Net Worth: February 2012

Dang, can’t believe it’s time to update my Net Worth again.  My apologies to the three of you who actually find these updates interesting and have been waiting for it. Let’s get right to business.


Checking Account: $4,487; (change not shown since money is constantly in and out of this account). For the first time EVER, my landlord finally deposited our rent check within a week of receiving it. Usually it takes him at least 30, sometimes 45 days to get around to it. Life is much less stressful when your accounts accurately reflect what you have.

Savings Accounts: $62,690; +$2,401. Saw my first paycheck that included the mandatory overtime I have to work while I am in Korea (two more weeks) Working longer days sucks. Making more money doesn’t. I’d probably shoot myself in the elbow though if I was working 50+hour weeks every week. I respect you workaholics.

Roth IRA: $27,913; +$2,159. Finally making some headway in the retirement accounts. I wouldn’t be upset if this trend decided to continue on for a few more months. It’s crazy to think that within a 30 day time frame I can literally make $2,000 without lifting a finger. Of course, I can also lose that much in just as quick.

TSP (401K): $30,398; +$3,157. Upping my 401K contributions from 5% to 8% couldn’t have come at a better time. Just caught the recent uptick. $1,000 of this growth was put there by myself and my employer. The other $2,157 was Wall Street. I invest like a boss 🙂

Liabilities 🙁

Credit Card: $1,562 (change not reflected since balance is paid off each month). I can’t even remember the last time our credit card balance was under $2,000 for a month. It’s like a huge weight as been lifted from our shoulders. Never thought I’d say this, but for the first time I’m actually looking forward to paying this bill. 

How’s that one song go again? You know the one about moving? Oh, that’s right. MOVING ON UP (moving on up). Adding up all those beautiful increases above gives us a total net worth of  $123,927.  That’s up $9,303 from last month, which in case you couldn’t tell, makes me a VERY HAPPY CAMPER! Life is good right now, let’s see how long it can last 🙂

Did the market give your NW a healthy bump last month?

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  1. New visitor here, but it sounds like you had a great month. I hate when checks are not withdrawn right away too. It sometimes make you assume it’s already out and messes up your planning. Something like that happened to me last month and I was dinged with an overdraft penalty. Worst part is that I had plenty of money in my other account. Stupid banks.

      • Oh, Ninja, I really can’t let you go on much longer without me. Why don’t you simply write the landlord an electronic check on line, and then if your bank is anything like mine, the amount will be deducted from your account the next day and as far as you’re concerned it won’t matter how long the landlord takes to deposit it.

  2. Hey Ninja! Chime in your opinion here. I’m thinking about doing a net worth update every month myself. I just started my blog a few months ago. Already hitting over 5,000 weekly uniques. However, my wife and I are not exactly the American Dream when it comes to finances. I just started my own financial services business (ironically) mainly to learn, but also to help people to NOT do what we did with our money. It’s actually going well. I was able to double my income in 2011 from 2010. Do you think people would get encouraged from a couple who is paying off significant debt, just started investing and may be a little shy about sharing our finances with folks? Our plan is to pull ourselves out of where we’re at.

    Not a lot of people can relate to having a net worth of $50,000+. But a lot can relate to a negative net worth. We want to pull ourselves up into a positive and wealthier net worth. Do you think making that journey public knowledge would encourage a lot of people in the same boat?


  3. I think it’s really useful to look at other people’s net worth updates to see how they allocate their money (to checking, savings, 401(k), etc.) But it could also be that I’m just super nosy ;).

    I’m guessing that huge savings account is earmarked for a down payment on a house? Or do you just like to have a big pile o’ cash sitting in the bank for some security?

  4. Congrats on increasing your NW. My first time to your site. Can you breakdown why you haven’t paid off your small credit card yet with your extra income? Just wondering what your method is? Enjoy some kimchi for me!

    • Welcome to the site Brent! Pumped to have you join the community. If you look at the CC section again you’ll see in red italics a note indicating I pay my balance in full each month. Never been charged a penny of interest in the 3 years I’ve been using my CC 😉

  5. I don’t calculate my net worth on a monthly basis. I usually just do it once a year when the bank asks for it. However, the market was solid so I expect that I did get a boost.

  6. Between some online ad deals I was able to save the most I have ever saved in pure chase in January – my net worth increased a little over 7%.

    Congrats on the movement upward.

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