Net Worth: ROCKtober 2012

Last month was the first time I had ever skipped a Net Worth update (not that I think many of you care). Taking MANteresting out of Beta gobbled up just about every spare minute of free time I had. I’d like to pretend that things have slowed down a bit since launch, but they haven’t. I literally haven’t even logged in to Mint in the last two or three weeks, which is completely unlike me. Normally I check my bank accounts multiple times per day… yeah, I’m that dorky. I guess it’s time to see how I’ve fared over the last two months.


Checking Account: $8,032; (change not shown since money is constantly in and out of this account). See what happens when ya get lazy and don’t actively keep up with your bank accounts? You end up with waaaaay too much money in a checking account, and not enough in things like my savings or Roth IRA. Frick. Gotta make sure I schedule some transfers.

Savings Accounts: $72,935; +$1,734. Hey I’m just glad there is any increase. I couldn’t remember if I’ve transferred money here since August, but apparently I did. Once I move money out of checking we should be getting pretty close to the $80k mark. Woohoo!

Roth IRA: $29,092; +$1,687. Boo-freaking-ya. I also have not been paying attention to the markets. Had no clue how my investments were doing. I welcome any increase in my Roth IRA with open arms. Still haven’t made my $5,000 2012 contribution, but I will…eventually.

TSP (401K): $38,716; +$3,846. Holy Guacamole. My investments alone have bumped my NW up over $5k in the last two months. There are few things I love more than watching our money make itself more money. Very few things.

Payments owed:

Credit Card: $2,357 (change not reflected since balance is paid off each month) This is really not bad at all considering we were out-of-town every single weekend in September (San Juans, Chicago, Denver, Leavenworth), not to mention we spent $800 on Thanksgiving break airfare. I need to do a better job tracking our spending though because I couldn’t really tell you what else this $2,400 consists of. 

Since this is really two net worth updates in one, I expect our NW gain to be larger than other months. Turns out, that is exactly the case. Our Net Worth now stands at $149,394 which is an increase of $12,420 from the previous update. Me thinks I need to forget about doing updates every month and make them quarterly. These big increases are way more exciting 😉

You can see all of my net worth updates here.



13 thoughts on “Net Worth: ROCKtober 2012”

  1. Why the frack isn’t that $72k invested in something?!

    You’ve punched debt in the face but I think it’s time for your readers to punch you in the face! You’re losing money (inflation) by letting it just sit there!

  2. Hi Ninja, I know you are super transparent on here…but I was just talking with some friends today and we all have a few separate savings accounts. Do you really have just one? Or is the account info above the total of all of your savings accounts? Just wondering;)

    • We do have multiple savings accounts, all with ING. Our checking is with Wells Fargo, so we only use ING for savings and Wells for checking. Our ING breaks down to a vacation fund, emergency fund, and general savings fund.

  3. ING and my local Credit Union are amazing. They make saving so easy with the ability to make separate accounts.

  4. Hey Ninja, glad to hear that the new website is going to be sweet! I really don’t mean to beat a dead horse (or a rainbow defecating unicorn), but this net worth post kind of illustrates the point that I was trying to make a few weeks back about the cash vs. credit thing.

    In the credit card section you wrote that you needed to do a better job tracking your spending because you could not remember what you had spent $2,400 on. My point previously was that when you use the “I use my credit card and just pay it off every month” approach, you may not be going into debt but you are not really managing your money. I really wouldn’t care except that the credit card folks seem to look down on us silly cash spenders as “irresponsible with credit” and that is why we must use cash. However I can tell you before the month begins how much money will be spent on a certain category (barring any emergencies or big surprises) because it is budgeted and only a set amount of cash is going to each category a month. Consequently I can also tell you how much will go into savings that month. On the flip side, many “responsible” credit card users have no idea how much they are spending on things like food and entertainment because they “pay it off every month”.

    For example, if I make $1,000 and budget $300 for food $100 for entertainment and $500 for savings, and use the cash approach while someone else with a credit card spends $900 on their card for food and entertainment, yet pays off the card, leaving $100 for savings, who is the “responsible” one? This is the point that it seems a lot of people either don’t understand or fail to acknowledge when they discuss cash vs. credit. When the cash is gone, its gone. With a credit card all it takes is another signature.

    It seems wierd to me that you track your money religiously (checking account balances several times a day?) and you are extremely focused on saving, yet you don’t seem to actually do a budget. That is fine, a lot of people don’t budget, but a lot of people also don’t have financial blogs. Do you understand the point I’m trying to make? If you used cash instead of credit, you would know where that $2,400 went.

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