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Punch Cupid in The Face

In case you didn’t know, today is Valentine’s Day. Today is also Monday. Which means Valentine’s Day, is not only on a work day, but the worst work day of them all. Seems fitting, because in my opinion Valentine’s Day is the worst holiday of them all. Yeah, I said it. Valentine’s Day kinda sucks. Here’s why….

It’s expensive:

Have you ever tried going out to eat on Valentine’s day? I wouldn’t recommend it. Just about every restaurant decides to do this stupid little thing where they close their doors to the public and only offer a set menu to those who made reservations 8 months earlier. Why the heck can’t I just take my wife to a NORMAL meal at one of our favorite restaurants? Why’s everything got to be marked up a billion percent?

It’s the worst “holiday” ever:

Who decided to call Valentine’s Day a holiday? I don’t know what the actual definition of “holiday” is, but as far as I’m concerned, if I don’t get the day off work…it’s not a holiday. This year I refused to contribute to the hallmark holiday marketing ploy. Instead of paying for a V-day card, I made one. Instead of buying roses, I bought not-roses (I don’t know what kind of flowers they are). Instead of paying an eleventy billion dollar markup at a restaurant, I cook at home.

Not only does Valentine’s Day lack the prerequisites needed to be considered a legitimate holiday, but it’s also the only day (I’m aware of) that makes single people feel horrible about themselves. I think us married folks have an obligation to avoid the traditional Valentine’s Day exclusivity, and instead we should see V-day as an opportunity to hang out with some of our closest single friends….besides, we know they wont have any plans 🙂

It perverts our idea of love:

Last time I checked, there are 365 days in a year. Why the heck is Valentine’s Day only once a year? Why don’t we have it monthly? Weekly? Or Daily? After all, isn’t it my job to make sure my wife feels treasured/cherished/beautiful/appreciated EVERY SINGLE DAY? Heck yes it is!

Men: Don’t think today is the only day you’re required to make your wife feel like a princess, you should have done that yesterday, and you better do it tomorrow too!

Women: Don’t use today’s festivities as a means to measure your husband’s love for you, instead think about how he treats you the other 364 days.

…end rant

Does anyone else think Valentine’s Day is kinda stupid? What are you doing (or did you already do) for it? Any pro-valentine’s day supporters out there care to state your case?



  1. We like interesting little ethnic places, so we don’t usually have trouble finding somewhere to eat! All comes down to taste though. I found a gem of a Malaysian restaurant this month thanks to my parents so I took T there tonight. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of experimental, five-star type cuisine nor the price…my favourite foods are Malaysian, Thai and Indian. We also head out for the occasional good steak, but generally if we can make it at home just as well or better, that’s what we do.

  2. DH and I have never done Valentines Day, it is a rip off, and we also think that if you aren’t being loving the other days of the year, what is the point anyways

    • seconded! We call it amateur night – the professionals like us regularly celebrate our love throughout the year.

      • Count us in with the anti-Valentines Day group! I don’t need the $70 bouquet of roses to prove Hubby loves me; I already know because he tells me every day. Expensive dinner out? Now thanks… pizza in front of the TV suits us just fine,and we already do that once a week! More and more people seem to be getting on the “this is just a retail holiday that was invented to boost sales after Christmas” bandwagon.

        @ Michelle… Amateur Night… LOVE IT!! LOL!!

  3. I told my now husband when we began dating that I didn’t want flowers or candy for Valentine’s because the usual $9.99/dz roses would be $49.99. I just asked that we spend the day or evening together. It has worked out great for us this way. We don’t go out to eat either, just chill at home and enjoy the company.

  4. The best Valetines Day Ive ever had was a few years ago when my boyfriend and I rode our bikes across town (it was a very warm February day for Baltimore) to our favorite museum. Afterward we stopped by a nearby restaurant to visit our friend who had to work that evening as the cook. While grabbing a drink at the bar we decided we had a really great day together but we had a lot of friends that were single and without plans that we would like to see. We immediately started calling and texting anyone we could think of. That evening we ended up with about 7 friends and friends of friends over at our house playing board games and eating snacks. We all had sooooo much fun and everyone was glad to spend the evening with the friends they love!

    While I totally agree that overpriced flowers, chocolates and dinner are the worst and you should show the special people in your life how much you love them everyday, having a special day dedicated to taking a pause to celebrate each other is nice. Buying junk because you feel obligated isnt nice. If you want to make it a special day, do something thoughtful not expensive.

  5. We don’t do V-day. Got the kids a card and a small box of candy. But for hubby and I….it is a waste of money.

  6. It’s good for some people, and not for others. I understand people who choose not to celebrate it, but I struggle to understand those who get so angry about its existence.

  7. Their is too much pressure on Valentines Day, I really like the idea of inviting single friends over to hang out. I think im going to do that this year.

  8. I definitely agree! And fortunately, I married a girl who is serious about her disdain about the “holiday.” And I love it! It’s not that it gets me off the hook, it’s just nice to know she has a realistic view about love. Plus, EVERYDAY is Valentine’s Day when you’re married, right? **wink wink**

  9. It’s interesting just how many of us don’t get excited or all bothered by Valentines Day. It makes you wonder…who are the people who pack the restaurants and buy all the flowers? I think the correlation between those who are fanatical about valentine’s day and their marriage in years would be an interest graph. Also correlation of V-Day with happiness. And last, V-Day excitement with net worth. Love the idea about inviting single friends over, though.

  10. V-Day is certainly a gimmick holiday, but basically all holidays have turned into a commercial hoopla. It seems that V-Day gets most flack. Why do you have to cook a Turkey and stuffing for Thanksgiving? Because tradition says so…and Madison Avenue. The same is relevant to V-day, but the tradition are gifts that are overpriced.

    Step outside that box though. It’s a great holiday for someone to take initiative to show they care for another. I agree with everyone that the “socially” acceptable gifts are gimmicks (jewelry, flowers, candy, etc.), but it’s a great opportunity to do little chores or make or buy items that your significant other loves. Be creative, find or create items for someone convey you truly care for them by purchases or creations that aren’t pricy. Yes, everyday should be a day for showing love, but V-Day is a special day to give you a chance to make up for a week you were crunched for time or caught up in other things (e.g. kids). Don’t hate, but create for V-Day.

  11. First off I am not a girl who likes cut flowers… I find them depressing. I Don’t like chocolate… I have sensitive teeth. I don’t like perfume…. the smell gets up my nose. Many guys who have tried to court me just don’t get it is and instead insist on getting me cut flowers, or even worse cut roses… Trust me I have dated non of these boys because if they can not LISTEN to what I don’t like they will never understand what I like.

    The best vday gift I have ever been given was a gift I never got in the end the plan fell through but the fact that he went out of his way to try and make it happen meant more to me than the object.

  12. I am so proud of you DN, you have learned much from mom and dad Ninja. We too do not partake inthis silly day. I have always said you have to love me 365 days a year…..

    But truth be told I did get you a GN a first Valentines day as husband and wife gift, so I will email you the details in shame……..

  13. I like it. The theme is love, and you can interpret it however you want, and celebrate however you want. Making your own card, buying non-roses, making your own meal… that’s great. The v-day police aren’t going to come arrest you for not spending $$$.

    I just don’t see what there is to complain about! Show your wife or husband a little extra love for one day, or if you really DO special things every day, then just do your normal thing

  14. I agree with SP. Celebrating Valentine’s Day does not mean that we don’t love our significant others the other days of the year. There is a difference between loving someone and showing them you love by doing something special. It can as simple as doing some extra chores to getting jewelery (if you can afford it, what’s the harm?) With people being so busy, it is easy to take someone for granted. One day of the year dedicated to showing you care is not so bad IMHO.

  15. I like it. I’m such a scrooge with my checkbook and it’s nice to have another reason to spend some of my hard earned money on a good meal. On Saturday I took my SO down to Monterey where we had breakfast at a nice restaurant by the ocean, a day at the Aquarium including a behind the scenes tour at extra cost, and dinner at a super nice restaurant by the shore watching the sunset. Total for the day: $300. Yes that’s a lot of money, but I save 70% or more of my income every month so I can cut loose once in a while and swipe the CC without worrying about the cost. If there was no Valentines day, I’d probably take my SO out to a nice dinner only on our anniversary(Birthdays are with friends).

  16. It seems like almost all PFers hate Valentines’ Day. I like it. I don’t see anything wrong with one extra day a year to really connect with each other and focus on why you are still (hopefully) in love. Also, a chance to dress up and have your SO see you in something other than sweats, jeans, or whatever.

    Remember, Ninja, you’ve only been married a very short amount of time…as the years go by, you’ll still love Girl Ninja, but that love matures and changes…and Valentine’s Day can be a day to be wowed by her all over again and bring you back to this time.

    • I am a PF blogger. And I love Valentine’s Day. Haha. In fact, I feel compelled to defend the day because, c’mon, it’s sad how much everyone bags on it. All holidays are commercialized, V-Day is not an exception. Besides, Valentine’s Day was first celebrated as a romantic holiday since the Middle Ages – it’s pedigree, when you talk about length of time, is much longer than many of the holidays we celebrate today. Say what you will about Valentine’s, but “Hallmark Holiday” it is not.

  17. I couldn’t care less one way or the other, but I will never forget VD 2003, a Friday night. We had tickets to the NY Philharmonic at 8, and as usual I left the office just before 5, picked up my companion, and expected as usual to get into Manhattan by 6:30. However, on this day the Long Island Railroad was completely shut down due to a fire in Penn Station. Traffic actually seemed fine until I hit the approach to the 59th Street Bridge, which turned out to be a solid wall of cars (since everyone was coming in to the city for VD) and the bridge took an hour to cross. (Please nobody start singing Simon and Garfunkel.) To make a long story short, I managed to park by 8, we dashed to the hall and got there just as the music had started. No late seating! At least they gave us a refund (two tix at $90 each), which is generally against hall policy. So we just got dinner, started home at 9:30 or so, where the 59th Street Bridge into the city was still a solid wall of cars on VD on a Friday night because the LIRR was completely shut down due to a fire in Penn Station. . . .

  18. I like the kindergarten version of Valentine’s Day. Either everyone gets one or no one does. And they are usually hand made and not store bought (cheaper and more sentimental).

  19. Definitely do not celebrate, and I feel bad for people who are forced into celebrating it because their significant other would be pissed off if they didn’t receive something. Too much added pressure for no good reason.

  20. To each his own. We have done Valentine’s in the past, but now we aren’t as concerned with it. I think it is good for those who don’t do a good job of appreciating their special someone the rest of the year. It is a good reminder that they should be. For those of us who are good with showing our gratitude, it is just another day where we are grateful.

  21. I agree! If we celebrate more often, the flower, candy and restaurant industries will expect increases in revenue. As a male, I don’t think I would buy more of any of these products or services t show my wife how much I love her. I guess the pressure would be much more often on me and other.

  22. […] income. Each time Valentine’s Day came around on the calendar I had similar feeling to this Valentine’s Day Hater. I told my wife not to expect anything special for Valentine’s Day, because I was not going […]

  23. I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day. Since I’m a teacher, the kids get a big kick out of passing out cards and eating cupcakes, but that’s about the extent of me celebrating this holiday. And the fact it fell on a Monday really is crappy.

  24. My husband and I really like V-Day, but we also avoid expensive crap like the $40 roses and all restaurants. For this one, we put little bows on our new smart phones (expensive crap we bought a few weeks ago) and made ourselves some homemade pizza. We usually exchange gifts we both wanted for Christmas but didn’t get, lol, like video games or board games for hubby and some sort of clothing I have been putting off buying since I hate shopping and my husband usually has better taste anyway. 🙂

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