Homenet worthNet Worth: February 2011

Net Worth: February 2011

I love it when you call me big poppa. That first sentence had absolutely nothing to do with personal finance or this net worth update, but I just really wanted to say that :).  Moving on. January was another great month for us as we were able to keep the NW moving in the upwards direction. I know some of you hate these posts, but you’re just gonna have to deal with it. Here’s the breakdown…


Checking Account: $6,833; -$3,640. Girl Ninja and I bought a Bose surround sound system for our living room and let me tell you…it’s the best $3,500 I’ve ever spent. Ever….bwahahaha….just kidding. You know I’m way to lame to do something that bold. Besides, even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you because I’d be scared of the reader backlash. You’d cut my face off or something I’m sure.

Savings Accounts: $19,146; +5,530. If my ING account were a woman. And that womans name was Girl Ninja, I would want to marry it. I love my savings account, especially when it grows. Dual Income No Kids For The Win!!!!

Roth IRA: $22,026; +$495. The only thing better than getting drunk off cough syrup and watching an episode of Jersey Shore is getting drunk off cough syrup and watching my Roth IRA balance increase. Overall, I’ve seen an 11.86% return on investment.

TSP (401K): $21,732; +$1,102. The standard 5% contribution heads this direction each month. That 5% gets fully matched. I invest in virtually the same types of funds in both my Roth IRA and in my 401K so they generally perform the same. Pretty boring stuff if you ask me.


Student Loan: $0. Yes, posting about my non-existent student loan debt is one of my favorite things about my net worth updates! I kicked Sallie Mae in the genitals as hard as I could and I wont ever stop reporting it.

Credit Card: $1,760. I don’t like to think of this as $1,760 I owe to a credit card company, as much as I do 1,760 airline miles I just earned, on money I would have spent anyways. Gotta love the rewards card. Hawaii here I come!

Although we didn’t have as big of a jump as last month, we still managed to increase another $3,429. Which puts us at a Net Worth of $67,969 (this time last year, it was $30,234). We still have another $30,000 to go if we want to meet our $96,000 net worth goal by years end. Who knows, if things go well enough, maybe we will be breaking in to six figures. Here’s to hoping!

p.s. you can see all of my net worth updates here.

**I chose not to include ‘possessions’ (including our cars) in our NW calculations, which would probably increase our worth by about $15,000.**



  1. Whoo whoo, we are headed to Hawaii too. Gotta admit it takes a lot less miles to get two people there than it will to get all 5 of us there this year. Wish our credit card time out was over, so we could get that sweet Alaska Air companion ticket. Glad you had a good first month of 2011!

  2. You had me with the Bose System purchase. What fooled me is you’re kind of a Sound System kind of guy (your car!). That would be a ridiculous purchase though. haha

  3. Some Fantastic Moves. I never thought I’d be into the surround sound and then The Wife bought me one (NOT bose) for Christmas one year…woah. Try it out! You can get like a start system for $500 with a built in blu ray

  4. Random request but I’m interested in knowing whether you can break down your finances even further (crazy huh?)… Could you maybe show your contributions and match separate from the increase or decrease in gains from the money you already have in the funds (IRA and 401k)? If not that’s cool but i always like to know how things are performing, even short term performance of long term investments.

  5. The year over year jump in net worth is phenomenal! I’m sure at the rate you guys are going you should break the 100,000 in no time. Keep up the hard work!

  6. Hey man, I spent $2,500 on a sweet high end 6 speaker surround sound system + receiver and it has given me such great pleasure for the past 6 years! WELL WORTH IT!

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