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Net Worth: March 2014


During my last net worth update I offered up $100 to any reader who could give me a boy name that GN and I liked so much we decided to use it. One of those names is on our short list. In the top 2 actually. Nothing is locked in yet so feel free to keep contributing. As soon as we’ve made a decision I’ll be announcing it here!

Enough small chat, here’s a recap of our last month (spoiler alert: it was awesome)…


Cash: $40,389; +$7,935

Had a good month as far as cash flow is concerned. Made some decent money online which always helps. I’m looking to drop our cash reserves down to $10,000 or so in the next few weeks and finally start investing in taxable accounts, for short term investing.

Roth IRA: $50,587; +$2,308

Still need to put money in here for my 2014 Roth Contribution. Will probably use some of the cash above to make that happen. Investing for retirement isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it.

401Ks, Traditional IRAs, etc: $87,968; +$6,266

Last month’s trend was down on all accounts and fortunately, the opposite is true this month. I’ll take an $8,000 gain in my investment accounts over a 30 day period any day. That’s more than Girl Ninja and I bring home. Woohoo.

Home equity: $74,226

If we sold our house today I think we’d reclaim all of our down payment, but probably not much else (due to the transaction costs of selling a home). The amount above reflects how much cash I think we’d walk away with if we put our house on the market right now.


Credit Card: $2,443 (change not reflected since balance is paid off each month)

I did something I’ve never done before that cost us a lot of money. I finally paid our car insurance in one lump sum payment, instead of on a monthly basis. Safeco charges me a $2 transaction fee each month, so I decided to say screw that and pay my premium in full. Hurts the credit card statement a little this month, but saves me money in the long run.

I’m so pumped to announce…


That’s right, our Net Worth currently stands at $250,726 . Which means we jumped up over $17,000 last month. It’s crazy and I don’t necessarily understand it, but like I’ve said before, you don’t need to make a million dollars to be a millionaire. 

And here is my obligatory dog picture, Nova fully engaged in Dr. Phil…


You can see all of my net worth updates here.



  1. Hi there,

    Just a comment about picking a name. I was reading all the names on your update last month, and I kept cringing… You see I’m a teachers and one too many of those names have been in my class. And whether its good memories or bad ones, I hate the idea of naming my children after any of my students. I really hope Girl Ninja isn’t feeling the same way….

    Best of luck.
    And if all else fails, pick a base name you like and play with end sounds until its unique. That’s what my parents did… started with Jen added a Z and then some crazy vowels… so I have a simple common nickname but a unique full name 😀

  2. A quarter of a million dollars should start to have that snowball rolling down hill effect for you. You investments are large enough to keep growing with very little help from you.

    My net worth is still below zero due to debt but that will change on your American Independence Day when I make my last HELOC payment.

    Meerkat Manor was always a dog favourite around here. Just be there to supervise in case Nova decides to try and catch one of them.

  3. A quarter of a million sounds good, just imagine what that will compound to one day. Good luck with the baby names as well. I have twins and we had 4 baby names before they were born just in case. We wanted to be surprised at delivery.

  4. I noticed the baby name post is closed for commenting, so I will leave it on here. Some of the names given, the people really didn’t consider how much kids make fun of other kids names.

    Finance name – Warren – is a respectable name
    Religious name – Daniel – is a strong name
    Common Name – Nicolas – sounds honorable
    Movie star name – Brad –
    French name – Pierre or Jaques
    CEO NAme – Tom

  5. Name suggestion: Declan

    It’s an Irish name that means “man of prayer”.

    Congratulations on a stellar month and becoming a quarter millionaire!

  6. Congratulations on your quarter million! You will be amazed as your net worth starts to increase as to how large those jumps are. You may have a time when your net worth jumps $30k in a month (maybe when your net worth is north of $500k). Looking forward to watching your journey.

  7. Probably wouldn’t have commented, but your dog’s name is Nova, our dog’s name is Scotia. (Not sure if you know any Canadian geography, but Nova Scotia is one of our pretty maritime provinces.) So, on that note, I would suggest the name Malcolm. Not really common, but not so unique that everyone has to ask twice. Look up the meaning, it has some power behind it as well. Happy name hunting – take care.

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