The Power of Patience

I thought I was about to get in my first fight tonight. I was at the airport standing in line to get some food, when an older man (mid 40’s) stormed in cursing at the lady working behind the counter “I told you I wanted F***ing cheese on my sandwich” he yelled. The lady behind the counter was apologetic for the mix up and headed to the back to sort it out. Meanwhile, another woman, who had missed the incident, just stepped in to line. The disgruntled man moved across the counter and moved in front of the lady. She politely told the man that the line started behind her. He then looked and her and started cussing her out for accusing him of cutting. I had enough so I looked at the man and said “Don’t talk to women like that. You need to chill out they’re working on your order right now.” With quick wit he responded “Shut up.” I left the restaurant proud of myself for standing up for the innocent, but angry that this guy had no patience and was a huge jerk.

My words of wisdom:
Practice patience today. When driving on the freeway let merging traffic in to your lane. If you’ve been placed on hold for 30 minutes don’t yell at the person that finally gets to your call (it’s not like they chose to put you on hold). If you feel like your work isn’t valued, work harder and I promise good things will come of it.

Normally my blogs are more financially involved. And even though I didn’t preach about the something like the power of compound interest, I do believe patience is directly correlated to financial success. After all, Buffet didn’t become a billionaire overnight!

Do you live an impatient life? Are you willing to work hard now so you can reap the benefits later? Do you live frugal so you will be able to live extravagantly? If someone doesn’t put cheese on your sandwich will you curse him or her out?

Take a deep breath and enjoy life,

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  1. but I am lactose intolerant so I’m going to go put my cheese money in the bank, and I will wait patiently in line.

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