Homenet worthNet Worth: May 2011

Net Worth: May 2011

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been a little sloppy with my finances the last 30 days. Most of my “office stuff'” is packed in boxes, sitting in a storage unit a few miles away from my parents place. That would include my desktop computer, the one I use to do all my net worth stuff on. Since I wont be using Quicken anytime soon (seriously having withdrawals), I’m going to make my best attempt to update my net worth the good ol’ fashioned way…with a pen and paper. Hopefully I won’t make too many mistakes…


Checking Account: $14,090; (change not shown since money is constantly in and out of this account). I’m not really sure the exact balance of our checking account at this moment. Wells Fargo tells me it’s $14,090 but that’s only for a few more days. I have a $5,400ish payment pending to my work credit card and another $$4,327 owed on my personal credit card. So after these payments are made it will be closer to about $4,300 in checking.

Savings Accounts: $33,709; +6,024. I knew April was going to be one of my favorite months as it is a three paycheck month for me. Not to mention the fact that I also was able to work OT in Germany. Oh, and the whole not paying rent/utilities/food this last month has also been a huge blessing.

Roth IRA: $26,002; +$3,136. Three thousand of this increase was from a 2011 contribution. Only $2,000 more to go before I’ve maxed this sucker out 4 years in a row. Have you contributed to your Roth IRA lately? Roths need love too!

TSP (401K): $24,501; +$1,161. 5% of my gross pay invested + 5% matched by employer = Cashing in on free money. If you’re employer offers some type of matching program and you aren’t taking advantage of it, do us all a favor and go punch yourself in the face….repeatedly.


Student Loan: $0. I’ve now been debt free for one year. Can you believe it?! Time flies when you’re having fun not having to pay Sallie Mae 7% interest on student loans!

Credit Card: $9,727 (change not reflected since card gets paid off). I couldn’t imagine only making the $97 minimum payment on these credit cards. It would take me well over 15 years to pay this balance off if I did that. That’s craziness I tell you! This months credit card bill included plane tickets to see Girl Ninja, an iPhone 4, all of my personal/work expenses in Germany, and a large donation to our church.

According to my calculations this brings our total net worth to $87,945 which puts us $9,712 higher than last month (this time last year, my net worth was $41,789)!!!! Again, this big jump was mostly the result of an extra paycheck, a bunch of overtime, and minimal living expenses. GN and I have been really fortunate these last few months and hopefully we can keep our net worth moving upwards. I’m not stupid though, I know a “rainy day” will eventually come and the more Girl Ninja and I save now, the better prepared we will be in the future.

p.s. you can see all of my net worth updates here.

**I choose not to include possessions in our NW calculations**



  1. Just thought you might want an update on the year. It is May 2011 not 2010 like your title says.

    Anyways good going. You never fail to impress with increasing your networth.

  2. Why did you buy the iPhone 4? The iPhone 5 ships in September!!! My upgrade is all types of ready to be used, but I’m holding out for the latest and the greatest.

    And hehe, Rafiki is right: May 2010. You’re so silly!

  3. When are you going to start investing outside of your retirement accounts?

  4. I can’t get past the pictures… and even more disturbing is one of my FB peeps has pic # 3 as his profile pic!

  5. Way to go! The free loading is paying off…Glad to have you around for a bit and happy to see you saving for your future!

  6. Ninja you choked me a little with your TSP contribution. I work for our Uncle as well and my 5% is getting a complex from yours. Math error or are you making 11k a month?

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