Net Worth: March 2012

I swear I just did one of these posts. Time flies when you’re having fun I suppose. We had a great month with some extra help from the stock market. Who else was pumped to see the dow breach 13,000?


Checking Account: $4,063; (change not shown since money is constantly in and out of this account). I use to try and keep the checking account at about $1,000 at all times, but I’ve gotten lazier over the last year or so and don’t move money around as much as I could. Losing a few bucks a year of interest because of it. A lazy tax I suppose.

Savings Accounts: $67,276; +$4,586. Overtime pay was very good to us while I was in Korea. Not only was I able to bring home a little extra bacon, but our expenses were relatively low as well since I wasn’t driving and all my meals and incidentals were reimbursed. March is a three paycheck month for me, so hopefully we can do some more damage 🙂

Roth IRA: $28,265; +$352. I can’t wait for the day this account is seven figures. Knowing the 40 plus years of saving all paid off. That’s the goal anyways. Here’s to hoping.

TSP (401K): $31,093; +$695. This is slightly less than average because my last update was so late in to the month it already accounted for one of these deposits. Still socking away 8% and loving my employers 5% match.

Payments owed:

Credit Card: $1,623 (change not reflected since balance is paid off each month). It seems too good to be true. We’ve managed to keep our credit card bill sub $2,000 this month, and last month. We put every expense possible (I literally used my CC for a $0.75 post office charge this month) so charges can start to add up quick. 

We are so thankful we are in a position where our income trumps our expenses by a decent margin. We try our hardest to be responsible with our resources, and this has allowed us to make some major leaps and bounds over the last 1.5 years of marriage. Our new net worth now stands at $129,078, which is up $5,151 from last month. Keeping my fingers crossed we can keep moving forward.

I might stop doing these NW updates cause they seem so boring, thoughts?

You can see all of my net worth updates here.

Favorite nails from yesterday: Names of colors according to boys and girls and Dogs > Cats.

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  1. It is nice to know you guys are succeeding. I suppose I find them a bit frustrating for three reasons.

    1. I still can’t find any work that isn’t minimum wage.

    2. The work I love to do pays nowhere near as much as your work does. I could be rich but unhappy or happy but poor.

    3. I am a selfish person.

    Other than that – keep it up!

    • Thanks for putting it out there without deriding those who earn more than you do!
      Goodluck finding a balance between your passion and your pocketbook

      Ninja, if that bacon link had not directed me to manteresting, I would have been forced to judge you. Good work!

  2. As long as I can reign in my jealousy, I enjoy your networth posts. It motivates me to push my networth higher. It continously reminds me that I need to make more money 🙂 Just tough to do because I’m maxed out at my job and I’m too complacent when I really need to find some side hustles. It’s funny that I work hard at work but I’m lazy at everything else…

  3. DJIA is hovering around 13,000, not 1,300. And I like the NW updates, but it’s because I like knowing what other people do with their money, but they never seem to generate as much discussion as some of your other blog posts.

    I am glad that Mint told me that I spent less than I earned this month, even with having a semi-annual car insurance payment due – last month I was not that lucky. Biweekly payments and irregular expenses can be a pain to budget with, but I still try to keep the balance over the course of a month on the positive side, irregardless of circumstance.

  4. I think a quarterly update would be good. Since you and GN have steady jobs with more or less predictable paychecks and no debts, it is kind of boring.

    • This blog needs a new name. “Hi, I have a Lot Of Money” comes to mind.

      I don’t care what my net worth is as long as it’s above zero. Honestly. I am not seeking riches or lots and lots of stuff. I just want to be comfortable and debt free. Not a lot to ask.

  5. NINJA – Please, please, please do NOT stop posting these monthly updates. They are a HUGE source of inspiration for me as I continue to claw my way out of stupid debt (and believe me, it was stupid). Every month I love to look at your figures and say to myself, “very soon, I will be saving that way too.” Ninja, hear my plea!!!

    • I second that request! I’m not in debt(aside from mortgage) but my retirement savings and it is an inspiration to see your totals.

  6. I would prefer you keep doing these. They motivate me to track my own monthly NW. If you didn’t show us your increasing savings, I would have a hard time increasing my own. All my disposable income would wind up in a brokerage account and not in safe ING savings account. Plus you get one free post a month out of this, its gravy for you.

  7. “I might stop doing these NW updates cause they seem so boring, thoughts?”

    Not nearly as fun as Meet My Face, but no strong feelings one way or another from me. I would, however, as in the past, caution you not to make too much of these short-term swings up or down. Personally, I monitor my NW every couple of weeks and keep a record of it; then at year end I delete all the details and keep only the mid-year and end-year numbers. Once you hit 40, 50, or even my advanced age of 63.5, you are not going to care what happened one day in March when you were 26.

  8. I enjoy your NW updates. It motivates me to track ours also. I do however wish this market would come down. I manage my 401k and a lot of stocks seem too overextended right now, hoping a pullback happens soon so I can get back in with everything. Keep up the good work Ninja.

  9. I don’t mind seeing the NW updates. I was happy to see 2 months up upticks on my 401k/IRA. My NW is not as high as it probably should be for a 43 year old, but I’m working on catching up. Better late than never.

    P.S. The color labels are all wrong on that first pin LOL 😉
    P.P.S. My favorite pin of all that I’ve seen on manteristing is the flowchart of whether or not a person is Rob Base. Made my 80’s loving heart happy!

  10. I always find these updates interesting, even though they don’t tend to generate much discussion anywhere. But then again…are these updates really topics of discussion- aren’t they just more like reports?

  11. If you had more than 3 moving numbers each month it’d be worth keeping 😉

    Maybe add something more to the updates. Any stupid purchases/mistakes you made? Good deals you found? Eh, just throwing some ideas out.

  12. I like net worth updates because I like seeing other people’s progress… I don’t find that yours make me envious or bored. If it is discouraging enough readers, though, I would switch to quarterly updates.

  13. Please dont’ stop doing these net worth updates! I enjoy seeing your and other PF blogger’s monthly progress, and it’s even motivated me to calculate my monthly net worth. Although my net worth is merely a fraction of yours, I do not feel envious but instead feel inspired whenever the numbers jump. I forget how much you make, but how do you save over 4k a month? That’s more that what many people make after taxes. Is that from your job or side hustles? Thanks!

  14. Keep up with the NW updates. We are finally on the up and up after our move and things definitely snowball with all of the speed bumps out of the way. To those who are still fighting their way out of debt…keep it up! The end result is worth it:)

  15. I’ve just started tracking net worth myself- I’m at $133k. I think this is invaluable for a)yourself from a journal standpoint and b) everyone else from a motivational standpoint. Keep it up.

  16. I actually like them, it gives a bit of an insight into how well the other stuff is doing. Sort of like all month is your preparation for the test and this is the score of the test (or maybe that is how I justify my updates).

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