HomelifestyleOh how I love to find a bargain!

Oh how I love to find a bargain!

Who doesn’t like to get a good deal? I mean honestly, seeing something that you want, especially at a ridiculously marked off price, brings out my inner finance geek. I feel warm fuzzies inside and can sleep peacefully knowing I got a great deal. I’m going to share with you where I go to get some crazy awesome discounts. Warning: These websites should not be accessed by those who have a shopping addiction or like pickles.

Woot : Chances are you have heard of Woot and you know what they’re about. If you don’t I’ll break it down. Every night at 10pm pst Woot posts one item a day for a stupediliciously discounted price. They are generally electronics and appliances. I have seen some crazy deals (like 90% off) come up, but I am yet to make a purchase. I have been checking the website religously for about 2 years now, but haven’t seen anything that I “had to have.” If you’re in the market for a digital camera, tv, remote control helicopter, be patient and check out their site…chances are that item will show up sooner or later.

Steep And Cheap (SAC) : Similar to woot, SAC posts one item at a time, however the items update once they have sold out or time runs up. SAC is primarily a sporting and outdoors store (basically REI). I have utilized this site numerous times to pick up some polarized sunglasses, watches, and hoodies. They’re deals are almost always 50% or above. This is the place to be if you are looking for some sweet summer gear like a tent or sleeping bag.

1 Sale a Day : Exactly like woot. I don’t need to be redundant, but they post one item a day. They, however, have two sister sites, one for wireless gear and another strictly watches. I have not purchased anything from here as of yet.

Fat Wallet (Hot Deals forum): This site is super legit because it is the best of the best internet geeks scowering the web for deals on all sorts of crap. You can often find discount codes and coupons to most retailers. If you’re really luck you can even find free promotions and giveaways. These internet geeks make my life oh so much better. I paid $350 for a tmobile PDA phone a couple years back at the store, only to see a discount code posted on this forum. I quickly returned my phone within 30 days and ordered from T-mobile online and paid $99. Not to mention I sold the phone two years later on craigslist for $200. Heck yea!

*ChameleonJohn*: this pretty new website is designed to help you save money while shopping online through discount codes, coupons and other useful methods. Here you will find discounts from thousands of large online retailers such as Kohl’s, Sears, Amazon, Neiman Marcus, and Target. Not to forget many smaller brands too. What makes this website so great is that at ChameleonJohn you can find a coupon to shop at every store there is! So even if you are looking for cheaper car parts, or just want to shop for groceries a lot more inexpensive at this website, you will always find one perfect deal just for you.

Be careful when you are checking these places out. It’s easy to make an impulse purchase when you see some screamin’ good deals, but you always got to think to yourself…”Do I really need a fourth microwave?” So how bout it bloggers, what other sites do you know of that I can add to my discount arsenal? Any and all suggestions are gladly welcome.



  1. I think Slickdeals.net is a must-visit site when you're looking for deals. Forumers post their 'finds'. Often times they include the deals on the site you mentioned, but they also include coupon codes and other items for places all over the web.

    Again, since there are deals from all over the web about all kinds of products, you have to be careful, but if you are, you can find some great deals. One time, a few weeks back, I came across links for printable coupons to two stores in the same shopping center where I had planned on shopping regardless within 7 days. I ended up saving about $60 (or 40%) total.

  2. Mr Baseball originally got me onto Woot, and I spent SO MUCH money there the first 3 months. Then I read this online post that, simply enough, said that if you don't want to spend money DON'T GO TO SHOPPING WEBSITES. So I stopped going. However, I REALLY want to get a Dyson vacuum, so I think I'm going to have Mr. Baseball keep an eye on Woot for a good deal for me so that I can just log on to buy it once it comes up.

  3. @ Money Beagle- Never heard of slickdeals…i'll have to check it out.

    @ Faith- I'll keep ya posted next time I see a Dyson pop up somewhere. Thanks for the link check, i went ahead and made those corrections 🙂 That's why you're the doctor.

  4. Oh yeah Money Beagle, I LOVE Slick Deals. I use it probably once a week to find SOMETHING. That is a great website to include in this list. =)

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