Homenet worthNet Worth: December 2010

Net Worth: December 2010

‘Tis the season to increase our net worth! That’s the way we like to think of things at least. The accounts are gonna look a little screwy this month as we were moving money left and right, setting up new accounts, contributing to Roth IRAs, and punching baby dolphins in the face (just making sure you’re still paying attention :))

Here’s what we were working with over the last 30 days…


Checking Account: $9,789; +$4,257. The checking accounts are a bit stacked right now as Girl Ninja and I are in the process of switching from Chase to Wells Fargo. Don’t ask me why we’re making the move, it’s a long boring story. Hopefully this time next month we will be all done with Chase and we can keep the account closer to $2,000 or so dollars.

Savings Accounts: $12,105; -$5,984. You’ll see why I reduced my savings account by $5,000 in the next section….

Roth IRA: $20,141; +$5,011. After a little bit of Roth IRA drama, it was time to make my 2010 contribution. Special thanks to all my readers who pimp slapped me back to reality and encouraged me to invest. I’ve put $19,000 in to the thing over the last four years, and it’s nice to finally see it worth more than I contributed. Positive returns rock my face off!

TSP (401K): $18,714; +$516. The standard 5% contribution heads this direction each month. That 5% gets fully matched. I invest in virtually the same funds in both my Roth IRA and in my 401K so they generally perform the same. Pretty boring stuff if you ask me.


Student Loan: $0. I recently wrote an article for Lending Tree about how I paid off my $28,000 student loan balance in 2.5 years. You should check it out by clicking here!

Credit Card: $0. We use our credit card for our day to day spending, as a result the balance widely varies (but gets paid off every month). Why do we use our CC instead of a debit card you wonder? Because we LOVE free airline miles!

We’ve managed to increase our Net Worth by another $4,846 since last month. Yes, in case you were wondering, dual income still totally turns me on….meow!!! Our Net Worth is now $60,234 (this time last year, it was $27,389). I’m hoping we can break the $100,000 threshold sometime in 2012. Anyone else have a great last month?

p.s. you can see all of my net worth updates here.

**I chose not to include ‘possessions’ (including our cars) in our NW calculations, which would probably increase our worth by about $15,000.**

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  1. At the rate you are going your going to pass us up 🙂

    Since you are accumulating so much so fast have you thought about short term goals and/or long term goals lately?

    As far as opportunities go, have you checked out room rates in Las Vegas the week before Christmas? Do you even like Las Vegas?

  2. Although I consider myself a pretty conservative investor, it’s still a little surprising seeing how over 1/3 of your savings is in a completely liquid form. Don’t you wish CD’s were making 5% again?

    • We are working towards $100,000 in savings so we have a ton of flexibility for purchasing a home. After we’ve bought our first place, then I can start mixing up short to mid term investment strategies 🙂

  3. It is nice to have a positive net worth isn’t it? So many of us are still starting out and trying to dig ourselves out of the negative. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Congratulations. Can I borrow Girl Ninja’s income for a few months, since it appears you don’t need it? Thanks.

  5. Ours went up an average of $4500 over the past few months, but this month was a dismal $474. Lame! Unfortunately I’m thinking the awfulness will continue into next month because of Christmas. The stock market dropping lately hasn’t helped either. Me likes returns on my investments.

    Did I mention I hate being a single income family?!

  6. Jealous…my hubby and I are drained financially right now. We’ve got our wedding and Christmas coming up, plus I’m paying off the money I owe the government for my freelance work the past year. It’s going to be a tight month. You guys are an inspiration, though, and I hope that in a few years my husband and I can be in a similar situation as you guys!

  7. I’ve been depressed about my net worth lately and haven’t updated it in about 4 months… you’ve inspired me to pimp slap myself back onto the program! Congrats on being 60% of the way to SIX FIGURES, Baby!

  8. Yesterday I watched an episode of 30 Rock, with the plot that Jenna started fake-dating James Franco to cover up his secret romance with a Japanese love pillow named “Kamiko.” I guess sick minds think alike?

    Highly reccomended on Netflix, it’s from Season 4 (can’t remember the episode number)

  9. You said that your current net worth is $60,234 and last year it was $27,389. But last year was just you, right? That didn’t include GN because you weren’t married yet. I’m curious about your net worth as two single people this time last year vs. a married couple this year.

    And I can’t WAIT until our net worth is in the black. Debt totally sucks big rocks.

    • You’re right my NW was $27,389 last year this time as an individual. Girl Ninja’s net worth would have been about $3,000 (she wasn’t making very much). Hope that clears things up.

  10. Last month was not good, bad market performance. Dual income is the best investment you’ll ever make. 🙂
    Nice net worth by the way, good job on getting that Roth IRA contribution in before the end of the year.

  11. Looking good. My goal for this month is just not to any any debt while handling all of the Christmas shopping. I promise next year I’ll start a Christmas fund.

  12. The first $100,000 is the hardest – it took us 20 years!

    Once the kids are through college and leave home and you are in your high earning years, the money will really start piling up.

    You are doing awesome.

  13. That is a seriously huge jump in net worth from the year before!

    You are a total inspiration to keep saving.

  14. Pretty good for your age. Keep it going. I’m doing “catch up” contributions at age 30. And the whole housing debacle hook me up with a bunch of negative equity. So I’m playing catch up to “punch my mortgage in its face.”

  15. Congrats! Looks like you had a great year. Keep up the good work. Umm, thanks for the creepy guy married to his pillow? 🙂

  16. […] is now debt free by Punching Away at Student Loans, and has already accumulated over $60,000 in net worth (not including a home).  Hopefully, he keeps this trend up by not preventing wealth by getting a 30 […]

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