Net Worth: Ocotber 2010

So the first full month of marriage is in the books, and the results aren’t pretty. In fact, it may be the worst net worth increase I’ve had this year. With a bunch of furniture, household items, and some tickets to Seattle for Xmas, we knew it wouldn’t be pretty.

Here’s what went down…


Checking Account: $4,561, +$921. You know I’m still rocking that joint checking account with the Wifey and it’s been great. It works perfect for us and we have no plans to change anytime soon. We’ll keep the checking account balance stacked with a few thousand dollars for now, until we figure out each others spending patterns a little better.

Savings Accounts: $17,787, +$1,216. Asked Wife Ninja if I could send another $1,200 towards our savings and she gave the green light. Am I the only person out there that gets a little “high” off of transferring money to savings? It’s like my cocaine.

Roth IRA: $14,645, +$999. I love it when the markets go up. But to be honest, I kinda wish they went down for a little bit, so I could buy in for this years Roth IRA contribution. Is it only up from here, or are we looking at a double dip recession?

TSP (401K): $16,878, +$1,569. The standard 5% contribution heads this direction each month. I also get that 5% fully matched. I invest in virtually the same funds in both my Roth IRA and in my 401K so they generally perform the same. Pretty boring stuff if you ask me.

Right now you are probably thinking things look pretty sweet. After all, our assets were up $4,705 from last month. How could we have a minor net worth gain, with a major asset improvement? Answer: Credit cards. We’ve had a ton of charges over the last month. But, as my blog title suggests, Wife Ninja and I will punch the Credit Card debt in the face (or groin) and be rid of it before any interest accrues. Why put it on the credit card in the first place, you ask? Airline miles baby!


Student Loan: $0. Sallie who? Oh that’s right. The $28,000 student loan debt I had when I finished college in 2007. I love looking over a copy of my old credit report and seeing the account status as CLOSED! Makes me smile every time.

Credit Card: $3,904 -$3,904. What can I say? We bought a lot of stuff last month. Some of our biggest expenses were $600 on vehicle registration for two cars. $300 on an entertainment center (GO MANCAVE!!!), $550 on groceries/dining out (looks like we gotta figure this one out), and a bunch of $50-$150 purchases. We probably spent more than we needed, but hey it’s a learning curve andย  ya gotta start somewhere.

Even though our Net Worth gain of +$1,100 was below average, I’m still freaking ecstatic! Wanna know why? We broke the $50,000 threshold and are sittin’ pretty at $50,269. It’s a pretty huge milestone, considering my net worth was under $20,000 this time last year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for big things over the next 30 days.

**I chose not to include possessions (including our cars) in our NW calculations, which would probably increase our worth by about $18,000.**

13 thoughts on “Net Worth: Ocotber 2010”

  1. Nice job! The dual income will spoil you for a while. The problem will now become how to not spend so much being flush with money. It’s very tempting because now you have a partner in crime ๐Ÿ™‚ Married for 9 years we save a lot but we spend a lot, particularly dining out and vacations. I hope you find that secret balance between spending and saving and let me know asap!

    Being October, the stock market usually tanks so you’ll get your buying opportunity then ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The stock market usually tanks in October?????

      I’m brand new to this thing called investing. How does one know that? What causes it? Should I consider buying into something? As you can see, I know NOTHING about investing, except for that fact that 41, I’ve missed out on something.

      • Some of the biggest crashes in history – 1929, 1987, 2008 – occurred in October. I don’t know if you can predict a general trend from that, but yes, when stock prices decline that’s the time to buy.

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about these short-term fluctuations in your net worth. They will happen, and in either direction. Just keep saving and investing as you have, budget yourself to stay within your income, and avoid unsecured debt.

  3. My only comment/suggestion is something I’ve heard others do (but hubby I didn’t and wish we had)… on one income and put wife ninja’s income directly in the savings. That way when little baby ninjas arrive it’s not so painful to go back to one income.

    Congrats on the great net worth – it’s inspiring and fun to watch your progress!

  4. OMG! That picture freaked me out for a minute! I have one of my son at about that age, stuck in the toilet just like that, with the pink bathroom, it made my brain flip out for a minute! Whoa! Sounds like you two are doing awesome with your money plans!

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