Net Worth: August 2011

I hate personal finance! Okay, not really. But I definitely hate parts of personal finance, especially the parts where I have to calculate how much money GN and I lost. Fortunately we have more good months than bad, so we can afford to take a loss every now and again…but that doesn’t mean I’m going to like it. On to the numbers…


Checking Account: $5,932; (change not shown since money is constantly in and out of this account). We had a huge rent payment last month, where we actually paid this month’s rent as part of it. That means the checking account has gotten a bit larger then normal…don’t worry though, we have a huge credit card bill coming due.

Savings Accounts: $50,082;+$42. Bwahahaha. How pathetic is this increase!? I put absolutely nothing in to our savings account over the last month, but gained a whopping $42 in interest. We’ve had a bunch of expenses lately (moving, vacations, decorating, etc). This is the first time I can remember not putting money in our savings account. There’s a first time for everything…right?

Roth IRA: $22,879; -$3,254. If you have any money in the stock market you shouldn’t be surprised by this massive drop. Something tells me my Roth won’t be turning around anytime soon as I’m expecting another miserable week. Don’t play with fire if you don’t want to get burned.

TSP (401K): $23,340; -$2,541. Automatic 5% matched contributions are sweet. Sucky performance of my TSP…not sweet. Buy and hold baby, buy and hold.

Liabilities 🙁

Student Loan: $0. Who else thinks student loans are the worst thing since Baby Hitler…

Credit Card: $3,412 (change not reflected since card gets paid off). We’ve been using our credit card like a boss this last month. Multiple swipes per day = multiple increases in our balance. A good chunk of this balance was from a ton of Target/Walmart runs for cleaning supplies and random household items. Another chunk was food/shopping expenses while we were in Hawaii. And a small portion of this went to the Brazilian bikini wax I got done for the sweet man thong I rocked in Waikiki. Yes, It. Was. HOT! 

It is a sad day in the Ninja household. I would like to request that we all share in a moment of silence as we mourn the loss of $5,152 and a six-figure net worth. That’s right, our NW is now $98,821. In other words, we lost all of May and June’s gains in the month of July. No bueno mi amigos, no bueno at all. Can’t wait for Girl Ninja to start bringing home the bacon next month!

p.s. you can see all of my net worth updates here.

11 thoughts on “Net Worth: August 2011”

  1. You have bananas! My god man, do you realise if you lived in Australia that you would be rich now!

    (by way of explanation the majority of the Asutralian banana crop was wiped out by cyclone Yasi in January. Bananas are literally worth thier weight in gold here)

  2. “This month’s update brought to you by. BANANAS.” Not “buy.” Though you are more than welcome to buy as many bananas as you like. (I had no idea Australia grew bananas. I think we in the US get ours mostly from Costa Rica, where, as my one trip there suggested, the entire country is one huge banana plantation.)

    “In other words, we lost all of May and June’s gains in the month of July. No bueno mi amigos, no bueno at all.”

    No, Ninja. Muy bueno, muy bueno, amigo. The market is rising and falling just as it’s supposed to do. It will come back. (Remember Oct. 2008, when people were throwing themselves out of windows?) Just suck it up, hold on, and even buy stocks if you can.

    The real problems are dealing with long-term unemployment and stagnant growth.

  3. I’m waiting for the blacked out eyes pic of you rockin the man thong. Of course, by blacked out eyes, I mean, I might have to poke my eyeballs out and live in eternal blackness.

  4. Unless things change int he next 20 days or so I am going to be afraid to do my net worth for Sept 1st! My 401(k) is back down to January levels despite 7 months of contributions lol

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