Paying a little more, for doing a little less

I have a confession and you have to promise you wont judge me. Okay? Here goes…I’m kinda lazy. And boy oh boy, do I pay for that laziness. Don’t get me wrong. There are some things that I simply can’t do for myself, like fix my broken laptop, because I lack the technical knowledge to do so, but that doesn’t mean I won’t pay for someone else to do my dirty work from time to time. Here are a few examples…

Eating out:

It can definitely be a budget killer, but the convenience of having someone else prepare your meal, serve you, and then clean up your mess is just incredible. It probably doesn’t help that I’m not the greatest cook. If Ninja is in the kitchen you can almost guarantee you’ll be getting chicken and rice or a PB&J. Not the most diverse menu in my house. This is why I find myself eating out at least once or twice a week.

Oil Change:

So I’m pretty sure changing your cars oil is relatively easy. At least that’s what I’ve heard anyways. I wouldn’t know though since I have always taken mine to the dealership. An oil change at Toyota sets me back $24.99, but they also do a multi-point inspection, put air in my tires, and wash/vacuum my car for me. I could probably spend half that if I did it myself, but that would involve me getting dirty, and I’ll just be honest… I’m a little prissy high maintenance.


Like most people, I use a third party to file my taxes every year. Sure it may cost me a couple bucks each time, but not having to try and decipher those IRS forms makes it worth every penny. Plus, most third parties will fight off the IRS if they try and come back for more money.

Greeting Cards:

Yup. I’m totally the guy that spends like $3 on a stupid “Congratulations” or “Happy Birthday” card at Target. I have zero craft abilities and am pretty sure I couldn’t make a half decent “Thank you” card if my life depended on it. I need to figure something else out quick though, because these greeting cards are burning a hole through my wallet. E-cards perhaps?

Where do you pay for convenience? Do you have a house cleaner? Do you go to Starbucks every day? Ladies do you get your nail done frequently?

23 thoughts on “Paying a little more, for doing a little less”

  1. Greeting cards – Trader Joe’s, $1. check them out, they are not bad.

    The rest… yeah, me too.

    Also… I want a housecleaner badly, but probably can’t justify the expense yet. I want to get my nails done more often, but frankly, I’m mostly too lazy/impatient for nail salons.

  2. I eat out almost every day. It’s bad. But I *despise* spending time in the kitchen. When I am in the kitchen, it’s to make a sandwich or to cut up fruit. I never really “make” anything…

    Plus restaurant food is better than anything I could make.

  3. Spending habits are certainly a way to end up working for the rest of your life. Consider the impact of spending $4/day on coffee, this adds up to over $1,400 a year. Now what else could you have done with that money, how about investing in your retirement. So how can this be a benefit because some people can’t give up coffee but making a travel cup at home can reduce this bill. As for eating out perhaps you’ll need to read this will give you insight into using coupons to reduce everyday common bills, you just might have to switch brands. Again the goal would be to still eat or do what you want but not at the full price and with the plan that the money you “don’t spend” goes towards your financial freedom account.

  4. We recently paid a plumber to fix a broken pipe that technically, hubby could probably have fixed. (I would not have known how.) But the hubs would have had to get into the crawl space, and he’s not a small guy, and while he could have done it, it just wasn’t worth it to him. So we shelled out the dough for the plumber.

  5. You’ve been caught! I knew you were totally recycling these posts, but now I know for sure:

    Eating out:

    It can definitely be a budget killer… Maybe once I get hitched. I’ll cut back on the eating out gig?

    You are hitched NINJA!!! I don’t mind you recycling the posts because they are just as funny today as they were a year ago. Just please, either let us know you are recycling or at least update them.

    If anything, this does prove you’re lazy! LOL.

  6. I was in Autozone buying some oil to add to my wife’s vehicle and noticed that they were selling a DIY oil change kit with the oil and a few other supplies for $29.95 which is $5 more than I can get it done at the local mechanic which was right across the street. At that moment was glad I don’t change my own oil.

  7. I used to change my own oil all the time. Then I got a new car, and the placement of the filter requires me to put the car on jack stands to get to the filter. At that moment I decided I would pay for someone else to change my oil. It makes me a little sick to have to do it, but putting the car on jackstands is a pain in my a**.

  8. Food. I love cooking, but eat out a lot. When you’re only cooking for two people, and at unpredictable times, it’s easier just to grab some subway or chipotle on the way home. They’re still not bad values – about $12 for Subway, $14 for chipotle, and both can be healthy if you choose right.

  9. I’m horribly guilty – I have a dog walker. Three times a week I have someone walk my dog (but in my defense I do it so I can go to the gym after work and not feel guilty that he needs exercise too)

  10. Did you really think people wouldn’t notice you’ve been recycling these posts? The original, from a year ago, comes up at the number one more related post! At least put a note at the top admitting what you’re doing.

  11. I am guilty of many

    Nails oh yes
    I pay a pooper scooper to get that doggie doody out of my yard twice a week
    Eat out – of course
    Cleaning people 2 times a month -they do the floors and bathroom to and oh pretty state
    Drive through car wash

    It is ok to reward yourself!

  12. Clothes! Ahhh I just inherited really good taste from my parents and can’t seem to hunt for the “deals.” I don’t do this every month, but I will typically spend upwards of $100 on a pair of jeans or 75-100 on a dress shirt. Call me crazy, but clothes (esp for work) are something I don’t take lightly! If it’s in the budget, it’s cool, right? 😀

    I pay $19.99 for HR Block to help us with taxes. Doing it by hand is so last century!

    • Does performing some of the maintenance things on your car invalidate the warranty on some cars? I use that as an excuse to not do my own car maintenance. But I’ve got a Toyota, too, and I probably wouldn’t do it even if I knew how….

  13. We pay someone to do our taxes every year; they’re not complicated, but after years of doing the math 3 times and getting 3 different amounts, I’m sure I’ve screwed myself over getting more cash back than I had been.

    I get my nails done every 3 weeks, but in my defense, I pay for it out of my “allowance”; this is the only little “luxury” I allow myself… sooo can’t wait for my mani tomorrow at 10AM!

    Our plan is to sell our 2B/1.5 Bath condo next year and buy a townhouse, and if there was enough money in the kitty, I would SERIOULY consider having someone come in every 2 weeks and do a deep-down cleaning… I would LOOOVE that!!!

  14. I can agree with you on ALMOST all of these. But I STRONGLY disagree with your greeting card purchases.

    I would love to get your little stick figure drawings on a homemade card! 🙂

  15. I just reliazed that i spent $64 on Starbucks this month!! Ive tried making my own, buying from the food carts, drinking water instead. Nothing tastes or makes me feel as awesome as a Starbucks …guilty guilty. I, however do my own nails 🙂

  16. Greeting card solution may be

    It is a MLM business but don’t laugh. My wife is a distributor and I am her only client (my industry doesn’t allow outside business activities). I send 4-5 cards per day and my cost is 62 – 93 cents each. You can be creative or keep it simple. We did not join for the income. I wanted to be able to stay in touch with clients and my network in a more personal way that Twitter or Facebook. Client response has been great. It is also a great way to send my nieces and nephews a birthday card with a gift card in a matter of minutes.

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