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Murphy Sucks

I hate, hate, hate Murphy. Like seriously hate him. If you don’t know, I’m talking about Murphy’s Law. You know, If something can go wrong, it will. Unfortunately, I experienced this the other day. My bike was stolen. Like straight up jacked. It was the first time I’ve ever had anything taken from me. I feel violated. Dirty. Like I need to take a cold shower.

I bought my GT Avalanche 2.0 (w/ disk breaks) mountain bike my Junior year of college. My relationship with my bike even predates my relationship with Girl Ninja. We’d been through popped tires, bloody knees, and many many miles together. She was a loyal and faithful servant. Always taking me where I needed to go. Here are a few shots of the good times we had…

Sadly, our relationship ended yesterday. I went to take her out for a ride under the gorgeous San Diego sun, but to my dismay, she was gone, and probably never coming back.

I am partially to blame, as I did make a mistake: I didn’t lock her to a bike rack. My condo complex is completely gated and the parking garage, where the bike racks are, is underground and out of view from the street. The bike rack was completely full and  I couldn’t find anything to secure my bike to. So I made, what I thought was a logical decision, and locked my bike to itself. I wrapped it through my back tire, around my chain, and through the frame. I made sure my bike couldn’t be ridden off. I set it up against the wall near the bike rack and thought nothing of it.

This means, some hoodlum (I’ve always wanted to use that word) went to the bike rack. Looked to see if any bikes weren’t attached to it, had to physically pick up my bike (since it couldn’t be ridden), and carry it off. Although having my bike stolen is no fun, I can’t stop thinking about who could have taken it? Was it someone in the complex I live in? Maybe a resident’s visitor? Or did someone jump the fence looking for bikes to heist? Questions I will never know the answer to.

So now I begin Operation Buy a New Bike! I’m not sure if I should go with another mountain bike, or possibly a road bike, or since I live in San Deezy, beach cruisers seem to be the norm. Options, options, options. I’m looking in the $200-$300 price range. I’m excited about getting a new bike, but a little overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. I’ll probably put the purchase on the backburner until I get back from the honeymoon. I’m considering this a lesson learned: TRUST NO ONE.

Has Murphy caused some havoc in your life in recent years?

Ever had anything stolen from you?

Any avid riders have a suggestion on a good $300 used road, mountain, or beach bike?

P.S. If you are the culprit that stole my bike I have a message for you: You smell!



  1. Oh no! I live in San Francisco and always scared my bike will get stolen and I will have to walk all the way home (not like SF lacks public transportation.) Sad. Criminals suck!

  2. What’s it with bike crime in CA? I have a bunch of buddies in California and EVERY single one of them has had their bike stolen. It seems like the hottest commodity ever.

    Well, I guess the good news is, there are probably a lot of stolen bikes on craigs list to get a deal on. Seriously though, I’d look on craigslist and see if your bike is posted there.
    That’s how my friend found his stolen snowblower.

  3. Is this the new apartment? You should at least report the theft to the management, as they should be concerned about security issues and there may be hidden cameras monitoring the garage or entryways. You can also ask about additional bike racks if the existing ones are insufficient for all the residents. And you may want to ask other residents if they know of similar thefts.

    It’s a small dollar amount, but it may be covered on your insurance policy unless it falls within your deductible.

  4. Man, that sucks!

    I remember when I first moved to Utah, I got a brand new cell phone. Now, it wasn’t the greatest most expensive phone, but it was still brand new. I ended up going to the store and left the window of my car cracked. Big mistake! I accidentally left my phone and my old first generation brick of an ipod in the car and they both got swiped!

    Definitely learned my lesson, especially since the store wouldn’t view the parking garage tapes without a police report.

  5. well, what a nice way to be greeted in your new community!

    I went with the Trek hybrid and LOVE it. It’s great for commuting and off-road cycling.

    I’ve had cruisers, and they’re fun to ride, but if you do serious commuting they won’t cut it!

  6. Oh I could feel your pain – it sounded like you had a lot of great memories of your old bike.

    My bike was stolen in college, on like the 3rd day of school. No more bike riding to classes for me. I used a cheap lock unfortunately. My bike was stolen growing up too from the side of our house.

    Take the opportunity to find what you really want and see what new options are out there. Good luck!

  7. Got my bike stolen in the process too. Guy got a big clamp and chopped my bike off as I was walking up to it. I got my fist and thwacke him in the neck! He collapsed and ran away.

    What’s up with folks nowadays!

  8. My bike was also stolen in college, so I started roller-blading everywhere since I could just put them in a backpack when I wasn’t wearing them. Criminals do suck. Not only did they steal something of value, but it’s inconvenient and puts a damper on plans. I wish I could have punched the person who stole my bike like Financial Samurai did!

  9. no big deal. its just stuff. this is a great opportunity to stay detached from things.

    so get a new bike. and get one you really really like. id really reconsider the beach cruiser thing… unless you’re just chugging along on the boardwalk or the sand (which from your super radical photos, i would think otherwise) id say go with practicality. but shoot, you already know this.

  10. Make sure you report it to management. Also, take a look around the most likely path they would have taken with your bike. Look for video cameras that might have picked them up while they were carrying your bike off.

    In many cases, if there is a camera in a building across the street or whatever, you can talk them into letting you take a look at the video from that time period and maybe get a pic of the culprit.

  11. I’d wait a bit….my son’s bike was stolen in college and the next week he was walking past the college library and saw his bike in the bike rack – unlocked! He took it back and got a better lock!! So maybe yours will turn up….good luck!

  12. i definitely recommend a road bike ninja if you dont expect to go offroading anymore. I bought one a couple of years ago and i can tell you they can get you where you wanna go so much faster and with less effort. seruosuly look into a used road bike, you wont regret it!
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  13. I feel for ya, Debt Ninja. I really do. Being a total lover of biking (I live in a metro area, it’s far superior to bike rather than drive, not to mention healthy!) I can sympathize for when a bike breaks down on you like that.

    …The good news is that bikes are easily affordable. Especially with your cash flow pattern.

  14. Did you report the bike stolen to your building manager or to the police? That way if it gets found at a local pawn shop or something – you can get it back. I have a Trek Hybrid bike and love it. Good for the road – super light weight and great for off-roading as well.

  15. I’d buy a surly 1×1, little bit more but you’ll ride it forever. PS Don’t leave it downstairs may you bike belongs in your appartment like the loyal member of the family it is:) Mine lives inside.

    Plus get a d-lock I use a kryptonite forget about it lock, big size. The local police tried to break it, the only way they could get through it was 30 minutes of angle grinding. I think the big dog d lock was the only other lock that they couldn’t break.

  16. I had my car stolen last summer (one week before my wedding) which sucked, but the police found it three days later so that was nice. It’s a crummy feeling when you discover the theft.

    I bought a Marin road bike last year and really love it.

  17. Murphy got me for $2,750 about 8 months ago… transmission overhaul. 🙁

    Murphy sucks. Especially when hes costs me money

  18. Pretty much the exact same thing happened to my bike, and I couldn’t help but feel like an idiot for it because my bike-thief probably did the same shit yours did. I even lived with a cop at the time, some help he was. PFFT. ;P But he did make me feel less guilty by saying “you shouldn’t feel like an idiot just because you trusted the people you live around, it’s the thief that’s a bad person, not you!” so that helped a little. But I still had to shell out another $600 to replace it. You better believe I’m more careful now! SIGH.

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