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Poll Thursday: Special Friday Edition

Apparently yesterday was Thursday. I didn’t get the memo and as a result didn’t have a poll for you. But fear not, I got a super fun one for ya as we head in to the weekend.

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toilet paper

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  1. I know that my quest for the end of the roll to come under will get almost no votes but you are all just wrong.

    Over the roll is some sort of cultural brain washing, like a cult, and you will all see the light and get some basic common sense and switch to UNDER. Try UNDER it for one week and you will be amazed.

  2. Hmmm may be you should ask the readers for poll subject ideas. Seems like you started running out of poll subjects already.

  3. Over the top, for heavens sake. I am still mystified every time I see it the other way.

  4. People who put at the bottom drive me NUTS, and to be honest, I’m not sure that they are people I would allow into my life. Good thing I don’t talk about toilet paper a lot…..

    @Drewman: Wad, of course. Who has time for folding?

  5. If you have little kids, the bottom feed. Otherwise you see the game of unrolling and unrolling and unrolling as they spin the roll by hitting it top down….

    As the kid grew up, we could finally switch to the top feed.

    • kids and cats! and sometimes puppies. 🙂 I allowed my kids to unroll it once… bu then they had to roll it back up *grin*

  6. Frankly in our family of 5 with 1 bathroom, I’m just happy if there’s TP ON THE ROLL when I sit down. At least twice a week its empty.

    • Sing to the choir!! hate that empty rool — “X!!!! bring a new roll! ” … “Waddayamean we’re out!”

  7. Over the top is the right way to go, but we use the bottom feed. Otherwise we’ll come home to a roll of paper on the floor unraveled by our very dexterous cats.

  8. while I used to care…. I don’t care anymore because there are far more important things to care about in life.

  9. I find a roll lasts longer when over the top so as a frugal one I say over the top w/o a doubt – barring those kids/cats/puppies!

  10. Boyfriend says under but I don’t care as long as it gets replaced when empty. I can see how under is advantagous when my cat is around though… she may be known to have unrolled a roll or two 😉

  11. Off the top… and in my household, it will always be off the top… wanna know why?? BECAUSE I’M THE ONLY ONE THAT EVER CHANGES THE ROLL!! 😉

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