money monetization but the placement of those takes a lot away from your content.

    • so sorry. I thought I had set up ads so they only display to “non” frequent visitors. Once you view my site 5 times the ads are suppose to disappear. They are placed there for search engine traffic. I’ll look in to it ASAP.

  3. Ninja – I’ve signed up with Baker – I just don’t know how to tell him that I aw it here first. Should be a fun thing to do, and help keep me going over the last few months of this year. Lord knows he’s handed me a bunch to get through!

    • If you clicked through to You vs Debt via this post then I will get the commission automatically. If you got there by actually typing youvsdebt.com in to your browser then I wont. Don’t stress it. The important thing is that you signed up!!!! AWESOME!

    • Thanks for signing up – glad to have you! And it’s great to know you came from Ninja!

      Can’t wait to get start – it’s going to be a blast. 🙂

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