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Ninja roundup

So in an attempt to be a less sucky blogger. I’ve decided to post some of the things around the interwebz that tickled my fancy. It’s a good ole fashioned Ninja Roundup. Take a minute to check out the following articles, it’ll be worth your time….

Financial Samurai had an entertaining piece about how the California Government saves him a “boatload” of money. I too share a similar disdain for our not-so-beloved state.

Jessie’s Money ran a guest post by Transfermate saying the best way to save money, is by never having it. Ha! I like the way you think. Saving before you even get access sounds smart to me.

Bible Money Matters posted an investigative analysis on Dave Ramsey’s newest asset, a $4.9MM house. Did Dave follow his own advice and pay cash? You bet your sweet bottom he did.

Girl With the Red Balloon asks her readers How much do you pay for clothes? I probably spend around $200-$300 a year on clothes. I still have jeans from high school. Yes, high school.

KNS Financial has a rant up about how much Brett Favre was looking at making post retirement, prior to the recent scandal. I liked this one as I too asked the question, Are professional athletes overpaid?

There ya have it, some of my favorite posts from the last week. Take some time to check em out and drop a comment or two.

On a side note Money Crashers has a new PF blog ranking system out that is super technical, I’m currently ranked 186. Gotta find a way to get that sucker down 🙂

Have a good weekend and try not to punch any babies, that would just be weird.



  1. Honestly, I actually find link roundups pretty sucky indeed. The only thing they’re good for is so you can include short blurbs about things like the MC list (which I’m on, ranked 304, but doesn’t have my twitter account or the correct Technorati Authority). Other than that, it’s basically a complete lack of content.

  2. Hey Ninja, thanks for including my rant about Brett Favre! I’m #264 on Money Crasher’s list, but they have some info wrong, so hopefully that will improve.

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