Homenet worthNet Worth: October 2011

Net Worth: October 2011

To be perfectly honest, I don’t really feel like doing another Net Worth update right now. We haven’t seen much progress over the last three months and I’m getting sick of it. Even though I’d rather talk about something else today, I believe it’s important to blog about the good and the bad. Today’s net worth update sucks, but hey, that’s part of personal finance. Enjoy the blah….


Checking Account: $6,778; (change not shown since money is constantly in and out of this account). For a minute I thought Girl Ninja and I scored. My landlord hadn’t cashed either of our rent checks for September or October. Deep down inside I was desperately hoping he had simply forgot and never would. Unfortunately he hadn’t and cashed them last week. Now that I’m not waiting on any checks to clear, I can move some cash in to our Roth IRA and finish off our 2011 contributions.

Savings Accounts: $52,052; -$73. I count all of our ING accounts as “savings” even though we have one checking account with them. Our primary checking account is with Wells Fargo. Turns out where we live, ING has an ATM just up the street, so if we need cash, we stop in there and take some out. That’s why our “savings” is down $73 (because we pulled it from the ING checking). Hoping to drop a few g’s in the bucket this month though.

Roth IRA: $21,473; -$906. Two months ago it was a $500 loss. Last month $900. Can someone please remind me why I invest again? Haha, only kidding….kind of. It’s a good thing I don’t let this investing thing get emotional, otherwise I’d pull all my money out and buy a kangaroo…

TSP (401K): $23,215; -$170. Even with $710/month in contributions, I still couldn’t squeak ahead . I’ve heard every time a 401K loses value, an angel loses its wings.

Liabilities 🙁

Student Loan: $0. A haiku about my former relationship with Sallie Mae:

I once was your slave.
Punched you in the face, I did.
Ha. Ha. Ha. You Suck!

Credit Card: $2,547 (change not reflected since balance gets paid off). Not to excited about  a few thousand dollar credit card bill, but at least I get some airline miles out of the deal. Nothing too exciting. Some charity, some groceries, some travel, etc. One day, maybe as an experiment, I wont pay off the CC in full just to see what it’s like. Never done that before and kind of feel like it could be blogworthy. Thoughts?

Even though we lost some money in the markets this last month, Girl Ninja going back to work kept us moving in the right direction. We’re up $1,258 from last month and have reentered the six figure range, totaling $100,872. I’d like to think that we will stay above the $100,000 mark for the foreseeable future, but with the way things have been lately I’m not gonna hold my breath. We’re no farther along today then we were three months ago.

Do you ever get sick of calculating your net worth? Or how about checking your budget? Or going over your goals? I sure as heck am, for today at least 😉

p.s. you can see all of my net worth updates here.



  1. Oh heavens no! My net worth update is the best time of the month…. right after I get over the misery of balancing my accounts, for the only time in the month.

    Seriously, though, my net worth updates always rock, because my net worth is aaaallllll debt, baby. Must suck to be debt free. And have… money. For things. Like investing. Or a new video camera that costs 10x as much as the old, all over a stupid dead pixel on the sensor.

  2. I think it’s important to calculate your networth to see what needs to be done to improve it. Mine is pretty easy these days since I am not subject to market fluctuations. Unfortunately, money is a big factor in most of our lives. Most of us strive to have enough money not to worry about money. Then again there is that problem of how much is enough? So complicated and I’m delirious at the moment…good night 🙂

  3. Yup, I get tired of it too, but since I started tracking it, I’ve found it incredibly worth it. The last few months give me pause to reconsider my risk tolerance.

  4. I don’t get sick of working on my budget, I find it soothing to know what I can and cannot afford.

    I loved the haiku.

    In the comments section of your “good ole days” post, you mentioned having a lot of Canadian readers for some unknown reason. I’m a Canadian! I like your blog mostly because of the stick figures, reading your POV on finance is not dull, and I enjoy the posts by Girl Ninja.

  5. It’s always important to remember that when you actually pay attention to your finances (so many people don’t) that there will good months and bad months, and you have to roll with them as they come.

    I have a variable income and after many years I’ve gotten used to the ups and downs and try not to get too high or low about it emotionally.

  6. I can relate… Our net worth hasn’t changed in 6 months. It gets depressing when you budget and save only to see no increase.

  7. I think the best thing about tracking your net worth is going to be in 5 or 10 years when you stumble upon the paperwork and can see exactly where you were. We recently found some numbers from our first year of marriage and it was just amazing to see where our retirement accounts and my hubby’s salary were and how far we have come.
    Loving the family photo on a tree limb. Classy.

  8. Oh I love checking it, Im weird that way I guess I check almost every other day! (ok I check several times a day)

  9. The naked family is creepy. Thanks for the hilarious pictures! And it was nice to meet you in person at the conference!

  10. Your pictures and your net worth are both equally disturbing. But don’t let the downs bother you too much. Just think of it as buying stocks on sale right now every time you make a 401K contribution. I calculate my net worth at the end of every quarter. That way I’m only disturbed 4 times a year.

  11. I review my net worth once a year. More often results in emotional financial decisions. That’s just me. You do what ya gotta do!
    How’d you get my picture? You been hackin again?

  12. I examine my networth about once monthly as well, but I see it every time I log into Mint, since I keep the values up to date there. (I include line items for things that Mint can’t connect to.) Mostly it’s a thorough examination to see how I am doing versus my yearly spending plan.

    I know you don’t include things like your cars in your net worth. Do you have any savings bonds/include them? I have an awesome great aunt and uncle who would give me savings bonds every birthday and Christmas until I turned 18, and I just remembered them this month when the stories about not being able to buy paper versions came out, and decided to find out what they were worth with the treasury website. Some of them are worth more than their face value now! I’m only 24, so the oldest of them can still mature for another 6 years or so. I probably will let them grow until their last possible date, so they’re not something I’m going to touch for many years, but I like knowing that they’re there if I need them!

  13. What on earth? The guy with the gun, oh my… and the naked family. Seriously… who thought that was even a remotely good idea. Seriously.

  14. What disturbs me is not one of those stacked up naked kids had the sense to burn that photo and the negatives. WHAT were they thinking??? Eww, and did the photographer have to clean that carpet afterwards?? Seriously creeped out..

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