Homenet worthNet Worth: September 2010

Net Worth: September 2010

Getting married is expensive, but having a wedding (that we didn’t pay for) makes things a little better. While we spent more money last month than any other, we still managed to scrape by with a move in the positive direction. If the stock market didn’t suck it up, we’d break the $50,000 threshold, but unfortunately that is going to have to be postponed at least another month.

Here’s the breakdown…


Checking Account: $3,640, -$576. Opened up a joint checking account so now Wife Ninja has access to all MY money…oh wait? Did I say that out loud? Just kidding. She brought a couple thousand to this relationship, and no debt so I ain’t complaining. The account balance here will always ebb and flow as all of our money funnels through here. The $500 loss doesn’t mean much.

Savings Accounts: $16,571, +$3,524. I managed to sneak a few grand in the savings….shhh….don’t tell Wife Ninja. This is a good thing as we may have to live off our savings a little bit because Wife Ninja wont get her first paycheck for another month and I’m not sure my income can quite support our expenses.

Roth IRA: $13,646 $165. I’m really hoping I will be able to contribute to my Roth this year, but I have to get a few grand more in the bank before I’d feel comfortable parting ways with another $5,000. I have seven more months to make it happen.

TSP (401K): $15,309, +$240. The standard 5% contribution heads this direction each month. I also get that 5% fully matched. I invest in virtually the same funds in both my Roth IRA and in my 401K so they generally perform the same.


Student Loan: $0. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love this. Yes it was $0 last month. And it will be $0 next month, and the next, and the next…. The only thing better then being a debt free bachelor is being in a debt free marriage. Have I told you to “Suck It” lately Sallie Mae?

Credit Card: $0. Just paid off over $3,500 in credit card bills for the last month. Getting married and going to Aruba is expensive. I’m sure the pain of these expenses will translate in to next months update 🙁

This leaves us with an overall net worth of $49,169 which is +$2,983 higher than last month. This was basically the result of one thing and one thing only. Wedding money. We got $600 for our dollar dance and another $2,500 in cash gifts. So thank you to all of our wedding guests for helping a ninja out 🙂

**I chose not to include possessions (including our cars) in our NW calculations, which would probably increase our worth by about $18,000.**

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  1. Your roth has a few extra digits or a missing decimal – though that’s a funny freudian slip given how badly wall street did suck last month! But congratulations on such a wonderful start to your combined net worth. You rock…

  2. I wish that my IRAs had upwards of 13 (or 136, depending on the misplaced comma) million in them! But alas, this poor grad student isn’t anywhere close… yet.

  3. Ninja, maybe I’m missing something, but if you have no liabilities, why does your Net Worth graph show some on the negative side? Are you hiding liabilities?!! Bad Ninja!

    • I think that net worth chart is just a graphic and not an updated chart that represents his actual net worth…. I don’t think it has ever changed in the 6 months I’ve been reading this blog.

  4. Think the Roth IRA should be $13649 or so if my math is correct. Not the 136 million listed. 🙂

    Nice Job surviving one of lives major events without racking up the debt.

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