My time is not that valuable

I’m just gonna be honest with you all; My time is really not that valuable. Sometimes I think people overstress (is that a word?) the importance of their time. Let’s take a look in to my life and see what I had going down yesterday.

  • Wake up 7:45am
  • Arrive at my “office” at 7:46am
  • Work from home 8am to 12pm (in my underwear of course)
  • Work out in the field 12pm to 3pm
  • Work from home 3pm to 4:30pm
  • Surf internet/watch tv/waste my life away 4:30 to 6:30.
  • Go on a sweet double date 6:30 to 8:30
  • Hang out at girlfriends house 8:30 to 10pm
  • Blog 10pm to 11pm
  • Shower, surf internet, get in bed 11pm to Midnight

That’s pretty much what a typical Ninja day looks like. Don’t get me wrong, I have my stressful days, but for the most part things are pretty chill around here. I’d say I average about 3 hours of non-committed free time a day. One of my biggest pet peeves: People that complain about not having enough time in their day. Umm hello! Don’t tell me you don’t have enough time to make a budget when you just got done watching 5 consecutive hours of The Hills on MTV.

Do ya’ll know what I’m talking about? There are a few of my friends that stress me out because they are always so stressed. I’ve come to realize there are really two types of these stress cases. There are people that have no time to do anything, because they try to do everything. Or the person that does nothing and says they wish they did something.

It’s all about time management. I love that my time is really not that valuable, because that means I have plenty of time to give. I have the flexibility to take a last minute vacation, I can meet friends for a quick lunch, I can watch Spongebob Squarepants on Saturday morning. If you feel like you have no time left at the end of the day, take a minute to re-evaluate what you are doing and see if there aren’t a few things you could cut down on. If you are in nine different yoga classes, maybe you should cut back? If you work 15 hours a day maybe you should look for a new job? If you have three kids maybe you should sell one on ebay?

Do you feel like you have enough free time in your day? What would you do with an extra two hours?

7 thoughts on “My time is not that valuable”

  1. I admit I was one of those who was very stressed in college, but that was partly because I took too much on trying to graduate early (to save money, of course!). But now that I'm out of college, I feel like I have SO much free time! I mean, you come home and have no homework?! This was an amazing concept for me to get used to my first few months in the real world.

  2. I feel like I have some free time available – what would I do with an extra two hours? Spend it with family, or ride my horse I think.

  3. I would say that my free time sucks, because everyone else has the same free time.

    For example, if I want to go to the mall, or the movies, or something like that, I have to do it on the weekend. And guess what? Everyone else has the same idea.

    If I want to go to the gym, I have to go after work at like 5 or 6 PM, which happens to be the same time that every other person in the world goes to the gym.

    As my job progresses, I will be working on my own more, and, hopefully, I'll be able to go see a movie at 2 in the afternoon on a Wednesday, if I want to.

    Basically, I would be completely satisfied with my amount of free time, if it was at some other time.

  4. I am one of those that takes on entirely too much. I currently am still in college so I still have homework, if nothing else it weighs on my mind at all times, then I have kids and a wife, my blog, I usually work some extra time each week for the $$ of course, then there is my freelance stuff, all the projects I like to do at home, other hobbies…yard sale shopping on the weekends for fun, and I take on new things all the time because they sound great, but I really cant handle any more, at least not till school is finished..

  5. "…Time? There's never enough and it always goes too slow." — Incubus That says it all.

    Is my time valuable? It depends on what yardstick you use. Monetarily it's worthless. However, I am investing in the future by staying home and raising my child on my terms. So in that sense, my time is invaluable.

    Depending on who you ask, I either have zero free time or I have all the free time in the world. Other stay-at-home moms would say I have no free time because I work 24/7, and that's true. Others who don't know how hard I work would say I have nothing but free time.

    If I had an extra two hours in the day, I'd sleep, go to the bathroom unaccompanied, write, exercise and maybe fold some laundry.

  6. LOL. I was just thinking of sellig one or both of my kids for my Earn More Challenge. But I like the thought of doing that to free up more time! 🙂

    Great post. You are right… I bitch all the time that I don't have enough time. But, that is cuz I'm wastin' sittin in front of the tube watching True Blood or an Angel's game. 😉

    TV is evil. lol.

  7. I sold a kid on e-bay once; made really good money. I highly recommend looking into it for anyone that has an excess of children.

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