Homenet worthNet worth: August 2013

Net worth: August 2013




Closing on our house last month took a toll on our Net worth, as we expected it to. We’ve owned the place for two weeks now, but haven’t spent more than an hour in it. Hopefully when we return back to the states it is still standing 🙂 Anyways, here is what our first net worth update looks like as homeowners.


Cash: $25,604; -$66,880

We wrote a fat $70,000 check last month for our remaining down payment and to cover our closing costs. Funny thing is, I don’t miss the cash at all. I’ve been annoyed by having so much cash sitting in a savings account it’s nice to finally diversify ourselves a little.

Roth IRA: $41,571; $2,172

The market goes up, so does my Roth. Market goes down, so does my Roth. Couldn’t be more straightforward. Thankfully the trend has been up lately.

401Ks, IRAs, etc: $71,434; +$5,172

Nothing sexy or different this month. Just your typical contributions and market appreciation that lead to some decent gains.

Payments owed:

Credit Card: $2,582 (change not reflected since balance is paid off each month)

We have some travel expenses and moving expenses added included in this recent total. We had to throw our stuff in storage for a month since we had to move out of our rental before we got keys to our house. Throw in a rental truck (x2) and other moving costs and things add up quick. Hopefully we won’t be moving anytime soon 😉

I haven’t included our house in this most recent net worth update because I’m typing this from my phone and I’d like to wait until I have access to a spreadsheet and my computer. That means our Net worth is taking a huge hit and currently stands at $136,028 which is a drop of $60,164 since last update. Haha, gotta love this interesting season.

p.s. We are in Europe for the next two weeks. Posting will be limited due to partaking jn extreme amounts of fun and having a lack of wifi options.

You can see all of my net worth updates here.

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  1. Europe is looking like fun and congrats on the new home! I’m currently building a house and cannot wait until everything is done.

  2. Leona (

    Congrats on your new home! Although you took a hit on your net worth–it will eventually go up. Have fun on your trip and enjoy your new home.


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