Net Worth: April 2010

If I could use one word to describe the last 30 days it would be STUPENDELICIOUS. That’s right, I feel so good I’m making up new words (actually just combining two words, stupendous and delicious). Why am I so excited you might ask? Well, I had an incredible jump in my Net Worth this last month. Check out the graph…

Checking Accounts: $2,668, +$685. Gotta keep this account a little padded for now as I have my $1,900 credit card bill coming due here in the next week. Why so much on the C.C. you might be asking? Well, I’m happy to announce Girl Ninja and I booked our honeymoon….to ARUBA!!! This was the first chunk of the deposit. Look for more honeymoon details to come in future posts 🙂

Savings Accounts: $23,325, +$560. I know, many of you hate that I keep contributing to my savings account when I have Sallie Mae debt. I promise you that I still viciously want to punch Sallie in the face. It’s just not the right time…yet. I do have some things up my sleeve though so stay tuned 🙂

Roth IRA: $14,490, +$951. After three faithful years of contributing to my Roth IRA, I am finally starting to reap the benefits. I was a diligent Ninja and began investing immediately after I graduated college. The downturns in the market sure suck, but the upswings make it all worth it. My account balance is worth more than my contributions… Woohoo!

TSP (401K): $13,595, +$1,282. I contribute 5% of my gross pay to my 401k each month. I then get that 5% fully matched by my employer. The investments in my Roth IRA and 401K are nearly identical, so they typically exhibit the same trends. If you are wondering, I invest in three different mutual funds (big business, small/mid business, and international).

Student Loan: -$14,495, +$1,117. Even if you think I’m crazy for keepin’ my student loan, can’t you at least appreciate that I paid more than $1,000 towards it last month? My minimum obligation is only $236. That means I threw almost 5 times my obligation at this stupid debt. Making progress has to count for something right?

When every category is in the green, that means GREAT things for my net worth. I’m now the proud owner of a $37,894 net worth!!! That means I went up $4,369 from last month. That my friends makes me one happy Ninja. I think this was my largest 30 day gain yet. Over half of the growth came strictly from my investments. If the markets keep doing what they’ve been doing, I could easily break the $40,000 net worth mark next month.

On an unrelated note, many of you commented yesterday that you would like to see more pictures of Girl Nina and myself. While I am not quite ready to come out from behind my ninja mask, I will post up a few pics for your enjoyment. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

this picture makes me laugh

got in a bit of a food fight here

we are so in love we just like to randomly jump

Our preferred method of transportation

**If you have wondered why the blue bar (debt) in the graph sometimes increases, it’s because my credit card balance gets taken in to account each month. Even though I pay the balance in full it still appears as a “liability” in Quicken. I just deduct this from my checking account balance to give myself an accurate net worth reading. This is why my actual NW increase, may not always necessarily match with the totals of each category, but I promise the overall total is REAL. I chose not to include possessions (including my car) in my NW calculations, which would probably increase my worth by about $8K.**

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    • I'm a Ninja, I take the pictures. I can be in two places at one time so I am behind the camera and in the picture all at the same time. Haha, not really. Just random friends have taken those pictures 🙂

    • No professional photographers. The first pictures was taken on my digital SLR and the others were just on a normal point and shoot camera. I did touch a few of them up in photoshop though, so that is why they might look "professional"

  1. Love the silhouetted jumping picture – ah, young love! Anyhoo, congrats on the net worth! So I am one of those that wants you to kick Sallie Mae to the curb right now…and please don't use "in the fallopian tubes" again? One, that's gross. Two, it's not nice to be gender-specifically-abusive. It's a low blow! Three, "in the face" is so ringy, it's the name of your blog. Punch Sallie in the Face would have been oh-so-descriptive. and Four, do fallopian tubes even have pain receptors to make that punch painful? If not, definitely go for the nose and make that loan hurt.

    • Good call on the gender neutrality thing. I just always say I'll punch Sallie Mae in the face, but since the name is feminine I figured I would change it up a bit. Probably not my best decision. But in fairness, I did say in a previous post one time I was going to kick sallie mae in the nuts. Does that count for anything?

  2. Yah who took those pictures, from jumping to skating and biking? Anyway, I am inspired by your case. It's glad to see that you can balance your finances and you love life. Those pictures are sweet, cute and romantic.

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