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Last night was my last one with the wifey before my seven week trip to Korea. Obviously quality time with Girl Ninja trumps time blogging. I’ll see you sexy readers on the other side of the world.

Peace out America, Korea here I come.

p.s. I will have a lot of free time while I’m abroad so if you have anything specific you want me to write about, or would like my two cents on, let me know and I’ll do my best cover it in the coming weeks.

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  1. Have an awesome time, Ninja!! Bon Voyage, and have a safe journey; looking forward to reading about your trip!

  2. SO COOL that you’re going to Korea!! Have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    On your extended periods of free time / thinking about stuff to write, do you have any thoughts on I’m wondering if investing is something worthwhile to consider, or if the market is just too scary. Wah.


    • It’s a new, slick mutual fund. Read the bottom disclaimer, that is my mantra. I learned the hard way and lost a great deal of money before and during the internet bubble. If you do decide to invest, I would suggest Vanguard mutual funds, it is one of the more reputable companies out there. As for me, I just stick my money in the bank. As you said, the stock market is scary, you better know what you are doing before you start investing, don’t be fooled by a fancy website or a slick financial adviser.

      • The market is scary, no doubt about that, on the principal that without risk there is no reward, but it’s the only investment that has outstripped inflation in the long run and over time market volatility has always tended to smooth out. If someone wants to keep all their money in cash, that is their choice, but there is very little reward especially at today’s interest rates and cash always loses ground in the long run to inflation. As for Betterment, I have read some reviews and some of their principles appear sound, but their fees sound higher than necessary for rebalancing (which you could do at Vanguard for nothing).

        Meanwhile, I would recommend reading Mike Piper’s “Investing Made Simple” as a good, reliable place to start. Speaking for myself, I would follow an investment plan like the following:

        1. Invest only in no-load, low-fee, broadly diversified, passively managed index funds like Vanguard’s Total Stock and Total Bond, or one of the Fidelity Spartan funds.

        2. Do not buy individual stocks. Do not buy sectors (energy, health, technology, etc). Do not buy gold.

        3. The younger you are, the more aggressive you can afford to be. At age 25, a good allocation might be Vanguard Total Stock 60%, Total International 20%, and Total Bond 20%. At middle age you might be 45/15/40, and at retirement 35/5/60.

        4. As markets fluctuate, your balances will veer from these allocations. Rebalance your account each year or two to return to your target percentages, or if the percentages drift by 10% or so. By rebalancing you are selling high and buying low, as you should. Otherwise leave things alone.

        5. Do not panic if the market drops considerably. Do not sell your stocks.

        6. If your employer offers a tax-deferred 401k with a match, contribute up to the match and try to pick the investments with the lowest expense ratios. Afterwards, you can fund a Roth IRA with after-tax money.

        7. On leaving a job, roll over your 401k to a tax-deferred IRA within 60 days.

        8. If possible keep bonds in your tax-deferred accounts, not in after-tax or taxable accounts.

        9. Have enough ready cash to meet 6-12 months of expenses.

        10. Save or invest at least 10% of your income.

        I think these are the main points, but if I think of anything else I’ll add it. Any questions, please ask.

  3. You’re acting like you’re not going to see her for three years instead of seven weeks. It’s not that long.

  4. Have a good time! Make sure to eat lots of good bulgogi and kalbi (barbequed meats, yum!). Can you write on what 401k and Roth funds we should pick for our portfolio? I have no idea on what to pick and tend to just randomly pick a few different funds to diversify it (small, mid, and large cap, plus international), but I have no idea what I’m doing! Thanks!

    • You should list your 401k options so we can pick them for you. I would pick the most conservative one because I hate the stock market, but then again if you picked bonds right now, they would crash if interest rates go up, which seems very probable since they are so low right now… Then again, what do I know ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. C,

    Come on, you seriously can’t be real. An anonymous blogger who refers to himself as Ninja opens up a bit and says he is going to miss Mrs. Ninja and your only response is that you love your grandma and that 7 weeks isn’t a long time to be away from her? I feel like when reading your comments I am getting punked and it is ninja just trying to raise my blood pressure.

    How the F do you know “a couple months” away from one’s life partner is like? Well, since I was DEAD on when I guess you were “Single, young (22 to 26), underemployed (you have some income but you arenโ€™t doing what you want) and you think you deserve more from life? Am I close.” As a reminder your ONLY response was that you were 27…

    You have never been in a serious relationship. Your relationships while you have enjoyed, never came close to the point where you believed that you could spend your life with them. I feel bad for you, because if you were ever in such a relationship your only response would be something along the lines of “sucks you do what you have to do for work.”

    One day if you decide to stop feeling sorry for yourself and allow yourself to be happy so someone can stand you, You’ll think back to this post and think, “wow was I wrong.”

    Mrs. Ninja,

    Start hitting on the pool boy…just saying 7 weeks is long

    • Are you mad because you have to be away from your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband?

      (I have no idea what your sexuality is and therefore want to keep that open)

      I’ve gone my whole life without a relationship, others can stand some time away. I thought I’d offer my unique perspective…since most people reading this haven’t been in MY shoes.

      I’m actually a nice girl once you get to know me; a cherry bomb, as the Runaways would have it, or a firecracker, if you will–NOT a troll.

  6. Wow. Yesterday I wrote something here I thought might be genuinely useful, and when I come back it’s to another episode of the “C” wars.

    Obviously DN weighed the pros and cons and decided the benefits of being away outweighed the one drawback. Doesn’t make it any less of a drawback.

    • Your comment was super useful and thorough. I guess this is a perfect example of the American way tho. Useful topics and content are often overlooked for drama and craziness (Jersey Shore and the Kardashians). I guess I run the TMZ equivalent of a PF blog.

  7. Have a wonderful trip, Ninja! You have a wonderful opportunity ahead of you. I’d love to read about your experiences learning the currency out there, shopping experiences, what’s common in Korea but weird here. I hear a Korean delicacy is dog soup. Will you try it?

  8. Hey @Larry,

    Thanks so much for the itemized list that you left the other day! I read quickly from my phone, then came here to re-read and to thank you – this definitely helps me start thinking about investing and where to allocate resources. I’m going to take a closer look at the Vanguard program that you mentioned within the next week, and see if it’s a good choice for me.

    Thanks again, so happy I stumbled upon this blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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