Newark: get around without breaking the bank

Newark, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, as Alicia Keys didn’t sing. But while Newark might be close to New York City, it doesn’t quite have the same cultural cache.

Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful place to visit and it’s brimming with things to see and do. There’s the Staten Island Ferry if you want to sail into NY in style, Branch Brook Park for leisurely walks, and MetLife Stadium if you want to watch a game of football played by the big leagues.

This is small city life for those who can’t quite stomach the hustle bustle of New York City, but that doesn’t make it cheap.

The median home price of in Newark is $223,400 while the median household income is $33,139. Thanks to the cities’ close proximity to New York City, this is a city that’s becoming an increasingly expensive place to live.

Travel is one of the biggest burdens on a household, especially as many people in the area regularly commute into New York City for work or leisure.

To ease the strain on your wallet, here are a few ways you can cut the costs on travel, whether you’re heading to the airport or taking a short trip on the bus.

Newark Liberty International Airport

There are a variety of ways to travel to Newark Liberty International Airport. A train ticket from Penn Station to the airport will cost you $5.50 when you purchase a ticket from NJ TRANSIT or Amtrak at their train stations, ticket offices or ticketing machines.

But if you need to drive to the airport, we’d recommend a private parking company like This will allow you to park your car directly at your terminal to be picked up by a personal valet. Prices will vary depending on the number of days you need your car stored, but three days should set you back less than $100.


Public transport around Newark is notably efficient, combining train and bus systems in a similar fashion to Amsterdam and other international cities.

The bus is your best (and cheapest) bet if you’re commuting around the city. Ticket prices depend on the number of zones you’re travelling through. If you’re over pension age, a student, military personnel or a child, you’ll also enjoy sizeable concessions.

Newark City Subway

The Newark City Subway system is connected to all major zones in the city, whether you’re looking for leafy suburbia or buzzing nightlife. The price of a regular one way ticket is $1.60, although you can expect to shell out a little more if you’re travelling to Manhattan.

Those are our travel tips. Have you got any good suggestion for travel around Newark? Then let us know in the comments below!

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