Homenet worthNet Worth: August 2012

Net Worth: August 2012

Summer is typically the most expensive season for us. It probably is for you as well. What is it about the sunshine and heat that just makes people want to spend more? Fortunately, we haven’t done anything too crazy (no expensive summer getaways) so we’re still moving that NW graph in the positive direction. Let’s see how things played out.


Checking Account: $5,771; (change not shown since money is constantly in and out of this account). I just had a really random thought, if you had to let your neighbors see the last 100 transactions in your checking account, would you be embarrassed? Hmmm, might have to turn this thought in to a blog post for tomorrow.

Savings Accounts: $71,201; +$3,396. We are finally back in the 70’s. Haven’t been in this range since March (before we bought the Pilot). It feels good and I’m uber motivated to keep plugging and chugging towards that $100,000 savings goal…most of which will eventually go towards a down payment on our first house. What the heck do we save for once we are done saving for a house?

Roth IRA: $27,405; $389. While this gain doesn’t totally replace the $2,100 loss we suffered last month, in this account, it sure as heck does ease the pain. Investing can be super emotional if you let it be, good thing I care more about 30 years from now than 30 days 🙂

TSP (401K): $34,870; +$535. Had some losses from the markets, but gains from contributions. The 5% match I get makes painful months slightly less painful. One day this account is going to read $2,000,000. Can’t wait for that day to come….40 years from now.

Payments owed:

Credit Card: $2,300 (change not reflected since balance is paid off each month) Summer is just more expensive. We travel more. Grill more. Eat out more. Shop more. And DEFINITELY have more fun. Fun isn’t always cheap, but this next month we are going to do our best at being conscientious spenders. Should also note, five hundred of this is from Girl Ninja’s annual Nordstrom shopping spree. It’s expensive, but she only does it once a year and I’m glad she gets to spoil herself a little.

I freakin’ love summer and am glad we’ve been able to make some progress these last few months. Our net worth now stands at $136,947 which is an increase of $4,455 from last month. I get three paychecks in August, we are almost finished moving Girl Ninja’s forgotten 401k money in to a personal IRA, and we are reigning in our spending. If things go well, we could bump up another $10,000 in the next 30 days. How fan-freakin-tastic would that be!?

p.s. You can see all of my net worth updates here.

p.p.s. Favorite nail from yesterday: Olympic divers photoshopped over a toilet.



  1. Definitely embarrassed of my checking account. Save for a nicer house after your starter home 🙂

  2. My savings don’t compare to yours! Although you are five years ahead of me :p.
    We have 5K in the savings account. Hopefully, will add 3-4K in August, depending on extra income….and how much we DON’T spend.

  3. Once you are done saving for a downpayment… you can save for (a) paying off the rest of the house, (b) an awesome retirement for you and GN, (c) college for those kids you eventually may have. I just heard on the radio this morning that the University of Chicago is 60 k per year. Holy smokes.

  4. “What the heck do we save for once we are done saving for a house?”

    I have dreamed of that day! I think my first thing will be a either rental home or passive type business

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  6. Awesome job!

    At first I read NW as North west, silly me.

    Your comment on what we save for after we buy a house / save for a house, is one thing I’ve asked myself. Once I have shelter, enough food, entertainment, do I have to save as much? Nope. Gotta love it!

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