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We’re pregnant…. with joy.

Pregnancy Announcement: Girl Ninja and I are pregnant. Pregnant with feelings of joy, love, excitement, and a little bit of fear. What could bring on such emotions? Probably the fact that…

We’re pregnant with a human fetus baby child thingy.



No seriously. I’m not joking. According to some Doctor lady, I’ll be going from Debt Ninja to Dad Ninja on June 18th. Freakin’ crazy. Allow me to summarize my feelings with a FAQ…

When did you find out? 

Five days before I left for Europe, so late October.

Describe the emotions associated with finding out you were pregnant. 

To be totally honest, it was nowhere near as significant a moment as I would have envisioned. In the movies people seem either overjoyed or totally wrecked by the revelation that they are pregnant.

Girl Ninja and I were just kind of like “Oh, we’re pregnant. Hmmm, okay, cool.” And then I went outside to do yard work.

How long did you wait to tell your family? 

Girl Ninja and I guessed we were about six weeks when we found out in late October. Normally we would have waited for the first doctor’s appointment to tell our family, but since I was leaving the country for six weeks, we decided to tell them before I left.

How did you tell your family? 

Since it was just before Halloween we took two Pumpkins from our house and made them look like this…



We then took the pumpkins to Girl Ninja’s parent’s house, knocked on their door holding our pumpkins, and recorded their reaction as the light bulb went off (sorry the video is sideways)…

Were you trying to get pregnant? 

Not exactly. We clearly weren’t being über proactive in preventing the possibility, but we definitely weren’t trying to get pregnant.

How do you feel about it now? 

Freakin’ pumped man. I made Girl Ninja go to Baby Gap with me the other day just to check out baby outfits. Apparently, kids’ clothes aren’t cheap. Forty bucks for a sweater? No way. Looks like Baby Gap via the Thrift Store is more likely for our child 😉

What will Girl Ninja do after delivery? 

We have impeccable timing and the baby is due to arrive six days after Kindergarten graduation (she’s a teacher). She’ll continue to get paid through the summer and won’t be going back in the fall. We’ve always planned on her being able to be a stay-at-home mom, and fortunately, that can be a reality for us. Losing her income will suck mucho, but not enough to consider her continuing to work full-time. She may substitute teach a few days a month just to stay in the school system.

Will you be blogging a lot about being a Dad? 

Heck yes, but don’t worry, it won’t be like those mommy blogging sites. Instead of pictures of cute crafts and baby room decorations, I’ll write posts on how many times our kid vomited on me in a single day or how to use duct tape to minimize poopy diaper blowouts.

How’s Girl Ninja feeling? 

She’s lucky. She’s coming up on 16 weeks pregnant and hasn’t had more than a few instances of passing nausea. Nothing a few crackers and a glass of water didn’t immediately cure. As much as I wish I could hold her hair back while she throws up in our toilet, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Aside from feeling a bit tired, she’s pretty much same ol’ Girl Ninja, cute as a button 😉

Alright, that’s all I got for now. I’ll keep y’all updated on this whole path to parenthood. Maybe even live-tweet the delivery…kidding. Hopefully being a dad doesn’t mean I have to grow up 😉

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  1. Congrats Ninja. We are also pregnant with our first child due May 31st. Can’t wait to get that kiddo (find out the babies sex Jan 8th) on a dirtbike and rockin a mohawk helmet haha. BTW, priceless reaction by Mom Ninja haha.

  2. You are a busy guy. A house, a dog, a child. What a six months this has been for the Ninja clan. Congrats! Just think this time next year you will be daddy ninja.

  3. Congratulations!

    I have found that being a dad has kept me from growing up and I look forward to when my little guy is able to play with legos so I can play with legos again.

  4. Congratulations! (And seriously, wait until the baby shower to even think about clothes, because EVERYONE will want to buy baby clothes. Even the expensive ones. Because they’re cuter than things like diaper genies and breast pumps.)

    • Oh definitely wait to buy clothes. I think every gift I received at my baby shower included at least one outfit. Add to that that you don’t go out super often the first six weeks or so, and you probably don’t have to even think about buying clothes until they’re around six months or so.

      • Agreed. And check out the latest edition of the book Baby Bargains, which is sort of like Consumer Reports for baby stuff.

  5. Congrats man. We came to the hospital this morning as my wife is in labor with our first. Now it is just a waiting game.

  6. I hope all goes well with the baby. Life will become even more fun, allowing for special times between your new child. My family is huge, five total people, but we have a close bond. Remember the first couple of years is the most important times. Also it is never to early to create a college fund.

  7. Congratulations! I loved the video! I’m surprised this pregnancy wasn’t planned, though, since you’ve taken all the stereotypical steps – house, dog. Good timing, like you said, job-wise. Will you still have a roommate when the baby arrives?

  8. Congratulations! And definitely don’t buy new baby clothes. That stuff is a racket. You’ll get tons from family and friends (we parents love unloading our baby stuff, you’ll see) and there’s nothing wrong with the secondhand shops. My kids are decked out in baby gap and children’s place clothing that looks brand new at maybe half the price.

  9. Congrats on the baby! I think it’s really cool that your wife will stay home after baby arrives. That would be a dream for me to be able to stay home and raise our family.

  10. Congrats!! Our second is coming April 1st.
    I’m in Canada but I’m guessing the sales would be the same if not better in the US – Baby Gap has crazy sales all the time. I do shop at thrift stores but the sales section at the Gap (especially when they let you take an extra 30-40% off the sales price) means I’ve often come away with clothing cheaper than thrift stores…onesies, shirts and pants in the $3-$5 range.
    Mommy blogs are more prolific than pf ones…wine swigging, duct tape poop holding in hilarious blogs are out there and I bet your drawings would add an extra bonus to the scene!

  11. Congrats guys! Very excited for you! Being a parent is simply the best. Our 18 month old is growing up before our eyes and it’s so much fun! Enjoy every minute of it!

  12. Such exciting news. Your world will change in so many ways. Cherish all those moments. They will pass by far too quickly.

  13. This is wonderful news.

    Babies and dogs are always best friends so I am sure getting Nova now was so you could get her out of the constantly chewing puppy faze before Baby Ninja starts dropping toys everywhere.

  14. I KNEW I should have checked this blog on break. I just knew it!

    Congratulations, Ninja! You are going to be an awesome Dad and you will love fatherhood. Yes, kids suck up a lot of cash (mine’s getting ready for college soon….) but it is SO worth it.

    Oh, and if the baby comes 9 days earlier (on June 9th) He/She will have the same birthday as me. That would be a very cool birthday present!


  15. Congrats! I’ll second the sales idea for baby clothes. My biggest scores were when I was buying for friends who adopted their baby (with three days notice!!!) – onesies were 1 penny on clearance at old navy. I bought a bunch of different sizes… babies just grow so fast!

  16. Congratulations!

    I’d love to add to the baby clothes suggestions – the best part about baby clothes is that most of the time, you can consign them after your child outgrows them and make money that you never even spent in the first place (because grandparents LOVE giving the adorable clothes).

    I know many people save the clothes for a second child, but since we aren’t planning for a second one, we have been consigning twice a year with the big seasonal kid consignment sales that run in our area. When you get into a position to do that, you might do some research to see what’s in your area. Failing those, I just take outgrown kid stuff with our adult stuff to a regular consignment store. Kids outgrow stuff so fast that most of the time, the clothes are like new.

    Another great thing: your baby is due in the spring/summertime, which means that your baby may not need much clothing in the 0-3 month range. My daughter was born in May, and much of the time, she was super comfortable in just a diaper! Just my two cents.

    Congratulations, again!

  17. Congratulations!!! I had a feeling you guys would have an announcement like this one of these days. 🙂 That video was awesome, I’m sure my parents would react the exact same way. Can’t wait to hear more!!

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  19. This is awesome news Ninja! I remember the time when we found out that we were having a baby. I was like, “cool”, and then I went to the grocery store. It has been a great time ever since and now my son is one. Time flies when you are having fun!

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