It’s official, people hate our house.

As you know I’m cooped up in a tiny hotel, in the middle of nowhere Netherlands, for six weeks. Girl Ninja, is back in Seattle, holding down the fort.

This last weekend she was a trooper and decided to conquer the gnarly task of leaf blowing our driveway. She spent the better part of an hour tackling all sorts of leaf and pine needle debris. About two-thirds of the way through the chore, GN noticed our across-the-street neighbor was making her way over for a visit.

Now we don’t know much about this neighbor except that she is old, retired, and has lived in the neighborhood for 20+ years. During the course of their 10 minute conversation, Girl Ninja learned one more thing about this lady.

She’s rude.

Even though the neighbor initiated the conversation, Girl Ninja didn’t feel like the lady had much to say. Naturally, GN starting sharing some of the house projects we had tackled.

That’s when things got awkward.

As GN was sharing about our mini kitchen remodel, the woman cut her off and said, “I was shocked when the house sold. I don’t know why any one would buy it. I mean, it’s only got one bathroom.”

Girl Ninja gave an awkward laugh and tried to explain that it’s just the two of us and we’ve always only had one bathroom so that wasn’t really a big deal to us. The lady wasn’t having it and continued to argue her point, telling Girl Ninja our house was essentially a bad investment.

Understandably, Girl Ninja was frustrated. She said she almost started to cry because she just felt like the lady was going out of her way to be harsh. I did my best to comfort Girl Ninja on the phone, but I could tell she was totally bummed.

What Grandma Jerkbag doesn’t know is that literally every house we considered buying had just one bathroom. It comes with the territory of wanting to buy a Pacific Northwest 83-year-old home.

Besides, it’s not like Girl Ninja and I poop at the exact same time. In fact, Girl Ninja doesn’t poop at all. Remember,  she is a girl and according to SCIENCE, Girls are incapable of pooping.

I get where the old lady is coming from. I mean, she lives in a 1970’s split level. Girl Ninja and I would never buy a split level. We don’t like the layouts. We also had no desire to buy new construction. Or a house with a sub 5,000 sqft lot. Or a house with a formal living room.

That doesn’t make any of those things bad. They just weren’t our style.

I’m not mad that this lady hates the fact that we have only one bathroom, I’m mad that she felt the need to go out of her way to make that fact known. I can only hope she felt justified in her actions because of this meme that was recently posted to MANteresting….

You ever dealt with someone who went out of their way to make you feel bad about a decision you made? 

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    • Meh. Lots of old people, yes. Love all of our other neighbors all super nice and quiet. And I don’t think the lady was intentionally being a douche, just kinda lacks a filter. Not unlike my grandparents. Perhaps it’s a generational thing.

      • We lived a few blocks away from that area. When we first moved in, literally all of the neighbors would stand in their windows just watching us make changes in the front yard. They hardly ever talked to us, probably too much of an age gap. They probably assumed us being in our older 20’s were just a bunch of hoodlums 🙂

        • Our neighbours at our first home, who were probably our parents’ age (60’ish) would do the same thing. They’d quite blatantly stand outside and watch what was going on whenever we were doing renos and not speak. We found it kinda hilarious actually. They were friendly-ish the rest of the time-saying hi, how’s it going, and stuff like that, but they just seemed agog with what was happening and couldn’t hide it!

      • I think you actually lose your filter over time. In some ways this is good, because it means you’re not as worried about what people think, so you say what’s on your mind. I do this way more now at 35 than when I was 20-I shudder to think what I’ll say when I’m 70! The downside, of course, is losing social graces and being rude 🙁 Sorry to hear GN had to experience that.

  1. If it happens again, I suggest GN turn the tables. For example, she could say “Oh, I know just what you mean. The things some people will buy! We looked at one house that was (describe neighbor’s house here). Ha ha ha, who would want that?”

  2. Ugh people like that are awful. And that’s one of those situations where you think of tons of great comebacks only after the fact.

  3. The way I like to play it is confrontational.

    “Your House sucks”

    “Do you realize you are coming off like a real bitch right now?”

    Uncomfortable silence…With complimentary disapproving glare.

  4. OMG!! I don’t think I would’ve been as gracious as GN, and you’re right about some people not being born with a filter.

    All that matters is that you and GN love your house!!

  5. Space matters.

    No matter how you slice it, the physically closer you are to other people the closer you are to people who don’t understand boundaries. Its too bad girl ninja missed an opportunity to set the neighbour straight.

    I had a neighbour comment that he didn’t like a very large willow tree that was mostly on my property. I commented that he could do what he liked with the branches on his side. That can be done in a way that’s not offensive and communicates your intent very well.

    // Move to the country
    // people arn’t like that here.

  6. I love your house. My apartment is a two bedroom with only one bathroom too. So what? Tell GN to avoid the negative neighbour and she will be fine.

  7. She sounds like a very nice person. I’m not sure I would have been nice back to the neighbor, but when people put on their judgypants, sometimes I just feel bad for them, that they live a life without any understanding that other people can have different preferences. Must be a boring world that they live in!

    Other times, I might say something like, “we definitely didn’t want a split level house, I can’t believe people buy THOSE!” 😉

  8. I think it’s partly an aging thing where the older you get, the less of a d*** you give about other people’s opinions/feelings/sensibilities. Also, if someone’s always been unpleasant, she usually doesn’t turn into a “sweet old lady”. (ask me how I know this.) Then again, some people just don’t have lives.
    Tell Girl Ninja to learn to tune people like that out. She can reply with phrases like “Well, aren’t you sweet to be concerned” in a condescending tone and smile. Repeat phrase/smile until pest finally gives up and leaves.

  9. I completely agree with the above poster. I have had old people criticize me in a very rude manner at the mall for letting my kid run; another old person told me my baby was getting too much sun, etc. – that was all over 10 years ago and I still remember it – must be something with the aging process or some people, cultures, whatever just have no filter. Some people also have nothing to do or think about.
    Our first house was built in 1912 and had 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, no garage when it seemed all our friends and everyone else was buying new builds or fancier houses with 3 beds, 2 1/2 baths, double garage etc. We also had 1 car. This helped get us to where we are now in our 40’s and I have been a stay at home mom for 14 years. We now live in a 2500 sq ft, 4 bedroom house for 5 of us. Times have changed but we really did have a lot of friends over and parties in that first house and everyone came and had a great time and not sure if anyone cared that we only had 1 bathroom.
    Don’t let this woman get under your skin – avoid negative people, just smile and wave then look away.

  10. Oy. People can be so rude. Just wait until you have kids! The unwanted criticism never stops 🙂 The best thing I’ve learned to do is just to say “I’m happy with the decisions I’m making.” Then I turn away and focus on something else. Most people get that I’m saying in a very nice way “I didn’t ask for your stinking opinion and don’t want to hear anymore.”

  11. Our 107 year old neighbor is the sweetest woman ever! She takes in our packages when we leave for a couple of days and brings them over lol! Notwithstanding I hate when someone is so dense that they can’t even just be happy for another

  12. I bought a 825 sq ft, 2 BDR 1 bath home this summer and even people whom I consider friends will put it down based on size/ # of bathrooms, etc. Usually they say, ” I could never live in a house that . . . ” fill in the blank that describes my house. Of course these are the same people that insisted I wouldn’t want a yard or an older home. Wrong on both accounts. And every time I get a low power bill (because its much less expensive to heat/cool and clean 825 sq. ft.) I smile. How much room does one person need, anyway?

    When the economy started to slide I overheard a conversation in a grocery store and a man was saying he hadn’t had a reason to go upstairs in his own home since he had bought it 2 years prior. I wouldn’t want a house so big. But to each his own. Which is the point.

  13. I like the “you’re sweet to be concerned” idea, but I would probably follow it with the “but we are still young and don’t have bladder control issues” snark.

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