Homenet worthNet Worth: December 2012

Net Worth: December 2012

I’m including a unicorn in every NW update from now on

Tis the season to update my freaking net worth! My love for the Christmas season is a lot like diarrhea… I just can’t hold it in. I’m actually rocking out to N’Sync Christmas as I type this.

Sure, this is one of the more expensive times of the year, but ya get what ya pay for right? Time with loved ones, sweet gifts, vacation from work. That’s priceless if you ask me!

Welp, it’s time to take a look and see how we did last month.


Cash: $79,526; +3,057

I don’t know why, but for the last three+ years I’ve been tracking my checking account and savings account separately. That’s pretty silly since it is all the same. Cash. From now on, I’ll just be mashing those accounts in to this one section. Only seems logical.

According to the budget I made back in January we should be able to save about $2,978 each month. Eleven months later, that prediction is still pretty darn accurate. We’ve had some expensive months, but we’ve also had some lucrative ones. Can’t complain as long as we’re generally moving in the upwards direction.

Taxable Investment Account: $2,000; No Change

Well this is awkward. So remember how I blogged a week ago about finally throwing my taxable investment cash in to a Vanguard fund. Apparently I never completed the purchase order. Which means I never actually made that investment. Oops.

After reading through the comments of that post, and learning about some of the potential negatives of the fund I picked, I need to rethink where I want to invest this money. I still might stick with my original plan, or maybe I’ll finally suck it up and learn how to actively manage my accounts. For now, it’s still just sitting as cash though.

Roth IRA: $34,113; +$438

My Roth IRA is up about 13% on the year which is pretty exciting. I’m quasi-fortunate that I graduated college right as the economy tanked. Only one of my five years of Roth contributions were at the peak of the market. Hopefully this will mean over the course of my career, I’ll see some pretty great returns on these early investments. Suck economies for the win!

TSP (401K): $40,252; +$1,107

My TSP has returned a 9.29% return on the year. Last month, Wall Street cooperated again and helped push this account in the positive direction. One day this account is going to have seven figures in it. That’s gonna be dope!

Payments owed:

Credit Card: $1,803 (change not reflected since balance is paid off each month)

Whenever our Credit Card balance is under $2,000 I am a happy camper. It’s a little crazy how much we use this little piece of plastic, but might as well get some airline miles out of the deal if we were gonna spend that money anyway.

I’m cringing inside a little at what our balance might be this month, with all the Christmas gifts we’ll be buying and fun things we plan on doing this month. 

This leaves us with a total Net Worth of $153,635 which is $4,102 more than 30 days ago. We wont be hitting our 2012 Net Worth goal of $170,000, but we have legitimate reasons for falling short (which I’ll be blogging about shortly). Overall 2012 has been good to us and we hope to keep those good vibrations rolling in to 2013.

p.s. this is what happens when I’m going potty and have money in my wallet and my iPhone within reach.


You can see all of my net worth updates here.



  1. Damn… $80K in cold, hard, cash. I think that’s about the time I’d be getting tempted to purchase a Tesla Model S lol. Defiantly great work though!

  2. Just realized something when I read your net worth report; do you have Whole Life Insurance or Term? I book my Whole Life Insurance as an asset because I went with a Northwestern Mutual policy that returns dividends on an annual basis. I would think you would have some type of life insurance because of you and Girl Ninja’s plans for kids someday.

    • Neither at this stage. If I died tomorrow, Girl Ninja would have access to sufficient funds to survive for many years. Especially because she also works, and her parents live just a few minutes away so she could move in with them.

      That said, once it comes time to think about baby-making, we will definitely buy a 20 year level term life insurance policy. I’m never buying whole life.

  3. Just curious – do you have any savings bonds? I guess they’re not as cool these days because you can’t buy paper versions anymore, only electronic. But my great aunt used to give these things to me every birthday and Christmas. It made for some pretty boring thank you notes (i.e., “One day I will use these to buy a house. Thanks!” over and over), but since I started tracking my net worth it’s been fun to see their value go up on the treasury website, especially the ones that I was given when I was born. Their value compounds monthly.

    I do think that tracking “cash” is better than tracking Savings and Checking, especially if you move money around a lot.

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