Net Worth: December 2011


The holidays are upon us and that means our net worth increases will likely be hindered. The markets had a good run last week so that’s helped us out a bit, but not enough to bring us in the black. Some months are good, others, bad, and this one was mediocre. Let’s get on with it…


Checking Account: $3,485; (change not shown since money is constantly in and out of this account). Checking accounts are pretty boring. Nothing more to say about that.

Savings Accounts: $58,792; +$1,811. Any gain in our savings account puts us another dollar closer to our $100,000 savings goal. Can’t even imagine what it will feel like when/if we make it there. Maybe like a million unicorns singing “we are the champions” as I’m getting a 60 minute back massage from Tinkerbell? Yeah exactly like that.

Roth IRA: $25,365; -$302. Even with the markets up some 7% last week I still couldn’t pull ahead for the month. One of these days this Roth IRA thing of mine is going to actually make me some money. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

TSP (401K): $26,179; -$287. Seven hundred dollars contributed, four hundred dollars lost ๐Ÿ™ Blah.

Liabilities ๐Ÿ™

Student Loan: $0. HahahahahahahHahHhHahahahaha. Hate you Sallie Mae.

Credit Card: $3,237(change not reflected since balance gets paid off). Dropping some mad cash like its going out of style. Airfare, some necessary (and unnecessary) shopping trips, and other random expenses makes for one gnarly credit card bill. Fortunately we can pay this sucker off each month. If we don’t have the cash to backup the purchase, we don’t buy it. You should follow a similar plan.

So we had some ups and some downs which resulted in an overall decrease of $958 from the previous month. Our net worth now stands at $110,599. We moved up over $10,000 last update, so I’ll just pretend this small loss didn’t happen and keep positive. You can’t win em all… But I sure would like too ๐Ÿ™‚

Were you up or down last month?

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  1. “Roth IRA: $25,365; -$302. Even with the markets up some 7% last week I still couldnโ€™t pull ahead for the month. One of these days this Roth IRA thing of mine is going to actually make me some money. At least thatโ€™s what I keep telling myself.”

    That’s right – one of these days. Investments are for the long term. That means not worrying about each 10, 20 or 30 days, but each 10, 20, or 30 years. And as I’ve said in the past, by putting perhaps 10% in bonds and 5% in a REIT, you will smooth out some of these fluctuations since these kinds of assets often move in the opposite direction to equities. Having some fixed income gives you greater diversification, and in a tax-advantaged account, the opportunity to rebalance your assets by purchasing stocks when the market is down.

    “Were you up or down last month?” I was down a bit. I honestly don’t care. I monitor my net worth each month, but at year end I record only the annual change. Compared to (say) December 2008, I’m up a lot. And remember that volatility in itself is a good thing, because it’s only by investing in volatile assets that you can eventually outstrip inflation. No risk, no reward. But in your case, if you think a 10% increase in one month is “mediocre” . . . .

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    We did pretty good last month; nothing spectacular, but we’ve got extra money in the bank for Christmas, and staying in the black. Hubby’s got a whack of OT coming at him this month; it’ll put us in a very good place to start off 2012!

    Great work Ninja and GN!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Just curious why people put such hate onto Sallie Mae? Didn’t those companies loan people money so they could go to college. Without Sallie Mae could you have gone to college and gotten that degree and career?

  4. Do you and GN just have one credit card between the two of you, or do you just list all your CCs together in a single line item? Or do you have more than one but only use one to concentrate your points? I won’t try to guess your credit limit, but when I had just one card with no other outstanding loans that balance would have been about 80% of my overall credit utilization, when I think it’s generally a good idea to keep it below 30%. If you’re thinking about buying a house and want the best possible rates, you might want to think about how you’re using revolving credit here.

    Anyway, as always, looks like you are still chugging along nicely.

    • Good questions. We have a handful of credit cards between the two of us. I have two personal and one work one. Girl Ninja has two personal and two store cards. We both however, only use one primary credit card for virtually all of our transactions. So the $3,237 balance you see is all on one card. Our credit limit on that card is $17,500. Our limit including our other cards is much higher. It’s definitely important to keep in mind the debt/limit ratio. Glad you brought it up ๐Ÿ™‚

      • If and when you decide to buy a house, you might want to keep that credit card usage as minimal as possible for a couple of months before getting your mortgage. Even though you pay off your balance in full each period, that amount will still show up on your credit report and may influence a lender’s willingness to give you a loan.

      • Thanks for the response – makes sense! That’s a nice high limit, too. Mine is only 5k on each of my two cards. And I second Larry’s response.

  5. Just finalized the rollover of my 401k with the financial planner, but it’s been nothing but down down down on that thing.

    But I also don’t owe Sallie Mae anything anymore (still have federal loans though… groan…)

    I did just notice that my credit score is up. Ironic that you lose your primary income and your credit score goes up. Lol. Banks are stupid. Maybe I’ll go get a mortgage while I’m at it. ๐Ÿ˜€

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