Online Mobile Betting and the Law

The Supreme Court case Murphy vs. the NCAA struck down a federal ban on sports betting. Each state now decides if it wants to allow or ban sports betting. This ruling has profound implications for online mobile betting generally and sports betting specifically.

A variety of states implemented new laws to allow legitimate gaming companies to enter the field of sports betting. Some states legalized sports betting in casinos, online, or both. Here are a few of the recent legal changes that affect online mobile betting and brick and mortar gambling on sports.

The East Coast

New Jersey instigated the fight that led the Supreme Court to rule PAPSA, the law that made sports betting illegal in all but a few states, unconstitutional. The state quickly moved in 2018 to allow both mobile and land-based sports betting. You can use apps from companies such as DraftKings or MGM resorts International.

By the end of 2018, Pennsylvania had its first legal sportsbook. Sports betting apps started entering the market in early 2019. Brand names such as FanDuel and regional casinos rolled out online sports betting. Pennsylvania currently has robust competition for online mobile betting customers.

The Midwest

Indiana officially legalized sports betting on September 1, 2019. You must go to a land-based casino in the state if you want to bet on sports. The casinos plan to roll out betting apps that you can use within the state’s borders.

Iowa legalized sports betting in 2019, and 18 of the state’s casinos implemented or plan to develop sportsbooks. You can bet using an app in Iowa, but you must set up your account in-person for now.

The South

As of July 2019, Tennessee became the first state to allow mobile only betting for sports. Tennessee has no land-based casinos so mobile was the only option. Taxes from online gambling will go to priorities such as education and infrastructure.

Mississippi actually had sports betting legislation ready to implement as soon as the Supreme Court struck down PAPSA. Sports betting is legal in casinos; however, mobile betting is restricted. You can only use a mobile app on the grounds of a casino. The Mississippi legislature has yet to create more mobile friendly laws.

Why Geolocation is Important

You must use betting apps within a state that legalized sports betting. The reason is The Federal Wire Act prohibits interstate betting. If you live in a state where sports betting is still illegal, you cannot use apps across state lines. Geolocation technology helps enforce state laws.