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Saturday is moving day. You know what that means; renting a truck, getting our stuff out of storage, rounding up some family/friends, and spending a solid 4 or so hours lugging boxes, furniture, and decorations from Point A to Point B. In the last eight years, I’ve moved 12 times. Girl Ninja is no better having moved 9 times in the last six years. Long story short, we move…a lot.

Each move gets progressively harder and takes a bit longer, as the amount of stuff I, and now we, own increases. Fortunately our last rental was only 600 square feet so it definitely limited the amount of stuff we could have. Regardless of how much stuff you do (or don’t) have, moving sucks. Dishes break, furniture gets dinged, and backs become sore. Moving is not my idea of a good time.

But as much as I loathe the moving process, I still can’t bring myself to hire movers. If we were moving a three bedroom house, or if I was physically ill, then I would consider it, but as long as my legs work and all our stuff fits in one truck, we will forgo the luxury of hiring a moving company. Don’t get me wrong, it would be super convenient and the extra cost might be justified, but in the name of frugality I will persevere and add one more self-move to my resume.

Moving sucks.

How many times have you moved in the last 5 or 10 years? Have you ever hired movers? Do you feel you got your moneys worth?

p.s. We are taking bets as to how many dishes/glasses/etc will have broke at some point during our 1,200 mile move. Care to take a guess?

 p.p.s. Girl Ninja wrote a response to all the heated comments I got yesterday. Her post will be going up at 9am PST today. 

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  1. Perfect timing! We are moving next month and finally hiring movers to do it for us! With a 4 bedroom house, 3 kids and an out of state move, I vow to not to lift a finger this time. In the last 7 years we have moved 7 times (including out of state and back) and have always done it ourselves…no more.
    I’m hoping to hear some recs for reputable moving companies from your fab readers:) So far, most of the people I have asked do not have stellar moving company experiences…

  2. The older I get the more I tend to outsource. Car washes, eating out, and hopefully a housekeeper in the near future 🙂

  3. I’ve moved so many times that I feel like it’s a career. I’ve got another one coming up at the end of this month. Here’s something I learned on my last move (and I’ll be doing it again this time); don’t try to save money by using old cardboard boxes. Rent stackable and sturdy plastic boxes instead. They’re easier to pack, cheap (if you rent them in the right place), and you don’t have to throw them out when you’re done (just return them or have them picked up). Definitely worth it.

  4. We moved around alot when I was a kid (about once every 2 years; I can list about 18 different addresses,and moving was always done with family/friends and a rental truck). As a married Mo D., Hubby and I have moved once in the past 7.5 year, but we are moving next spring. I had 1 bad exprience with a moving co. when I had moved right before I met Hubby (guys showed up an hour late, smoke breaks every 10 min, etc…). They tried to swindle me out of extra money because the move was taking longer than expected; I refused to pay for their tardiness and smoke breaks. When we moved into our condo Jan/04, we hired different movers… these guys were AWESOME!! I think we spent about $500, but it was money well-spent. They had another move scheduled after ours, so time was of the essence. We tipped them handsomely; they TOTALLY deserved it! The move was only about a 4 mile distance, but a snow storm was starting as we got to the new digs.

    Thanks for the tip re: stackable boxes, Ray… I’m going to look into that! Hubby already works a labour-intensive job 5-6 days/week; I wouldn’t subject him to moving our king-size bed and sofa.

    Looking forward to reading GN’s post… I too felt you caught a lot of flak… people need to lighten up and not take things so literally.

  5. Yay, I can’t wait to read GN’s post!!!!

    Of course I’m too cheap to pay movers. They don’t care about your stuff as much as you do, and you think they really do background checks on everyone that works for them? My motto is, if I can do it myself, I will. This includes tailoring, and cutting hubby’s hair (at first he really thought he needed a professional-I showed him! Men’s hair is NOT that hard!) Next I want to learn furniture reupholstering, since furniture is so expensive. You can get cheap, custom-made stuff, and it’s fun! (Anybody know any good resources for that?) The real question is what would I pay a professional for and that’s basically health care and mechanic work. And DH is not necessarily mechanically inclined, but he’s going to teach himself to do oil changes and I told him that’s some sexy money-saving he’s got going on. Peace out!

  6. I like that you changed her name to Nina. It gives her a much cooler jazz persona than the superhero one.

  7. We paid for movers when we moved far away (about an 18 hr drive across the province) and it was really expensive and a huge pain inthe rear. Unfortunately, we had a lot of stuff (though I purged like mad beforehand-they charge by the pound for long distance moves), two vehicles and two pets to move, so driving a u-haul across some sketchy isolated highways wasnt a great option. Though it was pricey and aggravating, I can’t imagine doing it another way.

    I have since maintained that I will never move again. We bought our house that we moved into, and have been here 5 years. Prior to that we were like you and GN-about every 8 months we moved.

  8. I’ve moved about 13 times in the last 10 years and it does suck. The last 2 times I hired movers and it was well worth it to me. On a moving day without movers I would spend hours getting my stuff into the new place. With movers my day basically starts after my stuff is inside. Then I can spend all of my time and energy on moving day unpacking and arranging. I find it well worth the money.

  9. I have moved 5 times in the past 10 years. My last move was 5 years ago but I still feel your pain. I spent my summer during HS and College working for a moving company so I have actually moved hundreds of times. I know that if I move again I may do it myself depending on how far away it is.

  10. I hear you. I’ve moved 9 times in the last 5 years. I know. It’s crazy. I didn’t hire movers any of those times but I have been seriously paring down what we own and the last three moves weren’t so bad. We broke ALL of our wine glasses during our last move and there’s always lots of swearing involved.

    As for how many glasses you’ve broken, I’ll guess seven. That’s a long move!

  11. I totally feel your pain.. I’m starting to prep for move 8 in 4 years 🙁 This time I’ll be moving across the province and once again I’ll be moving myself. (I am also guaranteed another move in April :S) I’ve always just rented a uHaul van (not even a truck haha) but this time I’ll be getting a truck and my daddy is coming to help me move for the first time ever cuz I’m terrified to drive it myself! I’m pretty excited tho don’t know why cuz moving really sucks.

    As for yesterday’s post, reading only one side of the story makes it difficult to see the entire picture. Also, its obvious that your humour was lost on some of us. I really think GN’s post will help bring light to the situation!

  12. I’ve had 5 addresses. Ever. My first move was when I was 18 and going on my own. My last move was when I was 20 and moving in with my wife in 1999.

  13. I’ve been in my current apartment for a number of years now, but in the first few years of university, I totally moved seven times in four years. Once into the dorms, and once out four weeks later when I dropped out (whoops!). The next year, into the dorms at a difference school, and then out once the year was over. Then into my current apartment, then out again when I decided to sublet for the summer (call this a 3/4 move because I left the furniture) and then back in for good.

    I also moved a LOT when I was a kid. I think by the time I was 14 I’d lived in six different houses and attended six different schools.

    Now, I’m never moving again!

  14. I have moved more than 10 times in 20 years….and these are major across the country moves. (I’ve zigzagged across the nation 5 times) I have always packed and moved myself. At first it was because I had no money and few things but then with each year I acquired more things (but oddly, hadn’t saved the money for moving expenses). I too thought no one would care about my cystal and china as much as I did and packed it all…and with th exception of the last move in which 1 goblet broke, I have had no issues. But I swear, the next move, I’m paying someone. It just consumes soooo much time – weeks of packing with pellets and paper and tape and boxes everywhere, chaos in the household and sore muscles and trying to find reliable friends who will help out (and not be drunk while doing it), caring about load balance in the vehicles, etc. Never again!

  15. I moved a lot in college, but since then, only 3 moves, the last one over 2 years ago! It feels nice to be kind of settled, but I suspect we have one more move coming up in the next several years.

    I’ve never personally hired movers, but my company did pay for them for me. It was amazing, but I’m not sure I could pay the cost myself. EXPENSIVE.

  16. I have not moved once in the past 22 years. Before that, I can count 7 addresses between 1971-87 (that is, after I moved out from my parents): 4 while I was in grad school, 1 when I taught college for 7 years, 1 after I left teaching for the business world, 1 after my company was acquired and I was relocated.

  17. Ugh moving is definitely the worst. I have moved 13 times in the past 10 years. I now have it down to a science. The one good thing about moving so much is that you don’t accumulate the clutter. If I haven’t used it since the last time I moved it’s gone. Good luck this weekend!!

  18. I’ve moved every couple years, and twice in NYC hired “man with a van” type movers. One of those times was great, one was okay. Otherwise, I’ve had friends and a Uhaul help with local moves. In my experience, the man with a van is WAY cheaper and WAY faster.

    On my cross-country move last month, we sprang for the full-service moving company and it was a FANTASTIC experience. Our final cost came to LESS than the quoted price, they showed up when they said they would, and I didn’t have to lift a single box. I think I’m sticking to movers from now on – they work faster than I do, they have insurance to cover damage (which I’ve never experienced), and I don’t have to carry anything. AND they’re cheaper than feeding ten of my closest friends. No contest.

  19. Just FYI – the posts you’re scheduling are coming up in (at least my) Google Reader way earlier than you are expecting. Last week (I think) a scheduled post came up before your post mentioning the scheduled post, and now this week the post from GN was right next to this post in Google Reader. Thought you’d like to know that!

  20. does anyone have an opinion on PODS??? are they worth the money? my hubby and i will be moving (for the 4th time in 3 years) from Virginia to Seattle next spring and are already debating about it. The idea of packing up a big container and having some else move it across country is very appealing though…

  21. Moved 4 times in the past 5 years. Bought a house a year ago so I don’t plan on moving again for awhile. Also had help from family the first 3 moves and hired movers this past move. WELL WORTH THE $.

  22. I am moving in less than three weeks *eep!* to the rockies from my home on the east coast where I’ve lived in my current apartment for a year. My company is helping arrange my relocation logistically. Most of my furniture that I’ll be moving is Ikea pressboard, which the moving company says they won’t take responsibility for damage on, so I’m a little nervous about that. But I bought it knowing that I’d probably be moving a lot for a few years and that I didn’t want super-heavy solid wood furniture yet that might get badly dinged up.

    One thing I’ve thought of about for moving: If you move a lot, be sure to keep a list of all the locations you’ve ever lived/worked in a safe spot. Certain jobs I’ve worked in required you to provide a very detailed list of all those addresses, and I’m having a hard time even now remembering what room number I had in my college dorms a few years ago.

  23. Graduated May 2008. Since then I’ve moved four times, with a fifth coming at the end of August. My goal is to move out of my current place with fewer things than I moved in with.

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