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Ninja in a nutshell.

It’s time to update my About Me page again. A lot has changed over the last three years and it only makes sense to make sure Punch Debt In The Face readers know a little about the author behind the blog. Without further ado, Me…

Why did you name your website Punch Debt In The Face? 

Two reasons..

  1. If debt had a face, I would like to punch it.
  2. I want to keep personal finance lighthearted and hopefully palatable for the average joe.


Who are you? 

I started blogging under the pseudonym Ninja in 2009. At the time keeping my identity private was important to me. I knew nothing about blogging and feared that a random reader would begin stalking me, cut my skin off, and wear it like a dress.

Over the years, however, I’ve come out of the blogging closet a little. Primarily because my wife and I were given an opportunity to appear on national TV to talk about our personal finances. Apparently Steve Harvey didn’t want to blur our faces out for broadcast.

Here’s a picture of my wife and I so you know who you’re dealing with (warning: she’s a babe)

Do you work in finance? 


So what do you do?

I’m a Special Agent.



If you don’t work in the financial world, why should people read your blog? 

Let’s be honest. You probably shouldn’t read my blog. There are a million other bloggers out there that have blogs far superior to mine. The only thing I have going for me is a hot wife and crappy drawings…

In all seriousness, here’s a little about my story…

I graduated college in 2007, right before the economy took a dump on itself. I had $28,000 in student loan debt and no income. Four months after graduation, I landed my first big-boy job making $38,000/year.

Knowing that I was probably never going to make a huge salary (that’s government for ya), I had to figure out ways to make my money work harder for me. This meant I needed to:

By following a few simple principles, namely spending less than we were making, we’ve gone from a negative $28,000 net worth to $400,000+.


We aren’t part of the one percent nor were we gifted large sums of money any money by family. All it took was being proactive with our money and telling it where to go. Best news is, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!

Life has been a wild ride for my wife and I over the last few months.

– We bought a $350,000 house just outside of Seattle in July 2013 (yes, we put 20% down)

– We began renting our basement out to a friend for $400/month

– We are expecting our first human-fetus-baby-thingy to breach the birth canal June 2014

– We got a puppy December 2013, a Vizlsa named Nova Scotia.

Like I said earlier, it’s been a wild journey for us lately.

Would love to have you join us as we continue navigating life and our finances.

p.s to learn even more about me, click any of the links in this article as they should point to relevant posts 😉



  1. I’ve said this before, your site was the first blog I found 4 years ago when I was looking for debt/financial information. It helped me and my family spring board us into getting our financial act together. Later this year we will be finished with our debt snowball of $109k. I would read your blog either! 🙂

  2. Just started reading the blog and I’m hooked! My wife and I have been attacking our debt since September 2011, but we just started budgeting and getting “gazelle intense” about paying it off.

    Since September 2011, we’ve paid off about $120,000 in debt and I think by October 2014 (3 years from when we started) we’ll have paid all $160,000. I’m super pumped to be done with it and blogs like this help me stay the course.

  3. You are miles ahead of me in the goal to reach financial independence. My plan is to get my net worth out of the negative in 2014.

    I can’t view the video and as a dog lover this is a big deal for me. Are you like Hulu and Canadians are blocked from viewing?

  4. I like your blog. Even though time has passed and circumstances have changed, you continue to post on a fairly regular basis. That’s why I read. Just sayin’.

  5. I first found this engaging site as a link from the now-suspended “” written by the excellent Frank Curmudgeon. I think of Ninja (whatever his real name may be) as a friend and continue to enjoy his writing, even though he has a dog whose breed name nobody can pronounce.

  6. You’re kind of a hottie. Just from reading your blog, I thought you would look more like a jerk. I don’t know why I thought that but I did, maybe from the sabbatical post.

  7. First of all, congrats on all the exciting recent and upcoming events in your life! Especially the upcoming arrival of your baby. I know a few of my clients read your blog and find it refreshing. I decided to take a look and completely agree with them. Good luck and keep up the good work !

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