Homenet worthNet Worth: February 2013

Net Worth: February 2013

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According to reports, this years Super Bowl advertising rates were $4 million for a 30 second commercial. I decided to calculate how much air time I could have bought during last night’s big game, using the gains from this moths net worth increase. The result… 0.05 seconds. That’s less than half the length of time it takes for you to blink your eyes. CRAZY!!!!!

Let’s see how this translates in to real numbers.


Cash: $90,284; +$2,028

I’m super pumped we broke the $90k threshold this month. Hopefully it wont be but a few months before we hit our ultimate goal of $100,000. How crazy is that?!

Taxable Investment Account: $0; No change

Like I said last month, we wont be investing in my short-term account until after we have bought a house and get a better handle of what our future financial situation might look like. For now, cash is king.

Roth IRA: $37,076; +$1,163

The markets have been very cooperative lately, and each time they are, my net worth gets a healthy little bump. There’s nothing quite like making a G on the side, especially when I didn’t have to lift a finger to do it.

401k: $50,306; +$3,483

I’ve been investing 10% of my salary in to my 401k each month. My agency matches 5%. Girl Ninja throws 5% in to her 401k, which also receives a 5% match.

We’re fortunate to be in a financial position where we can worry about how much we should put in to retirement, instead of how we are going to put food on the table. We don’t ever want to lose sight of how quickly our situation could change, and the responsibility we have to manage our money wisely.

Payments owed:

Credit Card: $1,680 (change not reflected since balance is paid off each month)

It would have been one cheap month for us if I could throw out the last week of January. We went a little “ski happy”. Girl Ninja and I both picked up new-to-us pairs of skis and we got her some boots and poles. We also hit the slopes up a couple of times, and man oh man, lift tickets aren’t cheap. Only got about 4 weeks left of solid skiing before spring conditions set in. Could be expensive, but it’s well worth every penny if you ask me. Love me some mountains.


So how much does this add up to? Or better yet, how much would a 0.05 second Super Bowl commercial cost? $7,109 to be exact . That gain puts us at a total net worth of $175,987, which would buy us a 1.3 second commercial.

Hey now we’re talking, I could at least say the words “Punch Debt In The Face” in that amount of time. You think I’d get my money out of that ad?

You can see all of my net worth updates here.

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  1. My CC also showed some charges for a new pair of ski boots in January… But having a new pair that fit well is so worth it. Do any of the mountains near you offer discount tickets? If you’re going to do a lot of skiing, there’s usually a way to get something off the window ticket price – buying in advance through the resort, a ticket discounter (local merchandise shop,, a local ski club, specials days, or some kind of bulk ticket purchase/season pass. How’s the new car working for those ski weekends since that’s part of the reason you got it?

  2. I must say I do enjoy snowboarding but have never enjoyed it THAT much versus the amount it costs. Maybe I’m just not doing it right though 😛

    And you’d totally get your monies worth lol You can do a lot in 1.3 seconds… like display one of your unicorn pictures hehe

  3. It is expensive but you got to say that those commercials were quite effective. I mean, why would those big companies pay that amount of money in the first place right? Even though some of those are ridiculous..

  4. Congrats on breaking $50k in your 401(k)! I’m hoping to hit that marker by the end of February.

    I’m totally with you on not investing outside of retirement accounts until you’ve bought a house. I did the same thing and then I plowed a bunch of money into an index fund (Vanguard Total International Stock Market Index Fund) after I closed on my condo.

  5. Skiing (snowboarding for me) is my most expensive hobby, hands down. After getting suited up with ride-worthy clothes, boots, board, goggles, etc., the lift ticket looks like a steal. There are few other activities I’d be willing to throw down $50-$80 for a 6-8 hour session.

  6. I am not sure if that would be money well spent, but you never know. It could become a trending topic on Google because people would want to punch debt in the face!

  7. Wow, I had no idea it cost that much money to hit the slops.. probably one of those sports you REALLY have to be into. I prefer surfing, rock climbing, soccer… easy on the budget although I’ve never put on a pair of skis in my life. Maybe I should hold off in case I really like it lol.. Great job with the net worth.. what do you plan to do with your cash? I get asked this all the time as we have over 100k in our savings so I thought I’d ask you. Cheers mate

  8. Great progress on your net worth even though I still hate the stock market, I do love your cash savings 🙂

    A better use for that 1.3 seconds of Super Bowl commercial time would be to say Manteresting instead 🙂

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