Monthly Expenses: September (bonus edition)

Okay before I get on with my Sept expenses, I came across this HILARIOUS article about one mans attempt to pay his debt with a drawing of a spider. The first email is above, but to laugh even harder go here and check out the full email dialogue. If you’ve already seen this, then I’m pissed at you for not sharing it with me.

Now on to the expenses. As always, here’s the quick breakdown of where all my money went…

Explanation of Income:

Salary: My take home pay from the day job. I get paid every two weeks, so this usually doesn’t fluctuate too much. It was a little higher than standard pay this month because I am on a business trip and have earned some overtime while here. Keep your eyes peeled for October because my monthly income is going to be even higher!

Gift: As I confessed before, I accept gifts from Momma Ninja when she is feeling generous. I use this money exclusively to pay down my student loan. I know some refuse to accept cash from the bank of mom and dad….I’m not one of those people 🙂

Explanation of Expenses:

Auto: Any maintenance and fuel costs associated with my car, excluding car insurance. Boo! This is the highest fuel cost I’ve had in a while. Usually I’m around $40 a month in gas. Don’t worry though my gas bill in Oct will be $0.

Dining: I like to keep my dining bill under $100 each month, so I was pretty much right on the money. Yes I spent $7 more than my goal, sue me.

Groceries: My goal is to keep my dining and grocery total under $250 each month. I was over a $100 under budget this month. Confession: I’m on a business trip and they paid all my food costs from Sept 18th to the 30th.

Interest expense: Ah, stupid evil Sallie Mae….we meet again . I have a monthly obligation of $220 on my $17K debt. But I say “Screw the minimum monthly payment!” I’m trying to rid myself of this evil ho-bag as quick as I possibly can. 

Travel: I still haven’t really figured out a good method to track my expenses while I am on business. I pretty much include all expenses (dining, hotel, hookers) in the travel category ’cause I don’t really see a point in itemizing these expenses. I get reimbursed for all travel related costs so I got nothing to worry about

The other categories were too unimportant or self explanatory so that is why I didn’t cover them. The overall total at the bottom is the cash I had leftover after all my expenses. I had $346 left over which is sitting in my checking account right now. I have way too much money in my checking account, $3K, so once I get back home I’ll be throwing another pretty penny at the student loan.

* Are you wondering why I post the previous month’s expenses a couple weeks late? I use quicken to track my spending and I have to wait until the end of the billing cycle before I can download these transactions. I know I could manually add each expense as it comes, but I am entirely too lazy for that. Thanks for checking in and if you got any comments, tips, or advice I’d be more than happy to hear it. *

4 thoughts on “Monthly Expenses: September (bonus edition)”

  1. Hint: you're supposed to pay for hookers out of the I portion of the MI&E per diem ("incidentals"). Lucky you, they just raised it to $5/day in most locales and $7/day at the Atoll as of Oct 1! Kidding o'course. Great job punching that evil ho Sallie in the face this year!

  2. Haha, too funny!

    I am not looking forward to repaying my student loans! Looking at my net worth in Quicken makes me supremely sad 🙁

  3. Why would you wait until you get back to through those pretty pennies at your student loan? Can't you just make online payments?

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