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I’m a man, so I often spend my time doing manly things like cutting wood, building super-robots, and punching walruses in the face. But every once in a while, Girl Ninja uses her feminine magic to get me to do some rather unmanly things. Specifically, watch Oprah. Yeah I know, embarrassing.

As miserable as suffering through an hour of Oprah was, I did find one thing intriguing. Apparently she does a show each year called ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’ where she endorses some of her favorite products. I may not be a middle aged, billionaire, black woman, but I still think it would be fun to share with you some of Ninja’s favorite things…

Mach 3

Gillette has the best marketing strategy ever. On my 18th birthday, they sent me a free Mach 3 razor. Well, 6 years later, I have remained a faithful and loyal Mach 3 fan. I could never imagine shaving my ugly face with anything but this wonderful creation. It truly has changed my life.

Puma Socks

I have an unhealthy love for Puma socks. In fact, I just went and counted how many pairs I have…48. That’s right Four-Eight. There are very few things in life that compare to the joy a new pair of these socks bring me. I don’t know what they are made out of (my guess is they are made out of heaven and rainbows) but everytime I put them on, they feel brand new. They may be a little more expensive than generic socks, but trust me, they are well worth the investment.

Apple Products

I know, I know. I’m totally an Apple whore. I was a PC lover for life…that is until I got my first Macbook. Something about Apples products make me feel sexy. I’m pretty sure women can’t help but throw themselves at me when they see me talking on my iPhone. Their products may be overpriced, but worth every penny.


I started blogging on While it was definitely a great format to learn on, I’m a bajillion times happier now that I am using WordPress. The functionality, custimization, and overall experience on WP has been well worth every ounce of frustration I dealt with when I made the switch. If you are using blogger, and want to get serious about your blog, it’s time you drink the kool-aid and join the WP cult. You won’t regret it.


Yeah that’s right. I’m endorsing a live animal. Wait, scratch that. I’m actually endorsing the dead version of chicken…aka food. I seriously have some type of chicken in just about every meal I eat. I just can’t get enough of the stuff. Added bonus… chicken is actually good for you.

Toilet bowl urine

I’m a firm believe in the old adage “If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down.” I’m doing my part to save the world, one less flush at a time. Yes it may be a little gross, and I probably wont get away with it once I’m married, but for now letting the yellow mellow has done wonders for my water bill. It’s 1.6 gallons of instant savings each time you don’t flush 😉

I have about 10 other things that would qualify as one of “Ninja’s favorite things”, but I think I’ll save them for another day. So men and women of the world, what are some of your favorite things? What products would you die without? I want to know what products you love, so I can figure out if I need ’em too!

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  1. You need to ditch those expensive Mach3's and get yourself into the Art of Wet Shaving.

    I used to buy Mach3's at Sam's Club. They run around $38/20 cartridges. That is $1.90 per cartridge. I now buy my Double-edge razor blades @ $0.58/blade, and the shave is much more satisfying.

    Seriously, invest about $50 now, in a quality DE Razor, brush, and some Proraso shaving cream, and it will pay dividends down the road. Check out

  2. I am with Donnie – Double Edge is where it is at! I use the Merkur cost me 35 up front but I haven't bought blades in about 18 months (bought 30 blades for like 15 bucks).

    WordPress is AMAZING – Apples sucks (I am a firm hater on that company)

  3. I tried the yellow, let it mellow when I urinated at night by rationalizing that the first thing I do in the moring is urinate again. So, I could just wait and flush in the morning. But, you know what, urine can develop a strong smell if left in a toilet bowl overnight. So, I stopped—sorry, Mother Earth. Also, I'm glad you realize you will most likely have to let this little 'environmental saver' go once you get married, because peeing on top of your own urine is one thing, but peeing into a bowl of someone else's urine is……..*shudders*

    I am not a Mac convert. I actually have an I-Phone for work and don't like it. I have not tried the computer because it's too pricey.

    The other stuff is man stuff, I guess. And you are hilariious even though you are not a middle-aged, billionaire, black woman.

  4. Products I love:
    -Secret Clinical Strength Deoderant
    -LL Bean Premium Supima Flannel Sheets
    -Zout stain remover (didn't need until my 2 grubby kids came into being)
    -Skippy Peanut Butter
    -Smoked Gouda
    -Oberto Beef Jerky
    -Vinegar as a disenfectant, cleaner, and food. Vinegar, you're so versatile.
    -(recent discovery) Wife Beaters as undershirts in winter, Wow it's a whole lot warmer! How did I not know this the first 35 years of life?

  5. I hate toilet bowl urine. Yuck, no way. I am going to get a low flow toilet next time around. Few. I am highly against human feces of any kind staying in the toilet. Flush it!

  6. Personal care:
    *Glide dental floss -truly the best for tightly spaced teeth
    *Suave conditioners – this is probably making many readers shudder, but the stuff works great on my hair and it's plenty inexpensive
    *Target's Foaming Face Wash – as above, just substitue skin for hair

    *DVR – best way ever to record, and love being able to flip back a few minutes and then catch up again without any extra work
    * NY Times Crossword puzzle – even though some of the puzzle makers are cruel, twisted individuals, espically the ones who create the Friday and Saturday versions.
    *Jane Austen anything – books by, books about, movies from, etc. Jane rules!
    * Michelle Singletary's Personal Finance Newsletter, via the Washington Post. This week's is about Millenials' Work Ethic (or lack thereof?)

    Life in General
    *Almond Joy
    *400 + thread count sheets

    and even though it actually represents a giant step backwards for civilization:
    Pay at the pump gas stations – if you have to haul kids around, you really appreciate this service

  7. Ban deoderant. I teach in front of 6th graders. I can't afford to have any pitt stains.
    I also freakin' love Banquest Salisbury Steak. Every box comes with a coupon, and I know it probably isn't that good for me, BUT IT'S DELICIOUS.
    That's all I've got for now.

  8. I love;
    clean sheets
    the end slice of a fresh loaf of good white bread (pref. with butter)
    the moment when you feel your little child fall asleep in your arms
    cool breezes in summer OR warm breezes in winter
    non-minty toothpaste, we have one here in Oz thats orange and fizzy and awesome, i love it!
    sparkling apple juice
    swinging on swings

    oh, hold on, was this supposed to be a list of things you can buy in a store? woops.

  9. ooo i want to make a list of things i love!!!

    -Eco lips lip balm – best I've ever used and I am addicted to lip balm
    -WordPress, because as you said, it's the best EVAR.
    -Adidas shoes, since they're comfy, hold up well, and are narrow enough for my feet
    -Stabilo pens for drawing
    -Moleskine sketch books (although now I make my own, similar ones, which saves a lot of money!)
    -Merino wool, since it's SO SOFT
    -Alpaca yarn, ditto above
    -Nikon cameras, doesn't really matter what kind, I love Nikon!

  10. I must admit that I totally fell for the razor on the 18th birthday trick. I try to make a point of not buying something because of the advertising, but that was one time that it was so well done I couldn't help myself.

  11. Products I love:
    -Secret Clinical Strength Deoderant
    -LL Bean Premium Supima Flannel Sheets
    -Zout stain remover (didn’t need until my 2 grubby kids came into being)
    -Skippy Peanut Butter
    -Smoked Gouda
    -Oberto Beef Jerky
    -Vinegar as a disenfectant, cleaner, and food. Vinegar, you’re so versatile.
    -(recent discovery) Wife Beaters as undershirts in winter, Wow it’s a whole lot warmer! How did I not know this the first 35 years of life?

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