Net Worth: November 2012

I’m including a unicorn in every NW update from now on

Is it November already? Seriously. when did that happen? I swear Y2K was just last week. We did something exciting last week and opened up a new account (see below for more details), but other than that October was a terribly boring month for us. Let’s get to it.


Checking Account: $5,504; (change not shown since money is constantly in and out of this account). My freaking landlord hasn’t cashed October or Novembers rent check yet. Our lease agreement says I have to pay him $40 a day, every day I am late on rent. So does that mean I can charge him $40/day every day he doesn’t deposit one of my rent checks? Never thought I’d have to beg someone to take our money.

Savings Accounts: $70,965; -$1,970. Although this drop may look depressing at first, it’s really not that bad. I had to pay a $2,000 bill to a developer that has done some work for us on MANteresting (this running a business stuff gets expensive). I also took another $2,000 and put it somewhere a little more exciting, see below for details.

Taxable Investment Account: $2,000;  +$2,000. It’s been a long time coming, but I finally manned up and started investing for the “short” term. Well kind of. Technically I haven’t invested anything yet, but I DID open up the account and transfer money over. I’ll be heading to a USAA blogger conference even in San Antonio this week and am going to pick the brains of some of the CFP’s they have on hand to make sure I have a good plan. It’s about time I start saving for my 35 year old self. 

Roth IRA: $33,675; +$4,583. Of course I make my $5,000 annual Roth IRA contribution right before the stock market takes a huge poop on itself. I know all you dollar cost averaging people are gonna chime in right now, but I don’t wanna hear it. Haha. Still feels nice to check off another year of funding the ol Roth IRA.

TSP (401K): $39,145; +$429. Even with a less-than-stellar performance in the markets my 8% contribution and full 5% match helped my 401k move up ever so slightly. It’s gonna be crazy to think one day this account will have six zeros after it. The sooner, the better.

Payments owed:

Credit Card: $2,153 (change not reflected since balance is paid off each month) Just a bunch of small expenses here. I did mean to use a $400 airfare credit I had saved to buy a plane ticket for Girl Ninja, but like an idiot. I totally forgot about it and paid with my credit card. Didn’t realize until it was too late to switch payment forms. That’s my stupid tax for the month.

Last update our net worth shot up over $12,000. It was pretty incredible. This month, not so much. We’re now sitting at  $149,533 which is an increase of $139 from the previous update. Haha, doesn’t quite bring me the same amount of joy, but whatever. It’s not a drop so I can’t really complain. 

p.s. Is anyone else depressed it’s starting to get dark at like 4:30pm? Summer…come back!!!!

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10 thoughts on “Net Worth: November 2012”

  1. No, you paid the rent when you gave him the check – he can’t charge you as you’ve given him everything he needs to pay the rent. Although, just checking, you did get a receipt for the checks, right? (The dates on them should prove that you gave them to him in time, but just in case!)

    • My attempt at humor was missed. Haha. I know he can’t charge me. I was making a joke that if I am ever late paying rent he can charge me $40/day. So since he is late depositing my checks, I want to charge him $40/day 🙂

      • Ohhhh, I thought you were fretting that he was going to hold onto the checks and charge YOU $40 in the meantime! To which I was like, “Only a personal finance blogger could come up with a moneymaking scheme that ludicrous yet ingenious.” 😀

  2. Not sure if you can purchase void after 60 day checks or type on your checks void after 60 days. Then just tell your landlord that you ordered new checks and this is how they came. See if he buys it. Technically he can still cash the check after the 60 days but he just might speed up things a bit.

  3. Do you and GN both max out your ROTH? Or between the 2 of you do you just have 1 ROTH account and try to max that out every year? Thanks!

  4. Have you thought about paying him with a cashiers check? That way the money is already out of your account and you don’t have to worry about if/when he cashes them. You will also have documentation of the cashiers check so he can’t say you didn’t pay him if he loses it!

  5. I’m enjoying the extra hour of sleep. I too am very curious to see your retirement accounts hit the million mark. I wish I had your courage in the stock market. They do say the rich take chances all the time. Actually your business looks to be the better investment IMHO.

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