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You’re only getting older.

Como estas debt punchers?! I spend a good chunk of my work day driving and there is one particular radio show I listen to where the host ends every show with the tag line “Today is the youngest you are going to be for the rest of your life, act like it.” I get warm fuzzies inside when I hear this phrase because I freakin’ love it. So simple, but so true. We all need to be reminded that tomorrow brings us one day closer to dying. We don’t know when we are gonna keel over, so we better’ make sure we enjoy today, and when tomorrow comes make sure we enjoy that day too.

What this statement means.

The sooner you get a jump-start on your goals and passions the better off you are going to be. Compound interest anyone?! We all know that time is our most valuable asset, and the earlier we contribute to that sweet little Roth IRA, the more money we are gonna have waiting for us when we retire.

It also means get after your goals…like right NOW! If you want to be a financial planner get yourself signed up for graduate school. If you want to be a professional “dancer” order yourself a shiny silver pole for your garage. Whatever your passion is chase it…today! Maybe you can’t afford to go to college for the degree you want, that’s fine, today you can start planning how you are gonna bring in the benjamins to pay for school, or figure out what schools you are going to apply to. There is always something that can be done and the sooner you do it the better off you are going to be.

What this statement doesn’t mean.

You better not use this statement as a lame excuse to make a stupid choice. Don’t head over to Best Buy right now and buy that 94″ plasma TV you have been drooling over, or go get yourself in to more credit card debt because you want to live today like it’s your last. Truth is, it’s probably not, you will most likely wake up tomorrow…hopefully.

Tomorrow you can be one step closer to reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams. All you have to do is be proactive about today and DO SOMETHING. Once you build momentum, things happen a lot quicker! My goal is to look back 50 years from now and be confident that I did everything I could to make my life the best it possibly could have been. Yours should be too.

Do you suffer from procrastination? Do you know people whose actions don’t reflect their goals? I shared one of my favorite inspirational quotes, what are some of yours?



  1. One of my fav’s is “Not I can’t, but I could if!” It every question was posed as an I could if you would always be looking for solutions and not the excuse as to why you couldn’t move forward!

  2. NINJA,

    Just wanted to let you know my wife and I just punched Sallie Mae in the face and paid off a $3800 student loan COMPLETELY.

    You’re truly an inspiration.


  3. I keep a pad and pen near me. I guess I am a list person! If I make a list of things to do, I will do them and cross them off. This is my way of avoiding procrastination.

  4. Hey Ninja,

    Speaking of Old Farts, I resemble that remark.

    Today was payday, so I invested my 20% of net pay and then bashed Citibank’s in the face with $1,100.

    Life is good when you have a steady paycheck.


  5. I think a lot of young people aren’t aware of the power of compound interest … ironically, and unfortunately, many people don’t understand compound interest until they get older. Compounding interest is a double-edged sword: it could be the key to riches (through investing) or the poor house (through paying compounding interest on your debts). If only they taught it more in high schools across the country!

    • I regret to say I’m probably the only one who was expecting you to say “…or the poor house (losing through your investments).”

      I think I’m unique in that respect 🙂 Best not to be with me on that paranoid lunatic fringe…

  6. Great timing for this post! I used to be a master procrastinator, but Iike Krantcents, I’ve become a list-maker… feels good to cross a completed task off the list! Now that he’s past his work’s probation period, Hubby’s been talking about looking into the education incentive at his work; I encouraged him to talk to someone to get all the details as he is interested in one trades area (Millwright). Last Friday over dinner, he told me he got some sweet details about the program; we’d only have to dish out about $550 (which we would get back when he completes the first stage of the course), and the Gov’t would pay the rest! Information is power! Money’s already set aside… I’m now a fan of being proactive and planning for the future, no matter how much time I’ve got on this earth.

    Hope you’re having a FAB time in Grmany!

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