My Expenses: March 2009

That’s right peeps, it’s time to see where this kid spent his money for the month of March. I got to say it was one heck of a month and I’m completely stoked. Ending the month with a positive cash flow is always a good thing, but I exceeded my goals so I’m exstatic! So here it is, where my money went in March… 
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Explanation of Income:

Gift: This is money that I wasn’t expecting to get that fell my way. This month no one gave me money 🙁 What’s up fellow bloggers you didn’t want to send me a random $50 check in the mail for being awesome? Haha.

Interest Inc: Any interest that I may collect from investment/savings accounts. I finally broke the $10K threshold to get that whopping APR increase to 1.65%. It basically doubled my online savings account interest. I’m bringing home an extra 15 big ones each month now…that’s 15 double cheeseburgers at McDonalds 🙂

Salary: My take home pay from the day job. I get paid every two weeks, so twice a year I get an extra paycheck for the month. May and October is when this joyuous occasion takes place this year. This amount is also after my 8% contribution to my 401k plan. 

Tax Refund: This was my state refund. I thought for a minute The Govenator was going to keep my money for quite a bit longer with all the hype of the California tax I.O.U.

Tutoring: Something I do in my free time to make a little extra cash flow . Brought in a solid $934 this month which is good because April is going to me a terrible tutoring month, my little kiddies will have spring break.

Explanation of Expenses:

Auto: Any maintenance and fuel costs associated with my car or motorcycle. This category excludes vehicle insurance. Loving the motorcycle and work vehicle, ’cause I only had to pony up $25 this month for gas!

Cash: Any cash withdrawals from an ATM. This was spending money I allotted myself when I took a weekend trip to Seattle.

Charity: $100 to Klove radio (a christian radio station). I didn’t give anywhere else this month, terrible.

Dining: The dollar bills I be droppin’ when I take my lady on a sweet date (or when I’m alone and craving a tasty burrito). $37 this month is a solid number for me, probably one of the lowest dining months I’ve had.

Gifts: Any money I spend on someone else. No one was lucky enough to blessed by me this month. Maybe that’s why I didn’t receive any gift money either…karma anyone?

Groceries: Any food that I buy from a grocery store. My goal is to keep my dining and grocery expenses at about $250 each month. Ugh, $214 at the grocery store makes me feel like a little fatty.

Insurance: Includes car, motorcycle, and renters insurance.

Interest expense: This is my school loan . I have a monthly obligation of $178, but as mentioned in my other posts, I pay about double that each month. I decided at the end of March that I needed to throw at least $1K at Sallie Mae each month . This will be the last time you see a payment less than that. It wont be long till I kick Sallie Mae to the curb. Booya!

Reimbursement: Anyone owe me money? Yup, $160 for internet reimbursement and $34 for groceries I bought for a friend cause they didn’t have their card on them.

The overall total at the bottom is the cash I had leftover after all my expenses. This goes straight in to my online savings account and, either stays there, or gets put in my Roth IRA.

March was a phenomenal month and I stayed in line with my budget. I love quicken ’cause it keeps me in check with minimal effort on my part. I don’t want to be arrogant, but I feel pretty darn good about being 23 years old having a discretionary income of over 2,000 dollars! I’m doing what I can to be a good little saver and to one day live the dream and own a home. Kinda weird to think you don’t know what I look like, but you know how much money I spend. Does that make you creepy? Or me?

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  1. I’m amazed that you only spent $37 dining in San Diego. I spent that in a WEEKEND in San Diego! =)

    Great job on your budget this month, and yes, you should be proud to be 23 and have that much discretionary income. Own it and love it.

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