People finance the darndest things

You remember that show “Kids say the darndest things?” It was hosted by Art Linkletter. He usually asked kids a simple question and they end up saying some crazy funny responses. You can check out a clip of the show

Like the show, I thought we could play a round of “People Finance The Darndest Things.” I’ll start by sharing a story about one crazy thing that I saw someone finance…

Breast Implants: I am a closet MTV watcher and particularly enjoy watching the “True Life” documentaries. The most recent one I saw was on two girls that wanted bigger breasts. One girl wanted them so bad she tried drinking liquids and rubbing creams on her chest hoping they would increase her bust. Surely enough, those products didn’t help. Towards the end of the documentary she is pleading with her boyfriend to allow her to get the implants. Their conversation goes something like this…

Girl: Baby, I just really want these implants so I can feel better about myself
Boy: I love you just the way you are though, and we can’t afford them
Girl: I heard there are options to finance them, if you put $500 down
Boy: Baby, you know we are already struggling financially and can’t really afford more payments.
Girl: But I really want them (she starts crying and they hug)

At the very end of the documentary they agree to start contributing $25 a month to her “Implant Fund.” After six months she managed to save $100…WTF…shouldn’t she have $150? Basically this chick is desperate to finance something she clearly can’t afford. If she wasn’t even able to consistently contribute $25 a month towards her down payment, how the heck does she plan to pay the couple hundred dollar a month payment on them? Could you imagine walking around, knowing that you don’t actually own your breasts? What happens if she doesn’t make the payments? Does the plastic surgeon come and repossess them? Haha wouldn’t that be hilarious. Seriously though, am I the only one that thinks this is crazy? This is exactly why people can’t ever get ahead. They go and take on loans for things they can’t afford and that are, in the grand scheme of things, simply unimportant.

What’s your “People finance the darndest things” story? I’d be dying to know just how crazy it gets. Im sure breast implants are just the tip of the iceberg.

14 thoughts on “People finance the darndest things”

  1. Not exactly on the same idea, but I had a friend that knowingly overdrafted his account to buy cheese curds on a road trip. $35 for cheese curds! If I had known what he was doing, I would have lent him the money.

  2. I don't know what a cheese curd is but it sounds absolutely disgusting…yuck. That's one expensive snack!

  3. I think it's actually cool that see started saving! The problem is with implants you may need future surgeries to replace them or remove them, so you have to think about that too.

    So did you think she "needed" the implants? I'm just curious are you anti-implant?

  4. I'm not necessarily anti-impant. I mean I don't think they are the greatest thing in the world, but if a woman desperately wants them I have no beef with that. I'm more frustrated that this character was clearly not in a good financial spot to afford the implants.

    If she was saving to pay cash for them I would have no issues. It's that she was saving for a small down payment, and even then demonstrated a lack of discipline to budget $25 a month.

  5. Ah I see. She was saving for the $500. That IS crazy! They cost several thousand plus what about lost time working for the recovery and what if she has problems down the road?

  6. Having to finance anything below a car… makes me wonder about the brilliancy of the act. (And even w/ a car it's questionable…)
    (Bets off if there are no interest and you can pay with cash later blah blah)

    I actually respond the same way to the computer commercials… It's like.. 300 bucks for a cheap cheap low end computer these days!

  7. Cheese curds are magically delicious. You can't have a great poutine without good cheese curds. Mmmm curds

  8. @ Kelly- Yeah, breast implants are like pets, you gotta take care of them and be prepared to take em to the vet every now and then 🙂

    @SJ- Yeah I agree, I have always found it funny when commercials say "We offer financing" like its a great thing…haha

    @ Dolly- Im gonna have to google these cheese curds…the name is not the most attractive thing in the world, but ill check em out 😉

  9. They were cheese curds from Wisconsin, so top quality but still not $35 value.
    Cheese curds are basically little balls of cheese. The better they are the more they squeak when you chew them. Some restaurants have them deep fried, but usually they are just little wedgies/balls of cheese.

  10. So basically just cheeto puffs. i gotcha. Why would they choose the word curd? Makes me think of curdled milk, ewwww.

  11. "One girl wanted them so bad she tried drinking liquids and rubbing creams on her chest hoping they would increase her bust" – I'd happily volunteer to help her out 🙂

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