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Ninja’s favorite things

Yesterday, as I was juggling chainsaws and chewing glass, Girl Ninja asked that I do something rather unmanly with her…watch Oprah. Luckily, I was able to pencil time in for her (between Fire Breathing and Bear Wrestling of course). If you saw yesterday’s episode, you’d know it was Oprah’s favorite things, a show where she endorses and gives away a ton of her favorite products to her audience members.

Yesterday she gave away only two things I’d be interested in; an iPad and a Volkswagen Beetle (not because I would actually drive a beetle, but because I could use the parts to build a super robot). While I may not be able to give away all of my favorite things, it doesn’t mean I can’t share them with you. Without further ado, Ninja’s favorite things of 2010….


Girl Ninja

Totally had to throw this one in there otherwise I would have one pissed off wife. Haha. Being married is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Well second greatest thing. My iPhone is the first…just kidding…kind of.

ING Direct:

I really, really, really wish ING paid me to advertise for them. I love my online savings account and even though they don’t sponsor me, I still have no problems spreading the love. They offer a decently competitive interest rate, they have hilarious tweets/marketing campaigns, it’s super easy to set up, and I don’t feel like I’m supporting an evil big bank like Bank of America. Love you ING, but seriously, you should consider paying me to endorse you 🙂

Crushed Red Pepper:

crushed red pepper

I recently discovered my crush (pun intended) on crushed red peppers. I for some reason had convinced myself I didn’t like them, and have always been weirded out by people that put them on their pizza. That is, until Girl Ninja made an incredible pasta dish the other night and sneakily added some of the crushed red pepper in it. It was like a party in my mouth. I can’t get enough of the stuff. It was a life changing revelation.

My Blog:

PDITF traffic

There I said it. I’m in love with my blog. It’s morphed from a small side hobby to a big time obsession. I’m definitely not a UBER successful PF blogger, but I’m amazed by the solid growth I’ve seen over the last year. This of course couldn’t have been done without you all! While I may not have the largest readership, I definitely have the coolest. Shout out to each of you that take the time to drop me a line almost every day. Who knows if I can continue to keep your attention for another 12 months, but I’m sure as heck up for the challenge.

Dove Cucumber and Green Tea Body Soap:

dove body wash

Yes, I will turn my man-card in right now and admit I love cucumber and green tea body soap. The “manly” body washes (old spice, axe, etc) just don’t do it for me. I have a sensitive side, and that sensitive side likes to be lathered in the most amazingly refreshing body soap of all time. Any other men out there care to admit what typically “feminine” products they love?

Being able to give stuff away:

Ahh, you’ve made it to the end of the article, and for that you should be rewarded. With what you ask? How about a chance to win 500 smackeroos? All ya have to do is participate in a little festive Turkey day Haiku contest I’m judging over at (link to contest here). You have until Dec. 1st to get your Haiku submitted for your shot at $500. I’ll give anyone that is interested in participating a hint…I’m looking to laugh 🙂 If you need a little Haiku inspiration here’s one I wrote a while back…

Money Money Cash
Money Dollar Money Cash
Money Cash Booya

There ya have it, some of my favorite things of 2010. I seriously don’t know what life would be like without them…oh wait, yes I do…depressing!

What are some of your favorite things? What couldn’t you live without? Am I the only man that watched Oprah yesterday?



  1. One of my favourite things at the moment is being engaged, and I can’t wait for that to turn into being married. It’s been nearly a year now, and I still get suddenly giddy and go “OMGZ I’m gettind MARRRIED!!!!!!!” at fairly regular intervals. I also love staring at my finger sparkles, because I absolutely love it. It’s really shiny, and I have to confess that I love shiny things!

    Of course mysecond favourite thing ever is reading this blog! 😉 Sluuuuuurp!

  2. I also use Dove on myself and kids. We all have crazy sensitive skin and It’s even gentler than baby soap and gets the job done.

    Here are the things that popped into my head..pretty random: my fleece jacket, cheese, vinegar, my laptop, wireless internet, zout, down comforters.

    I also love playfully slapping my kids in the butt when they are running around naked and not wanting to put their pj’s on. They think it’s hilarious. Little kid’s butts are just so darn cute. Oh, I also love fat little baby feet.

  3. I am also in love with red pepper flakes.
    Some of my other favorite things include:
    Christmas music
    J.J. Heller’s musical abilities
    My hubs.

  4. Mo D.’s Favourite Things:
    My marriage…. waited for the right guy to come along… soooo worth the wait
    Our cats… I know Ninja’s not a fan of all things feline, but they are our Furbabies
    Our condo… my favourite 1202 sq. ft on the planet
    Cuisinart coffee maker… to brew our yummy Starbucks at home… we looove our coffee
    The Book of Awesome… it’s just…. AWESOME!!!
    Various stuff (just because I like ’em)… Body Shop, our duvet, room darkening blinds, Bulk Barn, TiVo, HS internet
    Ninja’s blog….should be listed in the Book of Awesome!! Love and appreciate Ninja’s sense of humour and inspirations… YOU ROCK!!

  5. Our favorite things:

    – Marriage (just got married on 11/21/10!!)
    – Our children (2 dogs and 1 kitty)
    – Spending time with our families
    – Netflix streaming video
    – World of Warcraft (both totally addicted)
    – PF blogs that we follow

    I’m sure we could list a lot more than this!

  6. Good list, Ninja.

    My 2010 favorites:

    my FI 🙂
    my beautiful ring!
    our loving dog
    our new house!!
    pumpkin spice lattes
    my new vegan cookbooks
    travelling to see family
    my blender – it makes awesome raw smoothies.

  7. Ninja – If you like the dove body wash, you should try dr brommers peppermint soap. The stuff smells great!

  8. Things/Food
    1. iPod Touch. Love it as a PDA
    2. BBQ chips from Lays. Something deliciously greasy and crispy about them.
    3. Sushi/Sashimi
    4. Laptop

    Personal stuff would be BF, my job, etc etc

    (Wow, food factors a lot in my loves)

  9. I love my 2 other ninja’s who would have listed mom ninja as one of their favorite things… not so much.
    But seriously
    My fav’s are Dad Ninja, Sis Ninja, Bro Ninja, Daughter in law Ninja and even Debt Ninja plus Boxer (Bella) Ninja, Black(Gizmo) pug Ninja and Fawn (Gadget) pug ninja and………………..
    And a special shout out just to bug you GO TIPS!

  10. Great list, and your wedding pictures are beautiful!

    As a newer blogger, I would have to agree, I love my blog and the blogging world!

  11. My favorite thing this year is Puppy. Love, love, love her. I’d be happy to send a photo.
    Pink and Halle Berry for being my hair inspirations. I had to step my hair game up.
    My advertisers. Without them, I would be broke.
    My job, for not getting rid of me.
    Those new Dunkin Donuts corndog “breakfast bites”. I am in LOVE.
    Oh and Sarah Palin for keeping my laughing all year long.

  12. My favourite things:
    My fiance/being engaged/my sparkly ring
    My two cats
    Big-screen TV (purchased in February, conveniently right before the Super Bowl)
    Elliptical trainer (for letting me eat chocolate without being 700 lbs)
    Nivea Body Wash in Happy (it makes me happy when I shower each and every day!)
    Blackberry (go Canada!)

    And speaking of Canada – your haiku contest isn’t open to us Canadians! 🙁

    • So sorry the giveaway isn’t valid for Canadians. There is a grip of you that I would have loved to have an opportunity to participate. You can still write me a haiku here just for fun 🙂

  13. My favorites:
    My wife and Children. – the often bring a smile to my face.
    U2 – taking the kids to their first concert next summer
    Sweet tea vodka
    Not relying on credit cards to pay for things

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  15. I loveeee those wedding pics, gorgeous!!!! Love wife’s earrings too…. where are they from???

    My favorites:
    saving (love ING too!)
    having a job!!

  16. Aside from family, beau, friends…

    – saving! (also love ING) wish I did more of it
    – being debt-free!
    – my job
    – my indoor cats (not to rub that in your face, but they’re awesome)
    – my outdoor/feral cat colony (tough little fixed dudes)
    – food food food food food (of the vegan variety – vegan cubans, vegan mac n’cheese, etc.)
    – animal shelters and grassroots animal groups that work their butts off
    – farm animal sanctuaries (best moments of happiness and peace there, not to be corny)

    Speaking of soap – THIS STUFF!

  17. Favorite things:
    1. My new wife (10/10/10!)
    2. My new niece AND new nephew
    3. Bob. That’s our cat. He’s the best cat in the whole world. No, you can’t argue otherwise. 🙂
    4. Being completely out of debt with money in the bank and a real plan for a bright future

    Favorite stuff:
    5. Ye Olde Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffee Maker
    6. Our new Le Creuset cookware
    7. My good old Weber charcoal grill

    But I’m most thankful to now know that all those years where things suck and you’re really stuggling… they just make the good times that follow that much sweeter.

    Thanks, Ninja. Great blog!

  18. Yea your mom is kinda the best ever. I can’t believe you just found out about how awesome crushed red pepper is. And here I thought you were a worldly man. SIGH.

    I also love ING, but also for their checking accounts. We share an ING checking that’s gotten us some cash back over the past couple of months, even better! And I love chocolate + peppermint, and food, and the fact that I quit my job for one that pays me 25% more. BOOYAH!

  19. 1. Love the haiku. Srsly.

    2. Your site stats are off the hook!!! Congrats, man, you deserve it. =)

    3. Don’t lie, your wife wouldn’t let you wrestle a bear. 😉

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