Net Worth update: Xmas card edition

Christmas Card

I haven’t updated my Net Worth since May. I was under the impression random internet strangers (you) stopped caring about my net worth because, well, why the crap would you care about my net worth? That said, at least one of my frequent commenters (Bob), has requested numerous times I post an update on the Ninja household finances. So this one’s for you, and only you, Bob…



Cash: $27,623; +$5,330

Nothing to write home about here. Five thousand dollars more cash seems nice up front, but spread that out over 8 months and it becomes significantly less impressive. We are three months in to navigating life as a one income household, which obviously will limit our ability to save mega cash like before. It would be silly to think a $32,000 pay cut wouldn’t sting a little.

Roth IRA: $59,384; +$3,188

Haven’t contributed a dime myself, but the improvement in the market over the year has yielded us an extra $3,000. Not complaining 😉

401Ks, Traditional IRAs, etc: $104,338; +$14,255

Feels so good to finally break six figures in this category, it’s only taken me…what… seven years… haha. I throw 10% in to my 401k and my agency matches 5%, for a total monthly contribution of 15% of my gross salary.

Taxable investment account: $16,835; +$2,740

Even though this represents my smallest financial gain in terms of actual dollars of my various assets, it’s the one I am most proud of. In March I opened up my first short-term investment account with a $14,000 one-time contribution. I added another $2,000 a few months later, for a total of $16k in contributions. Basically this account has earned me $100/mo since I opened it. How sexy is that? Answer: SUPER SEXY!!!!

Home equity: $80,000

Once a year I ask my real estate agent to appraise our house at what he thinks we could reasonably sell our property for (not some inflated number that makes me feel good). If he’s right, Girl Ninja and I have about $80,000 in equity in our house. If he’s wrong, well, I guess I wouldn’t know since I’m not planning on selling my house anytime soon.


Credit Card: $2,973 (change not reflected since balance is paid off each month)

Nothing too fun here. Just standard household expenses and a ton of gifts for Christmas. Love this season, even if it can be quite expensive. Money well spent in my books.

Taking all the above in to account, this makes our current net worth $285,207. Which is about $30,000 more than last update. I’m not mad at all considering we again, lost one income, gutted our entire upstairs to the studs, and got some pretty quartz counters in our kitchen. 

Oh and as an added bonus for making it this far, here is a sneak-peak of the Christmas card I’m sending out to friends this year (the picture at the top of this post is Girl Ninja’s doing and clearly inferior)…

Christmas Card

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18 thoughts on “Net Worth update: Xmas card edition”

  1. Can you refer me to your post where you do not include the mortgage in your net worth calculations? I’m confused…tired too…so late…nice pics btw 🙂

  2. Your accounting methods have me confused. Properly speaking, the value of your house is an asset, and your equity is that amount minus what you owe on the mortgage. So a $300K house on which you owe $200K gives you equity of $100K. Where is this figure of $80K coming from?

    Agreed, nice pics, especially the second one. The kid’s growing up fast.

    • My house is worth $400k per my real estate agent. Our mortgage amount is $280,000 which leaves us with a $120,000. I subtracted $40k from that amount to account for the cost of selling our home (fees, taxes, commissions).

      This leaves with about $80k in actual equity.

      It’s a lot easier to put just the equity on the updates then have to break it all down. End result is the same but saves me a couple minutes of time.

      Make sense now?

      • Now that you add those missing pieces, much more so. But unless or until you sell, I see no reason not to include the $40K in your equity, thus making your NW (that is, your equity) from my standpoint as 325207 (or 208180 monetary assets + 400000 house, minus 2973 CC + 280000 mortgage).

        PS: Who’s Bob?

      • Im glad you thought of it that way, Ninja. A year ago, I was talking to the bank and discovered that while I thought I had 80,000 in equity, the bank only considered it to be 60,000 for that very same reason.

  3. Thanks for posting this. Now I can get a good nights sleep, and it’s nice to read a post that is dedicated to me 🙂

    On a more serious note, it’s just nice to see the numbers climb. Good job Ninjas


  4. Regarding your taxable account. Are you saying that you gained 20%?

    If so, It can’t be. Per your April post, you bought 14k of VTHRX.

    Say you bought on March 14(lowest price in March), that price was 27.70 per share. So that’s 505.415 shares. If you multiply those shares by yesterday’s closing price(29.66), that gives you $14,990.61. Also, you can’t say that it’s due to dividend reinvestments, as the 2014 divided is yet to be paid.

    Something isn’t right here…

    I’m starting to think that this blog is all made up.


    • Wow. Good catch. I had to do a little investigating.

      Turns out I contributed 14,000 to my taxable account in March. Which has grown to 14,900, exactly like you estimated.

      I apparently also added $2000 in cash to that account back in June but never actually invested it. So in mint it shows my total account balance as $16,900 and I totally forgot about my $2000 contribution that I never apparently invested. Need to do that now!

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. And yes most of this blog is made up 🙂

      • No problem- I knew there was a reason.

        I was also being sarcastic about the blog being made up, but I’m sure you picked up on it.

  5. I love the card!
    At your age (“your” being plural, here), this is an awesome increase…with a baby, the loss of Super Girl Ninja’s income (she’s “Super Girl Ninja now, because she has the added super power of making humans!), and the house reno’s, you’d think you would have slipped into a hole!

    BUT YOU DIDN’T!! This makes you both AWESOME!!!
    Great job!
    Mom of 7

  6. Hey – It’s not just for Bob. I too love the net worth updates as I always find them extremely inspiring. It continues to remind me that it can be done!

    I know, I haven’t checked in for a while, it’s been a tough year, but I plan to be back a lot in 2015!

    Pics look great too. The puppy sure has gotten big, and of course, the family looks fantastic! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the Ninjas!


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