Net Worth: July 2010

I know some of you hate my net worth updates, but I’m gonna keep doing them because it’s only one post a month and it helps keep things in perspective for me. If you don’t like it, you can go checkout

Here’s how my accounts ended up over the last month…


Checking Account: $6,039, +$1,289. This is the most cash I’ve had in my checking account for a long time. I’ve got it loaded up because I will be paying for the remaining portion of my Aruba honeymoon and furniture for my Ninja pad. This marriage thing ain’t cheap, but it definitely seems worth it 🙂

Savings Accounts: $13,047, -$3,488. Don’t worry. The loss isn’t as tragic as you may think. I dropped a little over $4,000 on my student loan last month. And in case you didn’t catch it the first time… that makes me mother effin DEBT FREE! Hopefully now I can truly start building up my savings. Especially when I’m rockin’ the Dual Income No Kids lifestyle.

Roth IRA: $12,737, -$806. Not lovin’ the stock market as of late. Double dip recession in our future? If so, it might be a good time to contribute to my Roth 🙂 I love me some “risk”.

TSP (401K): $13,466, -$262. The standard 5% contribution heads this direction each month. I also get that 5% fully matched. I invest in virtually the same funds in both my Roth IRA and in my 401K so they generally perform the same. My loss isn’t as large in this account because I contribute to it on a monthly basis, whereas in my Roth I usually make larger lump sum payments a few times a year.


Student Loan: -$0, +$4,077. Ah!!!! I love getting to post that big fat zero. It’s the only time in the world I want to see one of my accounts show zero, and it feels wonderful. Sallie Mae can rest in peace.

Credit Card: -$1,563 No, I don’t have credit card debt. I just decided to start showing what my account balance was on the one credit card I use. This balance get’s paid off every month…and I mean EVERY MONTH!!! I use my CC for just about every purchase I make. Some months it’s a couple hundred, others a couple thousand.

I’m stoked I was still able to slightly increase my net worth by +$713 during a down market. This leaves me with a current net worth of $43,690. Unfortunately, I’m almost positive it will go down by about $3,000 next month with all of the wedding related expenses coming up. Once August is over though, it’s time to save like a mad man!

**I chose not to include possessions (including my car) in my NW calculations, which would probably increase my worth by about $8K.**

10 thoughts on “Net Worth: July 2010”

  1. My net worth went down on paper last month. What did I do? I funneled $6000 into the market instead of paying down my mortgage. We’ll see if that ends up being a dumb move or a smart move.

  2. I was down last month too.

    Sandy, if you have some cash laying around, I am all for buying some index funds or something when the market is down. Better to buy low than high, and I hope we are at a low right now!

    • It was tough to fork over the dough to the index funds. I’m more of a serial PF’er. I’m much better at fixating on one thing vs having 27 ING accounts. My current obsession is my last debt, the mortgage. It kills me to divert $$ into other buckets when the mortgage could be paid in another 1-2 years if we really go at it.

  3. Don’t know who’s been complaining, I happen to like your monthly net worth summaries.
    And congratulations on being debt free!

  4. I like these updates, but I may be biased since I do them too. 🙂

    We went down $3800 due to $2600 of dental work on hubby (that we prepaid for to save $130) and the stock market losses (we have more than $48,000 in the market so any hit is a big hit…oh well…). We also are one big payment away from being almost completely debt free (we’ll still have the $70k mortgage for another 6 years, but debt free other than that).

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