Haven’t paid for that in ten years.

A few days before I left for my big six-week trip to Europe I paid for something I hadn’t paid for in nearly ten years. Can you make a guess as to what “it” was? I’ll give you a second to do some thinking…


If you guessed getting my colon cleansed you would be wrong. And disgusting.

If you guessed getting my haircut, you’d be right on the money.

All through High School I rocked the oh-so-popular crew cut and bleached tips. Yes, I know. Bleached tips on dudes should have never been a thing. Sadly, it was. Thanks to celebrities like Justin Timberlake…

Upon graduating high school, I fled the Pacific Northwest to attend college in San Diego. I didn’t realize when I left home, I was also leaving the Bank of Mom and Dad. No longer could I ask Mom Ninja for some cash to go get my hair did.

Since I’m cheap as hell, I did what any logical person would do and cut all my hair off. I bought a $20 pair of clippers and for the next ten years, I cut my own hair.

As our net worth has improved over the years, we’ve gotten a little more lazy. No longer do I drive across town to save $0.03 per gallon on gas. Say goodbye to washing my own car. And gone are the days of letting my parents pay for dinner when I go out with them.

Okay, I lied.

I definitely still let my parents pay for meals. 

Last week, as I was preparing to leave the country for six weeks, I had a decision to make. Do I buzz my head for the thousandth time, or should I hit the barber and get a sexy hipster hairdo?

After much deliberation, I opted for the latter and dropped by the local Great Clips. I sat down in the chair, told the stylist I hadn’t had a hair cut in ten years, and let her go to work on my cabeza. Twenty minutes later the processed was finished.

As I approached the register I realized something.


I mean, I haven’t had a haircut in ten years so I’m not necessarily privy to market standards. Would it be $10? Or $50?

The cut was $16. I gave her a $20 and told her to keep the change (you still tip hair people right?). Ugh.

I love having a little bit of hair on top of my head now, but at $20 a pop, I’m not to thrilled at the idea of making this a monthly thing.

According to math, I’ve saved $2,400 over the last ten years by cutting my own hair. Take that $2,400 and throw it in an investment account for 30 years earning 8%, and you’re looking at a $24,000 portfolio.

Darn you personal finance and all of your infinite wisdom!

Educate me readers. How often do you get your haircut? And how much does it cost? 

p.s. Here’s a shot of my luscious locks from one of my recent Instagram posts.

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  1. I am a 40-something woman and I confess: I hate going to hair salons! I hate the gossip, I hate the women who go there every week and know everyone, I hate the hair dresser’s comments about how my hair need this or that expensive product. I use a very simple cut which doesn’t require trimming often. I get my hair cut every 6 months if not more. My hair is not graying gracefully so I need to dye it. I dye my hair every 8 weeks and spend about USD 5-6. I always stock up on the dye when there is a sale. I spend about USD 30 for my cuts. That is as cheap as it gets around where I live.

  2. Sorry, Ninja, I haven’t had a haircut since I was last in uniform– over 11 years ago.

    But back then it cost $6.25 every six weeks so the total savings works out to about $600. I buy a $3 pack of elastic ponytail bands every year, and I’ve frittered away the rest of it on surf wax…

    My advice would be to grow it while you still can!

  3. 24, F, here and I have been cutting and dyeing my own hair for the past 2 years (with the boyfriend’s help for the back). I never got compliments when I paid someone else to cut my hair, but now they won’t stop and I don’t have to pay a penny for ’em!

  4. This is bad, but it’s how I spend my personal money now … I pay $72 a pop for my haircuts! I usually get 3 per year, maybe 4. I have curly hair, and it takes skills to cut it so I don’t look like a mushroom.

    My spouse pays $20/pop (including tip) for his haircuts, every 2 months or so.

  5. My husband pays $20 a hair cut every 6 weeks. He tries to grow it out as as much as he can before going to Sports Clips. I keep telling him we’re going to buy clippers, and I’m going to learn how to cut his hair. He doesn’t get a fancy cut when he goes, and he never styles it. Now, I need to actually do it. Maybe now since we are going to buy a house, we’re going to need more frugal since our expenses are going to be slightly higher.

  6. No haircut costs here. I cut everyone’s hair in our family, including my own. I figure between the 5 of us, we spare ourselves about $500 per year in haircutting expenses by doing it at home.

  7. My husband stopped getting his hair cut professionally a couple years ago – now I just do it with our clippers at home, and I’m getting pretty decent at it! (He doesn’t want it as simple as one length all over so he can’t cut it himself.) I get my hair cut (no dyes or anything else) about 2-3 times per year for $40-50 each time.

  8. You looked like a grown up and I liked your hair – you can afford the 20 so just do it!

    Thanks for telling the truth there – Not only do we still pay we don’t even pretend to fight over the bill do we DN?

    I like getting my hair done and enjoy the outcome so it’s a win win for me!

  9. I go the Great Clips route – but usually with a coupon so my total outlay (with tip) is around $10.

    In Italy though, I went to a fancy (by my standards) salon and it was the best haircut of my life. Got it shampooed before and after. The guy cutting it asked if he could “try something” and I said sure. He did a great job and I had that model type look going on complete with “product” as he called it.

  10. Hair cut every 8 weeks for $20 and that includes tip. Women pay more for these things but I do not go to a fancy salon and I only pay for a cut. No wash or blow dry for me. The hairdresser spritzes my hair with a spray bottle and trims away.

    I have a lot of friends who pay $75 for a wash, cut and dry and another $75 to $100 for colouring.

  11. Going to be the devil’s advocate…I get my hair cut 2 times a year (I have long curly hair that grows out well) and could care less where I go for that. However, I will put out $100+ each time to get my hair highlighted about 3 times a year, mainly because I trust a stylist to get the natural streaks of golden-honey blonde I prefer and not something streaky platinum or ashy like my results from a box have been.

    My mom always said that if you have a haircut you like, don’t worry about the cost, it’s worth it (however, she probably wouldn’t spend north of 50 on it). This is coming from a woman who is one of the more frugal people I have met.

  12. I get my hair cut every 6 weeks; been going to the same hair dresser for the past 20 years. Haircut’s $22, and I tip $5.00. If she has her next client show up early, I’ll blow dry/style my own hair using her fancy-schmancy products. At 46, I have no grey hair, so I can get away with freshening up the colour (which is quite close to my natural colour) every 8 weeks at home; Nice & Easy Haircolour goes on sale quite often. When I can buy it for $6.98 at WalMart, I’ll buy a few boxes.

    My husband shaves his head to the wood; $0.00, except for his time.

  13. I get my hair cut probably once every other month to once a quarter. I could do it myself (or have my old lady do it), but as seldom as I do it I don’t mind paying for it.

  14. Throw me in the DIY club. I bought clippers almost 2 years ago and haven’t been to a barber since! That’s about $450 in savings thus far! Not only that, but I’ve gotten pretty good at buzzing it quickly. 20 minutes of my time every couple weeks is all it costs me!

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