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A picture’s worth a thousand words.

The End.

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  1. But…what about my essentials? Like my projector screen TV and multiple cars and tons of clothes and too much food and iphones and ipads and expensive vacations? How will I live, d*mn it?! How will I live??!! 🙂

  2. Haha! My wife showed me this sketch a while back and I’ve been looking for it ever since. Steve Martin was in it right?

  3. Until you get to rock bottom, and need to “borrow” gas money to get to work and grocery money to feed the family. That’s what’s wrong with this cartoon. I guess the noble thing would be to starve instead, right? Or call in sick and use paid benefit time instead of borrowing gas money? Easier said than done, and that’s the truth. Easier to tell someone to let themselves lose it all and get fired for not showing up to work and check into a homeless shelter for housing and meals instead of pulling out the credit card, and hoping the situation is temporary and it can be paid back as soon as possible. I don’t know about you, but I would borrow some money before I’d put my family through the emotional devastation or homelessness.

    • @Carolyn

      The image is a comical portrayal of how simple being debt free can be. One would have to actually try to be offended by this meme, so you get an “E” for effort from me. Congrats!

      • Carolyn brings up a good point, though. What about debt that people don’t ask for and didn’t create, such as medical debt? Although I get the gist of the sketch, ie consumer debt, and agree with it, let’s not brush everyone who can’t control their debt with the same tar, or however the phrase goes.

          • Lutus, that’s the case with short term acute problems, like a couple broken ribs. You’re still likely to have make monthly payments. But for long term chronic problems…with medical bills continuing to roll in, medical debt isn’t that easy to get rid of. Plus, it most likely means that the patient isn’t working from being sick and thus accumulating even more debt on top of being unable to pay back existing debts.

            I think this meme is hilarious and generally agree with it. But Lutus, your statement about medical debt just overly simplifies a very complex situation.

  4. Hah, someone posted this on my blog last week! Classic!

    “Ok, so say I have the money, can I buy it?”, “Yes”, “ok, now take away the money…?”, “No.” “Huh, I’m so confused.”

    “But what if I don’t have the money, shouldn’t I still buy it?” “No.” “What? Now I’m even more confused”


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  6. That is the best clip from Saturday Night Live ever! You should watch the whole thing on YouTube! I wish more people would follow that advice…

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