Getting to know a Ninja

I haven’t been very happy with my “About Ninja” page. I wrote it in the infancy of my blogging career, and after reading many others “About me” sections, I decided it’s time to revamp mine. So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to me 🙂 (you can find the old about me page here).

First things first, I have NO financial credentials. Zilch, nada, zero. The extent of my financial knowledge comes from books, the news, other blogs, and conversations with friends. I don’t know the formula for compound interest, I don’t know what “fiduciary risk” (haha I said douche) means, and I don’t work in the financial sector.

Okay, now that you know what I’m not, let’s take a little look in to what I am…

I am a normal, 24 year old bad a$$ mother lover (love ya Mom Ninja). I have a bachelors in Psychology from a very tiny school that none of you will  have ever heard of. I live in San Diego, CA with a former college roommate. I have worked for the Federal Government for 2 years doing investigations. I blog anonymously ’cause I’m scared some crazy blog reader will begin stalking me, eventually attack me, cut my skin off, and then wear it.

I look like this…

Oh wait, that’s Brad Pitt…oops…I mean I look like this…

Aside from my love of finances…

I also enjoy rapping and have even made three Personal Finance raps. I only wear socks made by Puma (I know I’m weird). I love volunteering for a high school youth group called Young Life. I love my fiancee, and soon to be wife. I have recently gotten in to photography. And I use to compete nationally in BMX (bicycle motocross).

Here’s a picture of me with all of my BMX trophies…

Some things that make me different than the average 24 year old dude…

I don’t drink. I’ve never been to a strip club. I have maxed out my Roth IRA contributions for the last three years. I go to church every Sunday. I have little desire to travel the world. I have a positive net worth. And most importantly… I hate chocolate.

What you can expect from me...

Punch Debt In The Face is an adaptive blog. It started out being strictly finance, with little or no variation. As I began to post more personal issues, I noticed my viewership/subscriber statistics increased. That’s when the lightbulb went off. People want personal finance to be personal. I use to think people would come to my blog to gain some financial knowledge so they could make well informed decisions. I’m coming to terms with the fact that that is simply not true.

So here is my promise to you…

I, Ninja, promise to keep this blog authentic, personal, and real. I also promise terrible grammar, horrible spelling, and childlike artwork (see stick figure picture above). I promise to heed my own advice, as well as seek wisdom from you readers. But most importantly, I promise to keep personal finance less boring.

Thanks for stopping by PDITF. If you haven’t already subscribed to my blog you can do so here. And if you don’t want to subscribe to my blog then you are a poop head.

If you have any questions for me, put them in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to respond to each one as best I can!!!!

20 thoughts on “Getting to know a Ninja”

  1. Mom and Dad Ninja like chocolate, at least it's not a whole non-loving chocolate Ninja family.

    I too love the maple leaf trophy, it just popped when I saw that picture haha. Good job Ninja, I like these personal posts with a bit of finance tied in with them too. That, AND the pictures is what keeps me coming back.

  2. I hate chocolate? pause. I'm going to pretend you never said that.

    Dude, where is the shout out to Girl Ninja aka future Mrs.Debt Ninja? She's going to be a huge part in your financial development as you find out how to make 2 monies into 1!!

    Regardless, I love it!

    • Just never really been interested in traveling. Don't get me wrong, if someone was like here's a free trip to go wherever you want, I would be super excited, but when it comes to my own dollar, there are other things I would do with my money 🙂

      • My bf isn't super excited about traveling either… he finds it stressful. His idea of a great vacation is staying at home for a week. 😉

        I have a fear of flying. But I still love to travel! The experiences are eye-opening… and I can use them to connect with interviewers/colleagues (along with most other people on the planet; most enjoy a good travel story!)

  3. I guess you can't judge a book by it's cover. You don't seem like the type of guy that is all worried and heads up about your finance or anything having to do with money/finance. But, Mad props and kudos to you. =) I'm probably along the lines with you. I don't look like the type of girl that knows anything about finance although i work in the investment industry. I tend to dress up nicely and have the latest and greatest stuff but also worry and care alot about money management and investing for my future. A troll to financial blogs.

  4. Awe, love your new "about" =) Those are amazing trophies! I am really jealous that you live in San Diego, I hear the weather there is 24/7 gorgeous (sun, sun, and more sun). If you don't like traveling, what would you rather spend your money on? (house?)

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