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It has come a little late…but wait no longer.  Moving is BUSY, and I have a sick Ninja at home (no post from him today) so I am finally getting to sit down and share my treasures from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  

The presale appointment for my mom, sister and me was set at 10 am.  We walked out the doors at 2:20.  It’s a little shocking to realize we spent 4 hours and 20 minutes (with a  squeezed in refuel at the Nordstrom Cafe…fav lunch place) in the store, but we left with some great finds.

I was able to get Ninja to document them…he’s a trooper even when he is sick (quite a sight to see too…he walks around the house with tissue stuck in each nostril, you learn so much when you’re married). 

This was one of my favorites.  Splurge for sure($80), but I still saved $40 from the original price.  Once I put it on, I knew I wasn’t leaving the store without it.  I’ll probably wear it with a more neutral color tank underneath…we’ll see.

(obviously wasn’t ready for this photo haha)

Two of my sisters and I got this Caslon sweater.  So cozy, and winter white cute.  Best part? Only $44 instead of $68.

I love NORTHFACE. This will be the perfect jacket for those rainy days to work. No hood, but that just means an umbrella is the perfect match. This was the most expensive purchase, but you know its going to be a long-lived item from a brand like North Face. Damage: $133 (normally $179). And I might add that Ninja loved this one because a rain coat was on my “needs” list.

Word on the street is that fur is in.  I’m not loving the white under this vest, but it’s what I can find in my tornado of a closet during moving week.  It’s by Hinge, the tag says “Designed in Seattle”….it must be my welcome home gift.  

I also got a cute tank top with buttons and lace to wear under cardigans to work- but I got tired of trying clothes on.  Ninja was in a little bit of Nordstrom shock realizing the cost of some clothing items (I stayed within budget though).  So, I decided to blow him away showing him I know how to shop a deal when I see one.  Two new pairs of shoes for under $25…TOTAL (black were $9.98 and brown were $12.98).  I know they are Target, but when they are that cheap, you just can’t say no.  Plus, they aren’t an everyday item so they won’t get worn down quickly. 

There’s a little sneak peak to my latest shopping finds.   Ninja home #2 is getting closer to completion, but we need a Hawaii trip first.   After that we’ll take you on a tour. 

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  1. hmmmm…nice finds.just noticed you missed sharing the price for the “fur” jacket.As i have read before, the “budget” was around $300,price for the first 3 items was already 257? plus the shoes for 25 soooo that makes it 282. the jacket was below 18 ??? wowww that’s a treasure hunt.anyways,the new addition to the wardrobe looks nice. get well ninja. 🙂

  2. Great finds, GN! The trench coat is a classic and must keep. It will last you a long time and will get lots of use in Seatle, so tell Ninja no worries. I was wondering how much the total damage was since Ninja post about the shopping spree budget got so much heat! Looks like you did great (I thought there would be some $$$ it bag or something…phew). I also love Target stuff because they are so affordable and cute. I just worry about the comfort of their shoes.

  3. I like the blacked out eyes of Ninja in the North Face photo. Subtle and funny.

    • Haha, I was thinking the same thing. Definitely goes with the “Ninja” name. My girlfriend should start a blog and catalog all of her shopping finds….hmm….I should start trying to convince her.

  4. Great picks! Love that ivory Caslon sweater. And you tell Ninja that was a great price for it too! There are some similar sweaters at cheaper places like Old Navy that are starting to show up for Fall, and they are nowhere near the quality and are still in the $30-$40 range.

  5. those are some great tops!

    im going to vegas on my honeymoon in August and am hoping to find some great deals in the States!

  6. Cute! But winter is really coming? Nooooo!

    I especially like the sweater – I see it is still on sale…. hmmmm…. 🙂

  7. Way to Ninja Shop! And you look FABULOUS!

    Sick or just unable to help finish with the unpacking? Kidding of course thanks for taking such good care of DN.

  8. I am able to buy top brand clothing (Lucky, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Guess, etc.) at the Goodwill in the ritzy section of our town. I’ve seen Vera Wang for $10! If you go on half-priced Saturdays then it is $3 for a top, $5 for a pair of pants or a dress. Yes, you have to look through every rack and try on tons of stuff that doesn’t fit right, but that’s true at the regular mall as well. This summer I have bought 6 tops, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of shorts, and 3 skirts for under $50. That is under $5 an item, and it is all in excellent condition, no one would ever know it is secondhand unless I told them! I am never going to the regular store again except for swimsuits, shoes, accessories, and the odd time that you need a specific article of clothing within a very short timeframe and can’t wait for the perfect deal to crop up.

  9. I HEART the “fur” jacket!! I think it looks really cute with the white sweater!! Everything you bought will get excellent mileage, I’m sure.

    You’re coming up on your 1 yr. wedding anniversary; believe me, you’re only scratching the surface on the funky stuff your husband will do; I’m coming up on 9 years of marriage in October; I’m STILL blown away by some of the stuff Hubby says and does… keep’s life interesting 😉

    Hope you feel better soon, Ninja!

  10. It’s depressing to see Fall/Winter stuff in the stores, it’s barely gotten hot enough to be a real summer! 🙂

    Great finds, I love the first top the most, although the coat is definitely the most practical. Sigh!

    Forgot you guys are going to Hawaii… so jealous! 🙂

  11. After the shock he must have been ecstatic you stayed within budget. Awesome finds and you seem to have really enjoyed it.

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